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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 15, 2011
February 15, 2011

Oh Look, They Named A Street After Me.

Wow, after looking over yesterday's post, I suddenly have the craving for Pepto Bismal flaovored ice cream. Well, that and all the prompting to man up and move the safe myself, is getting me prepared for my upcoming hernia. More on that once I get things nailed down.

You know there was actually a time, back in the early days of Real World and even in early seasons of major network shows like Survivor or The Amazing Race, when reality shows actually cast normal looking human beings. That’s long behind us now of course, as nearly every reality show contestant is as gorgeous as a model or actress. Because of that shift, this list of the hottest women of reality television was a pretty easy list to cast. And if you dont understand why they picked Imogen Thomas as number one, let me show you.

Anastasia – the girl who owned Big Red for awhile - overly loud, with delusions of grandeur. Edith – as in Archie Bunker's wife - dresses down, but mighty hot beneath. Jeri - as in Jeri Ryan of Seven of Nine fame - only owns one pair of panties and they’ve never been worn. Yes, this A-Z of female names is bound to upset a few readers, in fact quite a few, because you are most likely about to read something unkind about your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister.

Hi Ernie, I don't know if you saw this, but Kenny Powers was arrested in Worcester, MA last month! Cheers, Charley

Hi Ernie. Just in time for Black History Month, we've got 28 Bad-Ass Blaxploitation Film Trailers (one for each day of the Month). Thanks, Jason

Ever wonder what would it look like if famous directors "directed" the Super Bowl? Hint: Quentin Tarantino might actually have a soft spot for the Raiders. David Lynch gives me nightmares. And how this guy at 0:58 doesn't break his back, I'll never know.

world war ii in black and white photographs

this is definitely not how sheriff andy taylor would have handled it

bikini model amber vs the nissan juke - map of direct grants by the u.s. to non u.s. recipients

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