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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 20, 2011
January 20, 2011

Sorry, Did I Make You Hungry For Lunch?

Boy, Australia sure is getting this shit kicked out of them by those floods, eh? Entire streets, entire buildings washed away. It's always heartbreaking to see people forced to wade around their neighborhoods. But leave it to the Aussies though, they always make the best of it.

Ernie, Here is a photo I thought you might like. It shows the damage from an aircraft handpropping accident. Thanks for the great site !! Frank

Ernie, I’ve contributed a few times previously and as I was breezing through some of the grotesque stuff of late it reminded me of an internet video I was shown in college. I haven’t watched it in awhile, and after a replay it was just as horrible as I remember. - Joe

Challenge accepted. I got warped shit coming out of my ass. I got stuff that will make you say wow, and stuff that will make you say whoa. I've got sides of roast beef and placed to lay down and rest. And I can deliver it all tied up in a bow, right before I drop this bomb on you. No need to thank me.

But if you want something a little dirtier than that, you can watch the Octomom spank a grown man dressed like a baby.

Ernie, I'm sure you've already spotted this and it'll no doubt be on the site by tomorrow, but just in case, I think you might be a bit interested in the next Batman film. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Enjoy! Lou, London

To say that I am looking forward to seeing Anne in a Catwoman suit would just be such a gross misunderstatement. I mean yeah I know she's not going to gear down or anything -- it's a fucking Batman movie -- but an Anne Hathaway rack shoehorned into a Carrie-Anne Moss latext suit = a trashy awesomeness the likes of which this world has never seen. I am going to jump on that like white on rice. And note that I said trashy, which is good, not skanky, which is bad. There's a difference.

Ernie, can you help me with the identification of some of these new models? Thanks, Mike.

Sure, just because you own your own dealership means you can get into press-day at the north american auto show. And while we see new car models from all over Europe -- even fucking Yugoslavia -- we never see anything from Romania. Maybe because Romanian women are definitely built better than Romanian cars?

you can lead a horse to water ... - guy does a fucking awesome brett favre impression

when does moderate drinking become a problem - action movie villains from the 80s to today

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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