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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 12, 2010
October 12, 2010

Blue Gloves, Blue Balls. It's All The Same To Me.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Back To The Future (and my upcoming visit to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights), here is never-before-seen footage of original star Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly. Plus Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg and Bob Gale all explaining why they replaced him with Michael J. Fox. But producers and directors were right, this would have been a much more somber franchise with Stoltz at the wheel of the DeLorean. This clip is just a snippet from the Back To The Future 25th Anniversary trilogy DVD and Blu-Ray box set, which comes out on October 26, 2010. Which yes, I will be buying and no I won't be riding at Universal this Halloween because they replaced the motherfucking ride with that piece of shit Simpsons thing. A move I found to be extremely annoying.

Building upon Jake's Fleet Week photo from yesterday, United Airlines scheduled one of their Boeing 747's to make a low speed pass over San Francisco Bay as well. Man, I bet Al Queda was drooling over that one.

Question for you Army fellers who are off fighting in the desert. Let's say that you're firing a Javelin shoulder launched anti-tank missile. And let's say that instead of flying out 2,000 meters and destroying its target like you had planned, it instead travels about as far as you can throw a baseball and fails to explode. How do you address such matters? Venture off to a minimum safe distance and detonate it with a hail of bullets from designated marksman? Or do you have to call in the EOD guys?

This looks freakin Awesome. Dropping off into the night like that, could be a scene from Star Wars, dropping off into space. 4 Humvee's + 50 paratroopers. Greg

Here's what I don't understand about the Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger picture/no picture spectacle. if you were to tell me that Mrs. Favre was going apeshit, I'd understand. If you wanted to tell me that Mr. Sterger was ready to blow a gasket, I'd understand. But why/how is the NFL investigating? Even if he admits to the whole smash, so fucking what. What does the NFl expect to accomplish? Whatever. For the ladies, we have pictures of Brett (guys don't click that, trust me) and for the guys we have pictures of Jenn (guys, click that, trust me).

Quick and to the point: When I was a kid, I used to think your mom was hot.

Hey Ernie, Long time reader. By virtue of that I know you're a dog lover so I thought I'd share this bit of news from my neck of the woods. To make a long story short, this local woman's dog, Brindi, kept biting other dogs. She was ordered--several times--to keep Brindi leashed and muzzled when outside. Attacks continued and eventually her dog was taken away by the authorities to be euthanized. Brindi's owner fought through the courts for two years, spending tens of thousands of dollars until she finally won and got her dog back--Brindi was sent to an obedience school and her owner was ordered to take a class on responsible dog ownership. Here's the blog she ran during her campaign to get the dog back and here's a link to the result. Some people just shouldn't own dogs, I suppose. It's a shame Rogier never learned that owning a dog means owning responsibilities as well. Local opinion tends to blame the owner more than Brindi. Cheers, James, Halifax, N.S.

Someone compiled a list of celebrities who aren't total fucking dickheads -- trust me, it's a short list -- but not surprisingly, Johnny Depp is towards the top in the number two slot. Oh Johnny, how you make my heart swoon. Anyway, who eeks Captain Jack out for the number one most approachable celeb? Why it's Carl the Groundkeeper of course.

On that note, here's Paris Hilton posing topless. Anyone who says they wouldn't, is a big fat lying doodie head.

the reason for all this marijuana is for my friends grandma. She has cancer. Her arthritis and her cancer has made it really hard for her to even move around, so my friend asked me to help me over the weekend to help them trim their stash. later! ~Anonymous

She’s one of the top supermodels in the world, taking home $5.5 million over the past year. But surely Alessandra Ambrosio would agree it’s easy money starring in the latest Victoria’s Secret campaign. Dressed in a variety of skimpy little bikinis, the Brazilian model looked in her element as she frolicked on a Caribbean beach. As hot as she is I do find it somewhat disturbing that her ribs appear to stick out more than her tits. Either way I’d suck on those ribs.

rock stars: then and now. (aka why drugs are bad).

some of the net's best porn. minus the porn part so it's SFW.

'bumblebee' camaro + real life police suburban = uh-oh, better get maaco.

aircraft recycling at the 309th aerospace maintenance and regeneration group.

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