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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 20, 2010
October 20, 2010

Well Who Wants To Live In A World Without June Cleaver?

You know what sucks for Tom Bosley -- well aside from heart disease and lung cancer -- is that because he was just a supporting actor on Happy Days it's tough to find good video clips of him. It's much easier to find clips of Fonzie or Richie. And I know Bosley had a few shows of his own, but I have literally never watched those. But I grew up on reruns of Happy Days, so that's how I remember him. But I did have a little luck finding some clips of Mr C, such as one of the earlier episodes where the gang gets arrested for street racing, and one from 1978 when Richie almost dies. But perhaps the shining moment for the sole proprietor of Cunningham's Hardware is when he gets to give the goodbye speech in the series finale. I vaguely remember when that aired for the first time, but vividly remember it in reruns. Happy Days was from a different time in television than a lot of the bullshit you see today. No one cared that the fight between Richie and Fonzie was corny as all hell, the writers wanted to shock you by having someone turn on their lifelong friend and mentor, not who has the best special effects and what fake blood that looks more realistic than the other guy. But that's all in the past as we get CSI'd and Law and Ordered to death from all corners of the earth. So long Mr C, you've certainly given me a lot of Happy Days.

Here's one thing I don't understand about California's Proposition 19: Do I think marijuana should be legalized? Yes I do. For every reason you can give me to keep weed illegal, the same can be said for booze. Do I think weed is a gateway drug to harder stuff? No I do not; in fact I think it's availablity will mean people will be less likely to seek out the harder shit that can really fuck you up, like cocaine. And I think that after a few dying gasps, the violence will finally die down in the Mexican border when cartels lose 60% of their income. So here's my question: since it's such a controversial topic, why try to address the entire issue in one fell swoop? Why not legalize it with a sunset provision, like they did with the Assault Weaspons Ban. That was in place for ten years, was recognized to be completely pointless, and the legislatures let it expire. They tried it and it didn't work, so no harm no foul. Why not do the same with pot? Legalize it for say.... three or four years, and let's see how that goes? I mean really, what's the worst that can happen?

Anna Chapman, russian spy poses for Maxim. Yeah. It is even better than it sounds. BigErn78

I am pretty sure this girl has a nude picture of herself framed and hanging on the wall.

Is your stomach growling? But somehow you're not hungry? yet you wish you knew what the the hell that growling means? Yeah, there's an app for that. Meh, let me know when you've got an app to translate barking.

Hey Ernie! After all this time I thought it was the white man keeping a brother down! Dave.

On a related note, congratulations to Dave for finally being able to join the military! And while I'd much prefer her sister Emily, ever since I heard Zooey Deschanel sing Baby It's Cold Outside in Elf, I've wanted to fuck her. Well, not her so much, as just fuck her vocal cords. The bitch has got some pipes, eh?

chicago police department roster of "unsafe handguns" - my sig mosquito in .22? unsafe. wtf?

twenty-five pictures of girls in latex. you're welcome.

why i never spend the night in a serial killer's childhood home. without my mosquito, anyway.

take a tour of the great cities of the world. boston ftw.

hot girls with popsicles, awesome outfits of the 90's wwf, and photos of sorority slut-o-ween.

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