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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 02, 2011
March 02, 2011

Why Must All Protesters Always Compare Their Opponent To Hitler?

Am I now following Charlie Sheen on Twitter? You bet your ass I am! So between that and Charlie's 45 minute interview with Howard Stern, I'm on top of the world, baby!

So I tried my hand at Kayaking this past Saturday. And I have to admit, it was pretty kick ass. There's a certain freedom you feel as you're gliding around so low in the water, a freedom that I didn't feel in previous boat/jetski ventures. But there is one thing I forgot: sunscreen. Well, okay two things: sunscreen and a hat. As a reminder, I shave my head. Needless to say I spent this past Sunday inside in front of the television with a beer in one hand and a bottle of chilled aloe vera in the other. This misfortune, along with my beloved Netflix, presented me with the opportunity to watch the entire series of Firefly. I've never seen it before but know it's got a pretty big cult following, so I set aside my aversion to Morena Baccarin and gave it a whirl. And um, wow. She looks a snot load different when she's got long hair, eh? This of course led to more Google image searches and my desire to sit her and Emma Watson down and ask why the fuck they would do that to themselves.

But this got me thinking on another track. If there aren't many hot women in sci-fi, and there aren't many hot women who play villans, there has to be a pretty damn small subset that play villans in sci-fi movies. So here are two of my favorites. Back in 2000 Rebecca Romijn's make-up process to transform into Mystique involved putting on more than 60 self-adhesive prosthetics developed specifically for the movie, followed by air-brushing the blue paint. In order to keep her look a secret, Rebecca Romijn had to sit in an isolated, windowless room when not required for shooting. To celebrate her last day on set, Romijn brought in a bottle of tequila to do shots with her fellow cast and crew during a break in filming. Unfortunately, that day she happened to be filming the Wolverene/Mystique fight scene, and she threw up blue-colored vomit all over Hugh Jackman (the lucky bastard). Then three years later, Kristanna Loken would put on 15 pounds of muscle to fit her role of the Terminator-X. And when filming the beginning scene of the TX arriving? She spent one night entirely naked. Of course there are other sexy villans, but those two will always hold a special place in my pants heart, kind of like the way Boston does.

But if sci-fi chicks aren't your thing, perhaps you will find these super hot bartenders more to your liking.

A friend posted this on Facebook. Ken

This is why some guys choose the infantry. Greg

Hey, Love the roast beef chick links, It is like a welcome committee for your cock. Keep it up! Eric

Eric? This roast beef sandwich is for you.

And obviously this guy's story is fake - why the hell would anyone try to kill a dog? I mean, nobody would try to do that, right?

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