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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 21, 2011
January 21, 2011

Stealing Underpants Is Big Business.

Well, personal responsibility has come full circle here in the great United States. Phase one: text while walking. Phase two: get all butthurt. Phase three: profit!

After lurking for many years and enjoying your site daily, feel the time has come to suggest that your new title be "Sir Ernie's House of Woopass". This Title/Award should be bestowed upon you for the challenge that you accepted and conquered,( in my view). My Only question; Where do you find these great pictures? Note: The pic that won me over was the mother and newborn with umbilical cord. EHOWA My #1 BookMark. Thanks. Bert

Ernie, Longtime lurker of the site. I see the nasty shit you posted today, and I found this gem and thought I needed to share. Thanks for the site! Andy

Wow. Dude. That was pretty uh... fucked up. I mean I'm pretty good at finding this type of stuff and there's a lot of gross shit out there if you're willing to dig around for it, but I think Andy just may have taken the crown with that one. Andy, you are indeed a real man. But wait, there's more:

"Here comes the fun! I’m debating if I want to watch him stick the needle in or if I want to close my eyes. I then decided the surprise of feeling the needle would be worse than if I just watched it so I keep my eyes open the whole time. He picks up a very long and thin needle and fills it up with some novocaine. He then tells me, “alright here it goes buddy.” I slowly watch this long needle come closer and closer to my shaking penis and BAM we have contact. It felt like a very sharp pinch and then I could feel a lot of pressure from the liquid being pushed into the penis. Honestly that wasn’t that bad but I noticed now there is a small bump on my penis and this freaks me out. I ask the doctor, “What is that?” He said, “don’t worry that is just the novocaine.” This makes me feel better but I had no idea how monstrous and disgusting my penis will soon look like after he inserts the next two needles."

Trust me, you want to read the rest of that.

Hey Ernie, The day started out nice and sunny, but a fast moving snow storm hit mid-afternoon and snarled up traffic pretty nasty with lots of fender-benders. But had to be some good comedy (and funny beer jokes) when a Bud Light Truck and Coors Light Van ran into each other in the Republic of Boulder - newspaper story is here. Alek. P.S. To give you an idea of the weather change (was pretty quick, even for Colorado), here's a time-lapse of the day and for grins, here's yours truly shoveling the driveway before the wife gets home with the kids

And since the photo of the two girls mud wrestling went over so well yesterday, here are twenty-two mud covered babes.

Hiya Ernie. I saw today's post on CN number 2699's massive engine failure. I wanted to let you & you other readers know a little more about locomotive engines. I worked for two weeks in US Steels Loco shop & I can tell you that the engines cylinders are put together is what is called "packs." What this means is that each piston, cylinder, connecting rods, & rocker arms can be replaced independently of the others. What this means is that while the engine has one crankshaft & one camshaft, if you have one cylinder that is bad, you can change just that one cylinder & leave the other 6, 8, or how ever many cylinders the engine has alone. In the second picture, there is a pipe that is laying on the cylinder pack. That pipe is the oil feed tube that feeds the upper end of the cylinder. The engine block per se is made up of thick sheet steel that is welded & bolted together. Also, the maximum RPM's of the locomotive that I worked on was right around 1000 RPM, which doesn't seem like enough to get it moving down the line until you realize that the engine is not directly driving the loco. Instead, it is driving a generator, which drives traction motors on each axle which then drives the wheels. Thanx!!! Charlie

The Ford Fusion line-up was included in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 2010 "Top Safety Picks" rating for the mid-size category - especially the frontal crash test and side pole crash test which were of particular interest to Elliott Sadler. The Fusion was the first production car to feature the "new face of Ford" three-bar grille, which was first seen on a retro V-10 powered rear wheel drive concept car called the Ford 427, unveiled in 2003 at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The look has since been used on most of Ford's product line.

And just FYI, penectomy is the practice of surgical removal of the penis for medical or personal reasons.

100 best companies to work for - well i guess lincoln won't be on that list

i know *somebody* who takes it in the ass - one dog year isn’t equal to seven human years

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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