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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 07, 2011
February 07, 2011

No, I Don't Wanna move Along.

Downhill slalom + hockey players = Red Bull Crashed Ice. With photo and video goodness.

Kim Kardashian makes me want to buy Sketchers. Or, here are all of the Superbowl commercials this year.

Bill Murray has become the urban equivalent of Bigfoot -- a mythical figure who generates sightings anywhere people are too drunk to totally trust their memory. Instead of being half-human, half-ape, Bill Murray exists somewhere between celebrities and the rest of us. He's in movies like a celebrity, but he doesn't have a publicist, or barricade himself inside of a mansion. But his forays out into the real world prove that he's not quite normal people either.

Been a fan of your site for years! 2011 is here and I'm looking to return to the world's greatest party, so I was reviewing some photos from last year to help get me motivated. Two buddies and I took a two week trip from Colorado, through Yellowstone National Park, and then spent a week at the Sturgis Rally These are from the 2010 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at the Full Throttle Saloon. There were contortionist strippers, fire-eating bikini-clad women, naked women riding a giant bucking cock, the hottest bartenders on Earth, and in general, gorgeous titties everywhere I have no idea why the leprechaun was there, but he was pulled up on the bar and was dancing will all the girls. If you've never been to Sturgis you need to go! I'll be there again! Ben

AWESOME fucking set of pics Ben, thank you! And without a doubt, my favorite photo is this one. I left all the images pretty good sized (1050 x 795)'ish, so if you're viewing on a small monitor... suck it.

The roof of a commercial building that houses Triton Technologies has collapsed under the weight of heavy snow. Authorities say the company's employees heard a cracking sound and the sound of metal bending. They all got out of the building safely before the collapse. The employees laugh at their fortune until someone points out they're unemployed now.

Home - worth watching in HD on fullscreen. Matthew

I was driving on route 531 near Spencerport NY near 70 MPH when a hawk swooped in to check the integrity of my grille guard. Greg

Found this link on fark and thought you might like it. The title was "When your obit gets censored twice and your ashes are shot out of a cannon, you have lived a good life." Thanks for your work fan since the stick figures. James.

Attention-lovin’ and slightly unstable reality star Tila Tequila will become the reluctant star of what’s being billed Hollywood’s first lesbian threesome celebrity sex tape when raunchy footage of her nibbling on the unmentionables of a couple of girlfriends hits the shelves of adult smut retailers later this month.

"you can't punch me, i'm shia lebeouf." wrong again, dickhead - is it time for i-tv?

how tech tools transformed new york's sex trade - the sexiest bikini bodies of 2010

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