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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 25, 2011
February 25, 2011

Anonymous is Awesome.

Everybody who has a functioning website, raise your hand. NOT SO FAST, WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH. Yep, you guys taunted Anonymous. You guys were warned by Anonymous. And now you're paying the Anonymous price. Here, you can watch their sites get taken down live while Crazy Shirley is giving a radio interview. That was two days ago, and they're still down as of this morning. Google had a cashed copy of ther hacked site which I just find deliciously entertaining. Heh.

And in regards to winning friends and influencing people all over the nation, the Transportation Security Administration is hot on the WBC's heels. Now they're harrassing train passengers after their trip, including a 9 year old boy. And there will be no snacky cakes for TSA workers in Seattle as this restaurant refuses to serve TSA employees. Which I think is awesome because they can't do their fucking job to begin with. And far be it from me to agree with a politican from Alaska (oh the irony!) but I think Rep. Sharon Cissna nailed it on the head when she said, "The freedom to travel should never come at the price of basic human dignity." Shes getting support from Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski. but while we're on the frigid topof Alaska, know that an aurora is a natural light display in the sky, particularly in the polar regions, caused by the collision of charged particles directed by the Earth's magnetic field. In northern latitudes, the effect is known as the aurora borealis (or the northern lights), named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the north wind, Boreas. Here is a video of the Northern Lights as filmed in Fairbanks, Alaska.

And hot on the heels of the WBC and TSA is my old pal Charlie Sheen, who pretty much nailed the coffin shut on Three and a Half Men with this tirade against his "hymie" producer. Now even I'll admit that was kind of a dick movethe possibility of a Major League 3 -- "It's being directed and written by a genius named David Ward who, I don't know, won the Academy Award at 23 for writing The Sting? [Ed. He was 29.] It was his pen and his vision that created the classic that we know today as Major League. In fact, a lot of people think the movie's called Wild Thing, as they should. Whatever … If they want me in it, it's a smash. If they don't, it's a turd that opens on a tugboat." Wow, what a fucking awesome visual, eh? A turd on a tugboat, surely destined to be one of the worst sports movies of all-time.

Ernie, in case you hadn't seen this, thought you might find it of interest. Kelly

Hi Ernie, Love the site. Thought you might get a chuckle out of this and would like to use it on your site. Thanks for years of tits and laughs. Jason

Evidently, the driver of this 18-wheeler was pressed for time and drove off into a ditch? Who pulled him out? "Upside down and inside out. I'm about to show all you folks, what's it's all about. Now it's time for a brother to get on the mic, and make this mother party hype. I'm taking it back to the old school, 'cause I'm an old fool who's so cool." Somehow I feel like there's a Budweiser commercial in there somewhere.

Shaun of the Dead gets mashed-up with the Dead Island trailer and proves that anything in slow motion set to that sappy music can make anyones eyes teary.

Ernie, You saw a picture on my facebook of a derailment at Clayton, WY. Here are 5 more that have been taken at the site. The reason this derailment happened, the company that is contracted to unload the coal trains at the Dave Johnston power plant in Glenrock, WY were attempting to switch some cars on the loop. They left 120+ cars full of coal and the DP (distributive power) with the DP fence up in isolate, and the air bottled, with no brakes securing the train. Because the train was not allowed to go into emergency, the air bled off, releasing the brakes, and the train rolled backwards about a quarter mile over the split point derail and coming very close to the Main Track. Ralph

Question. What do Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone and Cameron Diaz all have in common? Hairy legs? No. Hint: here's a VERY NSFWvideo from Diaz's past. So if you answered 'they all started their careers doing porn' then please pick up your prize at the door. Bonus: Perrey Reeves, who plays Ari Gold's (ex) wife on Entourage and Will Ferrell's (ex) wife in Old School.

five seconds of every #1 pop single (1982 on) - cbs on the project gunwalker scandal

holly madison's cup size runneth over - the fifty greatest opening title sequences of all time

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