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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 13, 2011
January 13, 2011

I Love Disaster Movies.

Plane crashes. Train crashes. Asteroid impacts. Comet impacts. Tidal waves. Earthquakes. Toronados. Core drilling. Global killer. Aliens invasions. If it's got global mayhem and lots of explosions, I'm there. And I'm not the only one, either. People flock to the theaters to see the likes of 2012, Independence Day, Deep Impact, and even Armageddon which had head shaking physics. Shit, even the Discovery channel has gotten on board. With that in mind, there are two upcoming flicks I'm looking forward to. First I've always liked Ray Stevenson who played Titus Pullo in Rome; a show I was very saddened to see cancelled. Anyway, this time around he's portraying Danny Greene in Kill The Irishman -- probably the most exciting thing to come out of Cleveland since The Drew Carey show. But back on the disaster theme, the next good one looks like it's going to be Battlefield Los Angeles... here's a nerly released two and a half minute trailer. It reveals a little more than the previous trailers.... such as those ain't comets. See, science can be sexy sometimes.

But until those aliens decide to get their sexy on, we'll have to make do with Charlie Sheen and his harem of porn whores. First it was Capri Anderson, now it's Bree Olson and Jesse James' former, Tits McGee. Seriously, is Charlie not awesome or what? He's fucking anybody that doesn't fuck him first. And the best part is he's not even making an effort to hide it; he just doesn't give a fuck anymore. "Yep, I'm Charlie Sheen. Eight to eighty, blind, crippled or crazy. I fuck em all." And as soon as these female athletes get into porn, no doubt he'll fuck them too. Long live Charlie Sheen, God bless you man.

Hi Ernie, I live in Elysian Heights near Dodger stadium in Los Angeles. (You once had a link to a Flickr post of the Time Traveller Mart, which is also real near. When I saw it on your website I was like, "Holy shit, that's in my neighborhood!" But I never knew what that place was until I saw it on EHOWA. But I digress... I was driving down the hill about 2 blocks from my house when I saw a motorcycle coming the other way. Sure enough, it was Bobby from the Sons of Anarchy! I stopped at the "Magic Gas" station and asked them and they said "Yeah, they're shooting a bunch of episodes in the neighboorhood." I had recognized Elysian park and Echo park in several of their episodes, which are both in my proverbial backyard. But now I know they're shooting, so I want to try and meet some of the Sons! I've always been a fan of Ron Pearlman since 'Quest For Fire', but I wouldn't mind meeting Jax and having him tell me, "We know you're dealing in Charming. It stops now!" Anyways, I'll be trolling around with my video camera and if I can get anything, I'll send it to you. Cheers, Charley

This video is totally amazing. I think all people with brain injuries should watch this video. It totally shocked me. I personally know the lady in the video, her husband worked at our office, and her father built our house. Thanks Scott

Being a movie villain is not easy. Nobody respects your work, everyone loves your sworn enemy, and cheers if he straight up murders your ass. Of course, the villains deserve it, right? Well, actually Hollywood is littered with supposedly evil characters that, when you take a step back and ignore the cackling laughter and yellow teeth, were clearly the ones getting screwed over. Here are the so called bad guys who got the rawest deals of all.

google co-founder's $45m yacht - a simpsons porn parody (sorta nsfw)

america's healthiest and unhealthiest states - myspace cuts 47 percent of its workforce

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