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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 22, 2011
February 22, 2011

This Is Why We Have A Second Amendment.

As a huge fan of the old school MXC, this is the most awesome thing I have seen in the last five years. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being not so extreme and 10 being extremely extreme, I give this a 9.5! And the crazy part is the American version -- all OSHA complaint and shit -- doesn't even let people wear a helmet. And I think we agree you should always wear a helmet, yes? Right you are, Ken. There are several parts to that vid, so be sure to watch them all.

But on a more serious note, what the fuck is going on in the Middle East lately? Not that the area is known for being a bastion of sanity, but they seem a little extra crazy over the last month or so. First Egypt, then Bahrain, and now Libya. The latter of which tells us how the Egyptian protests would have unfolded had their military not refused to shoot upon civilians. Which begs the questions... shouldn't this douchebag have been promoted beyond Colonel by now? I mean damn, he was Colonel Gaddafi when Reagan dropped bomz on him back in 1986. And just yesterday two Libyan air force pilots have requested political asylum in Malta, saying they had been ordered to conduct attacks against their fellow Libyans. And remember the lyrics of that Eminem/Rhianna video? "Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, But that's alright because I like the way it hurts." Yeah, that's kind of what al-Gaddafi is doing to his troops that won't shoot unarmed civilians. Looks like Eminem's next video won't be made with Megan Fox but instead that new porn star sensation known as Sasha Grey.

Oh. And speaking of Middle Eastern riots, for twenty bucks this dumbass soldier lets his buddies launch a 40mm riot grenade at his stomach.

Hey Ernie, This is an eulogy for my father who was a quiet man about his service history. I thought it might reach someone who knew him through your readership. Please keep up the excellent work. Thanks, Jason

Remember the awesome new Dead Island trailer that was shown in reverse? Well if that made your brain hurt, here it is forwards. As a reminder, using axes against zombies is a really bad call, so chainsaws still rule the day especially your chainsaw was made by Mossberg.

Here are some timelapse video sequences taken on 20 and 21 December 2010 from the upper decks of the Queen Mary 2 as she sailed from New York towards the Caribbean.

Ernie, Sofia Vergara bought a Jetta from me two years ago for her gay son Manolo and I do believe she is quite a smokeshow in real life, but even moreso she is a sweet human being as well. Funny you had a link to her on your site. Keep doing what you do. Joe

Sofia Vergara is one of those celebrities who is aging very, very gracefully. She's probably paid attention to a lot of sound advice regarding how to stay in swimsuit shape, yes? Because she looks as hot at 39 as she did thirteen years ago when she showed off her figure in this commercial for Bally's Total Fitness.

The men at this St. Paul 'wet house' don't want your help, or your hope. And they won't get better. It's a place where the most hopeless of alcoholics can drink away their final days at less risk and cost to the public.

from the 1950's - "nobody wins a nuclear war" but "success" is possible

remember the famous beaver shot from basic instinct? yeah, think lindsey vonn

hottest "off duty" cheerleaders, including a delaware student's wardrobe malfunction

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