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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 30, 2010
December 30, 2010

I Know it's Winter, But This Weater Still Sucks.

My pool is heated by a heat pump, which while being reasonably energy efficient, isn't terribly effective in colder weather. The way it works is to draw in outside air and compress it down -- remember Boyle's law which states that as you increase the pressure you also increase the temperature -- and that warmed compressed air is what is used to heat the pool water. It puts out 108,000 BTUs of heat per hour, thus it can heat 108,000 pounds of water one degree in one hour. Water is roughly 8 1/3 lbs per gallon, and my pool is about 17,000 gallons, thus running full tilt my pool is heated 0.76 degrees per hour. So if I were to run it for an 8 hour day, that's 6 degrees warmer under ideal conditions. Which is awesome when the air temperature is in the ballpark of the water temperature so the colder air isn't sapping heat out of the water just as quickly as the pool heater puts it in. But such has not been the case over the last three days when its been dipping into the 30's overnight. So the pool goes up 6 degrees during the day and down 4 degrees at night; and that's with a solar blanket on top of the entire pool. So where as I had intended to have a nice 80 degree pool when my bro and his fam arrived the day before yesterday, they were in instead greeted by some nice 69 degree water. Granted, for two days before the New Year that's still not bad given you poor fuckers up North are under two feet of snow, I had just hoped for something a little more Florida'esque.

Itís not always easy for actors to tell which films are going to be a huge success before theyíre made. Sometimes a lackluster script meets outrageous talent, stunning visuals, an epic soundtrack, and suddenly you have best-picture winner, Gladiator. Sometimes you have A-list talent and a director famous for churning out critical favorites, but something gets lost along the way and you end up with The Fountain. And sometimes movies that, for every conceivable reason, should have not gone anywhere end up launching incredibly lucrative careers.

Hugh Jackman is having a rough month. Starts off by busting up his eye on Oprah and now he takes a fastball to the nuts playing cricket. "Not surprisingly, there is one ball left."

I got lured into this one, or maybe I was hooked. Thanks for the laughs. Ray

Ernie, I saw this on a random message board today. "Yesterday after the x-mas activities I went out in the garage for a much needed break, thought I would take a minute to break down my XD45 and clean it as I hadn't had a chance to the day before. With the holidays, family issues, family illnesses etc it's been a hell of a month. I'm fairly new to semi auto pistols, but been around guns all my life. Made the worst mistake of all and forgot to drop the magazine and clear the chamber. All of a sudden she went bang and I wasn't sure what happened until I saw my glove smoking. Some how shot through my hand missing all bones and into my bench. Feeling like a total idiot, definitely a x-mas to remember. Check and then double check from now on." Ouch. - John

Iím not sure if itís a good or bad thing that Iíve never seen Kristin Cavallari on TV. Iíve never fancied The HillsÖ the trailers alone are annoying and to tell you the truth, Iím not sure what else Kristin does for a living. She seems to go to a lot of nights out and spends half her life in a bikini, which is the perfect introduction to this ultimate collection of Kristin Cavallari pictures. Tons of pics of her posing on the beach showing off her bikini body, a few official photoshoots and lots of leg and cleavage candids.


for 2011: the benefits of pre-breakfast exercise.

your guide to the honest shopping mall map: holiday edition.

ah, the old fake-hand-grenade-in-the-humvee gag. gets em every time.

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