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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 17, 2011
May 17, 2011

There's A pretty Fine Line Between Admiration And Stalking.

So for one reason or another, super athletic chicks seems to have been the common theme in the last week or so. It all started with this picture of a Mustang cheerleader which turned out to be quite popular. Then I stumbled across another photo of her, and again the crowd went wild as they did for Zuzana from yesterday. but back to the original cheerleader chick, given she's in her college cheering uniform, it wasn't too hard to figure out what university she went to. But again, admiration vs stalking. But suffice to say that Danielle Hilliard was named Sports Illustrated's Cheerleader of the Week and here are twelve photos of her in action. Also this iPhone girl has been identified as fitness model Brittany Tracy. And while I am still working on this one don't worry too much, because I'm getting pretty good at this stuff. For example did you know that Konoba Nino Malinska is a quaint little restaurant in Croatia?

Many moons ago, Flaherty and I were sitting on the back of the Lynn casino boat and looking out over the back of the ship. We were on the second deck and the balcony was set back a bit from the stern of the boat, so it was, eh, maybe 15' down and 15' out to the actual water. At some point, I wondered out loud if it would be possible to jump from the balcony and clear the back of the boat, or would you end up gonging off the back railing. His response made me suck in my breath: he theorized that once you jumped from the balcony, the boat would move out from underneath you, so yes, jumping out into he water would be quite easy. "Whoa, who, whoa," I said, stopping him right there. Since both (I) and (the boat) were moving in the same direction, the boat's velocity would have absolutely no impact on whether or not I could complete the jump. The only way the boat's velocity would come into play would be if the boat accelerated (or decelerated) after I had jumped. He repeated his assertion that that the boat's steady speed would most definitely play a part. We went back and forth for a good twenty minutes and I just couldn't get the dumb motherfucker to understand that yes, if I were to jump onto/over the boat from a stationary object, then the boat's constant speed would be a factor. But as long as both I and the boat were going the same speed in the same direction, it didn't matter if we were doing 100mph or 5mph or stopped. To this day, we still argue about it but now I can be all fuck yeah.

And just so you know, the late comic Mitch Hedberg, is to be honored by wife and friends today.

E: You need this sign!!! Lots more and better pics avail on the listing...It would look good in your man cave or beer patio. Ha. .. Later...Ted

this place has been doing great business, now that it moved into the gay area of town. Rob

Not that any Dale Earnhardt fans could actually afford it, but the 704hp Chevy Intimidator Camaro is pretty cool.

When he was pulled over for driving erratically, the boozed-up Russian motorist proceeded to make a phone call in which he asked if his father was on duty. He then told the person he was speaking to, to "just deal with the situation" in the seemingly influential call. And it might have worked and persuaded cops to go easy on him... if he hadn't just spent a couple of minutes having a chat with a pack of cigarettes.

Unwilling to let the flooding White River take his house, a man in Arkansas does the only thing he can do. He builds a fucking moat. Well, a moat is a big water filled ditch so technically he built his own private levee, but the videos say moat so let's not steal anyone's thunder. [part 1: the preparation | part 2: the floodwaters | part 3: the aftermath]

ALL HAIL places, streets, and things named ERNIE - your weekly mma tv schedule update

well, it looks like i can finally get married - times are tough: negotiate every detail when buying a used car

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