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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 12, 2011
May 12, 2011

It Appears Their Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds.

Here's an issue that's really chaps my ass. Well, yes the TSA as a whole, but I'm talking about something else. No, not OPEC's strangle hold on us, I'm talking about something else. As the economy is starting to show signs of life, it's sure not the raging bull that Democrats promised us a few years ago when they won the majority in 2008. Democratics are quick to lay part of the blame for this continued stagnation on on the previous administration, stating that eight years of GWB's policies cannot be undone overnight (or in this case, a little over two years). Republican counter with fuck no man, enough time has passed for the current administration's changes to have taken effect, and so the responsibility for the still struggling economy is soundly in Obama's court. Now, regardless of what side of that argument you're on, it doesn't matter just so long as you hold fast to your decision: either the two years is enough to draw a distinction between two presidential adminstrations or it's not. Because now apply your reasoning to Osama finally being hunted down and killed, and you'll see each side is doing a complete 180. Democrats want to stand up preach about how Obama is autonomous and succeeded where GWB had continuously failed, where as the Republicans want Obama to share the credit with GWB since bin Laden's killing was a direct result of GWB's longstanding policies.

My question is, at what point of this have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too scenario, are we going to say enough is enough? If Dems want to take full credit for killing Osama, then they have to take full blame for the continuinually struggling economy. If the Repubs want part of the credit for Osama, then they have to take part of the blame for the economy. I mean, this is some of the play-nice-with-others shit they taught us in the first grade, yes?

Here are two things I know about Simona Fusco: first she has very big tits and second, she doesn't like to cover them up. But, here are ten things you don't know about Simona Fusco, complete with obligatory "big gun" joke.

Wait a minute. How did they fit an entire reindeer inside a baby carriage?

Ernie, great site, here are a couple pics of a lower receiver I just assembled for my AR-15. It is a Spikes Tactical lower I found at a gun show, unfortunately it is not available on there website. Enjoy, M. Payne

Ernie, Here are the pictures of the guy who attempted the play the limbo game with the parking lot gate at the Airport Marriott in Nashville, last week... he failed. The driver is the guy with the white shirt, black jacket and grey pants. Your site was the first thing I thought about while snapping these pics. Hope you can use them. Love the site, keep up the good fight! Ron T. USAF Ret.

You can't deny that our culture is fascinated by two things: zombie and limbo sports and reality shows. So it's only natural that the two arenas combine, and when they do the results are fantastic. There are reality shows dedicated to sports, but there are also connections that exist off-screen. Female reality show contestants constantly find themselves romantically linked to athletes, and the list grows every day. It's about damned time somebody ranked them.

Wait a minute. I thought there was no smoking allowed on public beaches?

"there's a sucker beatle born every minute" - p.t. barnum.

interactive sliding scale of the universe - $25m clock tower penthouse in brooklyn

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