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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 04, 2011
February 04, 2011

What Is That? A Huge Machete? A Sword?

You know this whole Egyptian uprising thing kind of brings things into perspective here in the States. A lot of the people who are very pro-Second Amendment argue there should be no restrictions on a civilians right to own firearm. While those who are very pro-Gun Control feel that allowing everyday civilians access to whatever firearms their heart desires is ludicrous, because in this modern day and age there simply isn't ever going to be another uprising on the same scale of the colonists versus King George III. So is the current situation in Egypt a game changer? I dunno. I tried to sit here and visualize what it would be like here; to have Cape Coral city vans driving over people, rocks being thrown everywhere, and me forced out onto my front lawn with a shotgun in one hand and a sign reading "Don't Touch My Shit" in the other. And what about federal troops? Seeing the occasional police cruiser is one thing, but when you have HUMVEEs and Strykers rolling down th eblock, would that be enough to quell society's bad behavior? Probably not. I just hope some of them are Walking Dead so I can get a few guilt-free shots off.

In regards to my, "Uhhh, can anyone tell me exactly what I'm looking at here? Just curious." comment on Wednesday, here's what I've got for you...

The picture you posted on 2.2.11 of the infant with the nasty looking prolapse-esque lump o' innards hanging out looks to be Omphalocele. Ahhh....birth defects, aren't they grand? Cari

Looks like a nasty case of omphalocele. Not exactly very rare, but I don't believe I've ever seen a case that involved genitals or anus. Although from the look of the picture, the reddened area that looks like it may be the vagina may have been recently surgically debrided. I'm not a doctor, I'm a nurse. But I don't work with a lot of pediatrics, so I'm far from an expert on this. Ian

In reference to "what I'm looking at" - Brian

Ernie, I've been reading your site for a long time and I consider myself a fan. I think it's great that you support the troops with LBEH, promote dog rescue organizations and, of course, the links to pretty ladies are much appreciated in these tough times. I even get a giggle from the gross-out stuff on occasion. However, I think you went too far with the image whatamilookingat.jpg. That's very clearly a severely deformed infant. (note the umbilical clamp.) When I opened that I just felt sad. I was surprised too because the suffering of other innocent creatures (like kittens and puppies) is usually met with condemnation by you and I didn't expect to see the suffering of a tiny human being on display. I'm not going to tell you how to run your site or claim that I won't ever visit your site again; righteous indignation isn't my thing and I generally like what I find here. I just wanted to let you know that that image just bummed me out to the core. Just my $0.02. Regards, -Glen.

Dear Glen, Don't worry I promise to write down a list whatever makes you sad. But while we're on the subject, I've always felt bad about that one scene in Jurassic Park where poor Nedry and how he met his demise at the mercy of the Dilophosaurus. Don't you feel the same?

And in honor of George Romero's birthday -- you are the last survivor of your city. Everybody else has been transformed into brain-eating zombies. Survive and kill as many of them as you can. Get cash to buy weapons and upgrades. How long will you survive? NOTE: It does not save your progress, so if you close your browser window, you're boned.

Dude, that Yasi photo is the best ever- it brings me back to 2000 when I traveled through Australia for a couple months! They say you are a foodie if you can remember 5 good meals, and the Hogs' Breath was one of them. I had the prime rib with hollandaise sauce and asparagus on it- I remember it well. They smoke the prime rib for 24 hours, then slice it and do a couple quick grill marks on the meat. Absolutely to die for, and I have to say right up there with 5 Guys (I know live 5 miles from one in San Antonio Texas). BTW- fuck you. Seriously, fuck off. Why would you EVER spread the word about 5 Guys? Now my (pregnant) wife and 20 month old son are obsessed with that place and their fries. I fucking hate you. Keep up the good work! Mark

Dude. Things just seem to go from bad to worse for Australia this year, as the northern part of the country got blasted by Cyclone Yasi just a few weeks after the torrential flooding in brisbane earlier in January. The pictures in this gallery show the devastation and damage caused by the 190mph winds. Also some video of the storms aftermath: [one - two].

We all know about the male athletes out there that have cheated on their spouses, but what about the females who had a part in this? The women that were the object of an athlete's affection but didn't do anything to warrant a divorce or split were left off this list. But there are some women out there who don't care if an athlete is married or not, they want this athlete bad enough to do dirty deeds with him, regardless of his pledged lifelong allegiance to his spouse. And that is the definition of a homewrecker.

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