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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 11, 2011
January 11, 2011

Let The Kneejerk Reactions Begin!

Well, that didn't take long, now did it? Nope. And what kind of party would this be without letting uber-attention whore DJ Fred Phelps rock the mic like a vandal? Awwww yeah. Christ if there's anyone out there in the world who deserves to get mouth cancer, it's him.

But real quick, is it me or does this girl look a little like Emma Watson when she had her longer hair?

Arizona sheriff starts blaming the radio talk shows and such for the shooting as soon as he could. Oops, it seems the shooter had been calling and threatening peoples lives. Sheriff on Megan Kelly's Fox show refused to comment on advice of his attorney. He did say the threats were fairly recent when she asked him. His reference to not speaking on advice of his attorney starts about 10:50. Jon

With the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords it brings back a few memories of the local gun shop owner that was shot in the forehead with a 9mm and lived to tell about it. I bought my first gun from nick back in the early 80's, great guy. During a robbery around closing time he was shot in the forehead , the bullet passed through his brain and exited behind his ear. Believe it or not he drove himself home, sat down and started to watch TV when his wife said,"hey your bleeding." She called 911 police responded and of coarse thought it was a domestic dispute that had gone bad. Finally they back tracked him to the shop and found where he had laid on the ground bleeding and then got up and went into cruse control. He set the alarm locked the doors and drove home. The police recovered the bullet that went through his head and lodged in a book shelf behind him. He is back to work today not suffering much other than some loss of memory. And his wife hounding him to lock the doors and retire. Absolutely a miracle. The news article was a bit premature, It was a 9mm and it did pass through his brain. He has a nice dime size scar in his forehead to prove it. Nick's Gun Works -- Matt

Ernie, Interesting story, about a legal carry at the Gifford shooting… thanks, Jon

I really am glad that guy had the presence of mind not to shoot. Can you imagine the fucking headlines if (a) some crazy fucking guy opens fire and kills a bunch of people only to have (b) armed citizen show up and mistakenly kill a few more? And all this shit because some loony toone believes the government was controlling us through grammar. Grammar? I mean why grammar of all fucking things. It's not like people use proper grammar anymore anyway. Why not microwave auditory effect, or telepathy or hypnosis? Why grammar?

This almost makes me think of my favorite Futurama episode, The Late Philip J Fry, where Bender, former pizza delivery boy Fry and the Professor travel through time to the end of the universe. In it, a near-the-end Earth is portrayed as being a barren wasteland, devoid of water and life. And as it turns out, that's not too far from what sciensists suspect will actually happen.

Check out this nice cheep HDMI cable Best Buy is selling. Only $2200. Be sure to read the customer reviews, they are absolutely priceless. -Ben

Hey Ern, any idea what kind of fish this is?? TK

At first I thought it was a muskellunge, but given the darker skin and the body patterns is more spots than stripes, I believe she's holding a Northern Pike. The two are pretty confusing, right? Don't worry, no need to thank me.

And just FYI, the human consumption of beef tongue dates back to the days of Paleolithic hunters, who preferred the fatty portions of the carcass including tongues, as well as organs, brains, feet, and marrow. Beef tongue is very high in fat, at almost 75% of its calories derived. Some countries, such as Canada, and specifically the province of Alberta which have a large beef export industry, export large quantities of beef tongue. Washed down with a nice bottle of watermon juice, no doubt. Blech.

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