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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 03, 2011
February 03, 2011

Heads. No, Tails. No, Heads. No, Wait.

Whenever you move from Place A to Place B, it's always nice to be reminded about Place A from time to time. For example, when I move from New York to Massachusetts, I always enjoyed catching nice glimpses of "home"... maybe Nick Tahoe's Hots made the national news for some reason, or I'd come across a Kodak/Xerox product that was made in Rochester, or a warplane made in Buffalo... stuff like that. Since I've moved again -- this time to a warmer climate, thank you very much -- now I appreciate a little something special from New England every now and again. Granted it's much easier now -- Boston is several times the size of Rochester and it's loaded with national sports teams -- either the Sox or the Patriots are always the topic of conversation somewhere. Or sometimes I like to look around my old condo association on Google Maps. I wouldn't go so far as to say it makes me homesick, but I think it reminds of of a time where there was an excess of everything except responsibility. But what I don't miss is commuting through the snow. In fact, I travelled this very same road -- passed this very sign -- these some other driver managed to stand his car straight up perfectly balanced on his front bumper. That my friends, is a Masshole if I've ever seen one.

Earlier in the week, we added about 45,000 views to the awesome trailer for Robot. Which of course was the next logical step after the tractor scene that appeared about halfway through 2010. And remember folks, there are a lot more insane Bollywood flicks out there besides just those two.

This collection of racy redheads pictures is as random as it comes… here are forty hotties with bright fiery red hair. Mostly SFW. Mostly.

Been lots of zombie flicks lately. And I know what you're thinking? "Been no Jew zombies, Ernie. Been no midget zombies, Ernie." And up until now, I'd say you were right. Until now, anyway.

Hey Ernie--thought you might be interested in the story behind the picture of the dick in the skull (if you aren't already). It comes from a legendary 4chan thread where this guy claims to have stolen it from Roman catacombs. A number of users who have visited the catacombs called bullshit for various reasons, so who knows if it is a legit story. Part I of the thread is archived here. ~Koz

Old and busted: if Best Picture Nominee posters told the truth. The new hotness: if Best Picture Nominee posters were made of Legos.

Old and busted: The Taiwanese Treatment for Charlie Sheen's initial Porn Star Induced Meltdown. The new hotness: The Taiwanese Treatment for Charlie Sheen's Suitcase'o'Coke. Now if we can only figure out what ol Charlie Harper was thinking, then perhaps we can help him escape from rehab this time.

I first met Julie on February 28, 1993. Julie, 18, stood in the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel, barefoot, pants unzipped, and an 8 day-old infant in her arms. She lived in San Francisco’s SRO district, a neighborhood of soup kitchens and cheap rooms. Her room was piled with clothes, overfull ashtrays and trash. She lived with Jack, father of her first baby Rachael, and who had given her AIDS. She left him months later to stop using drugs. Her first memory of her mother is getting drunk with her at 6 and then being sexually abused by her stepfather. She ran away at 14 and became drug addict at 15. Living in alleys, crack dens, and bunked with more dirty old men than she cared to count. For the last 18 years I have photographed Julie Baird’s complex story of multiple homes, AIDS, drug abuse, abusive relationships, poverty, births, deaths, loss and reunion. Following Julie from the backstreets of San Francisco to the backwoods of Alaska.

So, just how many days does Bill Murray really spend reliving his snowy Groundhog day? A month? Two months? A year? Well, let's take an in-depth look.

"At the Pro Bowl this weekend in Hawaii, Michael Vick will start at quarterback – an unmistakable benchmark for what has been a rapid, successful and, in some circles, surprising comeback. A few thousand miles away in the wilderness of Utah, the pit bulls Vick once owned are making a comeback of their own, though theirs has been a much slower, steadier climb. Take the case of Little Red. Three years ago, she would race to the nearest corner and cower, her face buried against the wall, at the sight of any human or dog. Or Ellen, who would growl at anyone who came near her, especially if they dared glance over at her food dish. Both dogs had such bad problems, experts said, they'd be better off dead. These days, though, Little Red wags her tail a mile a minute and is almost inseparable from her new, best buddy – a cattle dog mix named Google. And Ellen, a tannish-brown bundle of energy, still loves her food but loves her visitors even more – smothering them with kisses as soon as they walk through the door."

ongoing flickr stream of the egyptian protests - the right-wing nut's guide to egypt

the wire: where are they now - five ways the packers beat the steelers in super bowl xlv

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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