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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 15, 2011
March 15, 2011

Atta Girl! Way To Stand Out In A Crowd.

In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women!

Old and busted: pencil test. The new hotness: Sharpie test.

Well, I guess it's time I post one for the broken hearted ladies. No, it's not my penis -- your computer monitor isn't big enough for that, trust me. Here are the hottest hockey players in the NHL.

Who does that foot belong to? Classy mom. Great site! Steven

This case is going to be interesting. Look out, Ernie! You're next! Charlie

Far be it from me to bitch and moan about how our government works, or even more to the point why some branches of it exist... but what the fuck does the Department of Homeland Security do again? Oh yeah, "with primary responsibilities of protecting the territory of the U.S. from terrorist attacks and responding to natural disasters." Right, and exactly how does a few people copying movies affect the security of the nation? Oh that's right, it doesn't. Not to mention the guy in question wasn't even fucking distributing said copyrighted material, merely linking to it. Besides, from what I remember when I start all of my porno flicks, isn't this the FBI's jurisdiction? and thus I look at the DoHS and ask myself, if we've gotten along without them for the last 224 years, why do we really need them now? Stick the Secret Service back under the Treasury Department, disband those bullies over at the TSA and replace them with private contractors that can be hired, fired, and sued like the rest of us, and let's get back to what's important.

The set of photos shows a drug rehabilitation centre in Vancouver that provides addicts with clean needles, a safe environment to inject their smack and nurses to make sure they don’t overdose. All at the expense of the tax payer.

Ernie, I'm a former Navy nuclear operator, and I've been following the Fukushima accident on the news closely, and with much disgust. The media doesn't have the first clue about nuclear power. Fear-mongering gets ratings, and that's all they care about. I found this yesterday and it provides a very accurate description of the accident and how it is affecting people. V/R, Cory

Yeah, there's abeen a lot of misinformation spewing forth about the Japanese reactor and any potential meltdown. Alas, even I got hoodwinked yesterday, as Corbett pointed out to me late yesterday afternoon.

This video just goes to show you, every religion has their nutjobs. And since Youtube keeps shutting that video down, considering it hate speech -- here are two mirrors just in case that link goes belly up [mirror 1 | mirror 2].

One of the best men I have ever had the privilege to know, Lance Vogeler, was killed in Afghanistan on Oct 1 2010. This guy was also friends with Lance and another fallen Ranger Kevin Pape, he is now going to run the Boston Marathon barefoot in their memory. Lance left behind a wife and 3 kids the youngest was born after he died. He is trying to raise some money for Lance and another fallen Ranger's kids. I never knew Kevin but Lance was amazing. I was hoping you would do what you do and give this a little help. Thanks Andy P

Getting requests like this always makes me sad. So long SFC Vogeler, we hardly knew ye. No seriously.

Operating from a remote patrol base in Helmand, two British snipers were responsible for killing 75 Taliban fighters in just 40 days. In one remarkable feat of marksmanship, two insurgents were dispatched with a single bullet. And here is a soldier returning from deployment to Iraq. And wouldn't you know it, his dogs are glad to see him. No doubt those dogs deserve a soupbone, yes?

127 hours, with wile e coyote - kate middleton, the english queen-to-be? she can sure rock a bikini

tyler bradt decends 189ft waterfall in a kayak - nfl players union tells players to boycott 2011 draft

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