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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 8, 2011
June 8, 2011

You Go Ahead, I've Got A Handle On Things Here.

Glare happens when the flash from the camera hits a reflective and shiny surface. Mirrors, windows, and automobiles -- basically any glass and metal -- are present just about everywhere photographers take snapshots. Even in a natural environment, a pond or lake can produce glare in pictures. Light is a fundamental element in an image, but too little or too much can detract from the quality of the photo. If you have Windows, this article teaches you how to use a native photo-editing application to fix just the lighting elements in pictures with glaring imperfections, so that you can avoid ruining photos like this.

Sports fans have become as much of the story in sports as the teams in recent years. Los Angeles is known for having the most beautiful sports fans -- evidently this is true, just ask Alysso Milano, Megan Fox, and Vanessa Hudgens. Sure, the gals from Boston and New York might come in a distant second and third but who are the hottest celebrity fans in sports today. I'm glad I asked. I hereby present you the Sexiest Celebrity Fans in Sports -- think Gemma Atkinson in a skin tight Lycra suit. You're welcome.

Oh, the internet. How I love you, but you exist mostly for the purposes of evil. The internet loves taking advantage of people's natural sensibility to believe just about everything they see, as is obvious once you start reading about the fantastic array of hoaxes that seem to convince far more people than they should. These examples are hoaxes that started and spread online, tricking the foolish and gullible around the world. Specifically, the Cambodian Midget Fighting League hoax began with a fake website set up to look like a BBC news article, and from there it just took off. People are accustomed enough to hearing tales of human and animal rights woes from all over the world that obviously they somehow thought that in Cambodia they were pitting lions against midgets in a cage fight, which ended with 42 of the little people being mauled, some to death. You like to think that this is an obvious fake, but it got picked up by a number of legit news outlets reported on it like it was true.

(obligatory Hey Ernie, love your site, long time reader, etc. Recall in 2008 I had some house finches build a nest in my rain gutter ... but then a Blue Jay picked off the all the babies except one. In 2010, they built the nest in a wreath on my front door. Had five babies hatch and all made it - no Blue Jay! So they are back again for 2011. Mom laid four eggs this time and I'm guessing we'll see 'em start hatching next week - pics and video (plus live webcam). alek - P.S. 2nd picture is from some HD video when a *third* finch came by ... while the Mom and Dad were there! This caused a bit of a flurry/racket. I've never seen (or heard) of another Finch going after someone else's nest - be interesting to see what happens. Along those lines, my understanding from a quick Internet research is that unlike most birds, the Male Finch will defend its mate before the territory.

Sophie Charlene Akland Monk is an Australian pop singer, actress and model. And while I will admit she's not the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, she does have a few things going for her. For starters, she can really fill out a dress and up until now she's been smart enough to stick to her comfort zone (singing, modeling, and tanning topless) and away from the dangers of Hollywood. Sometimes she can look kind of meh, while two weeks later she'll turn around and pull soimething like this. Not that I would kick her out of bed either way, just that she's got a little Seinfeld Two Face action going on. But somehow her agent must have convinced her that taking a role in Hard Breakers, a film currently sporting 2.6/10 stars at IMDB and 14% at Rotten Tomatoes. Now as you might imagine, I don't think anyone was hoping for oscar worthy acting skills but a different, more targeted skillset. Here's an interview that she did right after the movie's release and while I doubt Hard Breakers is pure fucking awesome, it's better than being forced to look at Liv Tyler naked again. Please note: you should not confure Sophie Monk with Sophie Turner.

Remember the Duke Nukem Forever shooting gallery challenge (which can be played in either SFW or NSFW mode). Well here's a nice (NSFW) photo shoot all the girls did to promote the game. I pre-prdered this morning.

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