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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 04, 2011
January 04, 2011

Back To The Snow They Go.

Well the fam was down this past week so they provided a nice break from the rat-race the past six weeks have been. It didn't rain while they were here but the weather was still a little squirrely and so we didn't get the chance to do most of the 'touristy' things. I did however get to introduce my nephew to the awesomeness that is the Second Ammendment, and everyone else to the awesomeness that is Five Guys. Collectively we ate enough to feed Ethipioa for the next four years and I have the gut to prove it. But now that they're gone and I have the house to myself again, it's back to my usual routine: coffee in the morning and then working on EHOWA. And since it's the New Year, that means it's time for my annual Dry-Our-Your-Liver marathon. We'll see how long I can keep that up.

Plus with the economy still hanging on by a thread, I decided to bite the bullet and go back to work. I left this message for my recruiter but still haven't heard back. What the fuck?

One might think that no one would admit to being a comic book fan, as it’s something that could be viewed as uncool, and thus could hurt public opinion about them. However, in recent years, nerdy pursuits are seeping their way into the mainstream, and celebrities are not as afraid to admit their deepest, nerdiest tendencies. The list of celeb comic nerds just may surprise you. Well, at least some will -- Kevin Smith, Seth Green and the Wachowski brothers (now brother and sister) certainly don't surprise me at all. But Megan Fox, Rosario Dawson and Britney Spears? I didn't see that coming.

Hey, Ernie. I went to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles with family yesterday, and this was one of the first displays that people saw once they got in. I wonder if the people who set up the display got a good laugh out of this. I know I did. Keep up the good work and enjoy the time with your family. Dave in L.A.

I recycled by old LG VX8100 flip phone and I think this guy is using it now.

While not a terribly impressive film as a whole, Lord of War had two things going for it. First, it starred Bridget Moynahan; that alone got me into the theatres. Second, it had one of the most bad ass opening scenes ever; the life (and I guess you could say death) of an AK-47 round. A pre-batshit crazy Nicholas Cage portrayed Oleg Orlov, a Russian businessman arrested in Ukraine on suspicion of smuggling missiles into Iran. But he wasn't the first record-breaking arms dealer. Just before World War II, Sir Basil Zaharoff sold submarines to the Turks, Greeks, and Russians. And the Brits? They knighted him for it.

Hello Ernie, Congrats and hats off to you guys on a record breaking LBEH in 2010. Figuring the effort always needs new blood in order to grow, I got off the pot and became a contributor myself this time around. The few charitable efforts I am able to support usually become perpetual, so I’ll see y’all when you kick-off in 2011. Now that the busy period of the holidays and LBEH have wrapped up, I have a request if I may. About a month ago you linked to a picture feature of aerial construction photos. I’ve tried to find my way back to the link; but have been unable to do so. Can you help? Oh yeah, why does the guy in this pic look so unhappy? He’s on the beach with naked tits to look at. Thanks, Chip

Well my guess is he's finally come to the realization that he had bitch tits. But regardless, here's the link you're looking for. But out of curiosity, what you suppose this is?

dream jobs that you're glad you didn't pursue.

proof there is no god: macaulay culkin has been banging mila kunis. for seven years.

mighty mods: how to zombie proof your vehicle.

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