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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 13, 2011
April 13, 2011

For My Next Trick, I Will Need Three Wise Men.

First, I will need some assistance from those of you who like to shoot guns. You see, a few days ago the Brady Campaign released in order to drum up support of an "assault clip" ban. Now don't get me fucking started on the clip vs magazine debate, or just what in the fuck constitutes an "assault clip". But rather than give them the opportunity to correct their mistake, I went ahead and registered My plan is to fill it with unbiased and compelling information that illustrates that trying to prevent gun violence by banning high capacity magazines is tantamount to trying to prevent drunk driving my making gasoline tanks smaller. My goal is to get that site into all the search engines to turn up when some idiot searched "high capacity magazine ban" and the like. Thus, if you know of any videos or articles that are relevant -- or where I can get those sweet targets the guy was shooting at -- please send them in. Paprika.

Secondly, I seek to understand the rationale of someone who argues, "I don't want my tax dollars to pay for abortions." And while I don't share your objections -- be they moral or religious isn't important -- I can certainly understand them. Some people think abortion is murder, some people think isn't. Okay, no problem. But what I don't get is, when did we the idea that we as individuals get to pick and choose what our tax dollars can and can not be used for? Personal objections aside, abortion is still legal and as much as you don't want it to be, is still considered a valid medical procedure. If you don't want "your tax dollars to pay for abortions," isn't the correct course of action to elect politicians who will seek to outlaw abortion, thus incurring a de'facto ban on federally funding? Otherwise what about the environmentalist who doesn't want their tax dollars to pay for subsidies to big oil? Or the peacenik who doesn't want their tax dollars to pay for the defense budget? Or the nun who doesn't want any of her tax dollars to pay for our penal system because of the federal death penalty? What about objections to the war on drugs, or the war on terror, the war on illegal immigration, or the billions in aid given to Israel each year, or a dozen other controversial topics? How can someone expect their individual moral objections to a given topic be taken into account, when the same courtesy is not extended to others?

200.00 is kinda steep for a pool with no hoes. Jerod

Hey Ernie, Just thought I would comment about that Freightliner that was dropped while it was being unloaded. I work at the plant where that loco was built, I even worked on the main cab control cabinet for that one. Kinda sad to see something you worked on being scrapped before it ever sees any use but I guess that means there will be another loco to build this year. Here are a few pics taken awhile back of some other that were built and getting ready for testing. Bill

gotta love this country... on hot days free guarana soda in Brasil - Bruno

Yes John Kennedy you were indeed a lucky man (all till that thing at the end) - Greg

And finally. I need a good helicopter pilot. Good news: You buy a new car. Bad news: You crash it. Good news: You survive. Bad news: But you're badly injured. Good news: A rescue helicopter is ready to fly you to the hospital. Bad news: Pilot flies into telephone lines after takeoff.

The Endless Mirror Effect is when two mirrors are placed parallel to each other, so they each reflect images back onto the opposing mirror and create a seemingly endless array of smaller and smaller images.

the complete history of snl's celebrity jeopardy - scream 4 premire: neve campbell still looks good

san francisco tp paris in two minutes - first orbit: created to celebrate the first 50 years of human spaceflight

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