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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 05, 2010
November 05, 2010

Don't Be Shy, Let Your Voice Be Heard.

For those douchebags who missed Sunday night’s premiere of "The Walking Dead," here is the entire 67-minute episode available for free online viewing. I'm so excited for the second episode I can barely keep myself contained, so yeah, I watched episode one again. And if you take your zombie fighting as seriously as I do, this season will take us right up until they release Zombieland 2, with Emma Stone. Bit of trivia there, she's actually not a redhead, but a natural blonde. Who knew?

Porn parodies are the acceptable face of adult movies for the majority of regular people. Most of the time, we’d rather not, ahem, engage with the existence of such a seedy industry. But even the most prudish moral guardian, schoolteacher or Supreme Court Judge couldn’t help but enjoy the ridiculousness of Edward Penishands. Or a hilarious alternative version of Inception with nudity and improved dialogue. The key to the success of a parody is in the costume department. The budget may be lower than in Hollywood, but you need to capture the essence of the original source or else the audience’s attention (both mental and physical) will be lost forever.

Old and busted: Whataburger rage. The new hotness: Subway rage. Hey on that note, what's with all the narrow cellphone videos lately?

Picture montage of a bike high side crash - its looks like it is rider in You green & pleasant land who looses the rear & then gets catapulted over the top ... seems happy enough about it afterwards! Regards, Simon m (UK)

Hey Ernie. Been reading your site for a LOOOOONG time. Love everything you put up! But this link you added about the Lincoln MKS made me proud for once. I am currently a Ford employee that works at the Chicago Assembly Plant that builds the Lincoln MK, Ford Taurus, and the Ford Explorer. I am a paint sprayer. I just wanted to say that it was really cool to see that you like the car. Keep up the great work! John H., Chicago, IL

Charlie Sheen my hero ! $2M per week + this in your hotel room & balls large enough to do it with a EX in the adjoining room. We are in awe. Greg

Honestly, I think Ford is on the right track. They finally turned their back on the Expedition and embraced that little shit, the Fiesta. Which pains my heart because I love Bubba trucks as much as the next guy, but a gallon of gas isn't $1.25 anymore and OPEC is choking the living shit out of us. Nice product replacement, too -- in the very beginning when Rick is discoverd the little zombie girl. At the 3:36 mark, what new set of wheels is tucked in among all the battered older cars? That's right, a new Ford Taurus. Smooooooth. And uh, yeah I can't say there's too much I don't like about Capri Anderson. True, it's kind of a high traffic area given her current profession, but that sure doesn't mean I woulnd't want to try a few exit ramps.

Owen Wilson is another actor I like that has been stumbling around for the past few years ever since his attempted suicide. Drillbit Taylor, the Fantastic Mr Fox, Marmaduke.... the list goes on. But, perhaps maybe he might be starting to steady himself, as Cars 2 followed by Hall Pass are due out next year. Call me a homo, but I'm kind of looking forward to Cars 2 although it sucks Paul newman won't be in it for obvious reasons.

The debate of natural vs augmented breasts has raged for decades, with most guys being staunch supports of one side or the other. So which are you? Do you prefer natural breasts? Or do you prefer fake breasts? And while you're trying to figure that one out, I'm going to watch Shaft with this chick.

twenty-five pics of cheerleaders in sexy halloween costumes.

elephant seals, truk lagoon, the mongoose, and the m982 excalibur precision artiller shell.

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