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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 23, 2011
February 23, 2011

This Epitomizes Everything That's Wrong With America Today.

If you're as entertained/intrigued/interested/mesmerized/caught up in the Middle East riots as I am, here are some nice high resolution picture galleries from: Boston's Big Picture, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, The Denver Post, Life Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, and Boing Boing. There's also been a lot of fuss that Cairo will never recover from the riots, that it will never be the beautiful city it once was. I call bullshit. You're talking about a place that's been around since the 4th century -- the Egyptian flag is red white and black, by the way -- so I'm pretty sure the negative impact of some unruly people is grossly overstated. it kind of reminds me of George Carlin on Save The Planet.

But their neighbor, good old Colonel Gaddafi, who calls himself a pioneer of 'Islamic socialism', doesn't let his female security detail hide their charms under a burqa. The all female bodyguards, along with their khaki uniforms and red berets, wear lipstick, jewelery, and even high heels – but are trained in armed combat. All 40 guards are virgins, and he insists they remain so. Bizarrely, Gaddafi claims they are a symbol of his belief in female emancipation. "Women should be trained for combat, so that they do not become easy prey for their enemies," he is reported to have said. The dictator may be many things to many people but you gotta hand it to the old boy for coming up with a genius idea of having an all female security detail. Depending on who you believe, he either makes sexual demands from them all or doesn't touch a single member of the Amazonian. My guess? More than one of those ladies go home with a freshly fucked asshole.

Yeah, I guess men are such easy targets for females in advertising. Show us a woman in lingerie, photographed in compromising positions, holding a product that's a third the size of her cans and we're sunk. Thrown in an angel fantasy and, well, let's hope we can remember to lock the door before cracking the lid to the spank bank. The new Lynx Excite fragrance campaign has all of the above, featuring the gorgeous Kelly Brook as the aforementioned Fallen Angel. Unfortunately, she keeps (most) of her clothes on.

Here's a link to the Tom Kvilhaug "Scooter vs Stairs" video, second angle video - shows injury, including the aftermath of the fall. Cheers, Rob

Wow, was anyone else singing, "Lights out! Guerrilla Radio! Turn that shit up!" That stunt looked about as dangerous as a Choose Your Own Adventure book with Charlie Sheen. Good luck, trooper.

Old and busted: Johnny Mac, Trick Shot Quarterback. The new hotness: Alex Tanney, Trick Shot Quarterback.

Ernie, I can't stand all the horse shit here in WI. I am supportive of our Gov. and commend him for taking a stand. I went to the Tea Party Rally in support of him Sat. and was looking to carry a sign that would incite and still add levity. I thought about one that read "I'm her for the violence" but then the night before I went Jesse Jackson came to town with bus loads of union workers, making this about something all together different. I used to live next to him in DC and think he is an opportunist. Attached is my sign. I was happy to be a former lineman. My loud "Baaahhhh Baaaahhhh's" sparked love when the sign in itself failed to produce. Regardless of what you think of my stance, I figure you would dig the humor. Keep Whoopin Ass. Your long term supporter and follower. Cheesehead Craig

You seem to be in the minority there Craig, no wonder you didn't make the list of the best protest signs at the Wisconsin Capitol.

Revisiting a subject from yesterday, Modern Family is one of the best new sitcoms to come around in a long time and it's largely because the creators got the humor/eye candy quotient exactly right. It's funny and there's plenty to look at for the guys. Plus I like to pretend that Ed O'Neal is actually still playing Al Bundy, only Al finally won the lottery, dumped Peg, and married Sofia Vergara.

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