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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 10, 2011
June 10, 2011

Chill, Rocket. Goosfraba. Goosfraba.

So there's been a military related story running around the internet for the last few days, and I wanted to hold off on commenting about it until all of the details have finally come out. And since they have, I will. Two days ago on June 7th, a bunch of soldiers -- fresh back from Afghanistan and still in uniform -- were flying on Delta Airlines to travel from Baltimore to Atlanta. Fourteen of these soldiers had four bags, which is the specified number they are allowed as per their orders. Well much to their surprise, Delta Airlines had different rules: military personnel were allowed four carry bags if they were in first class, but only THREE if they were flying coach, as these soldiers were. Ergo, Delta Airlines charged each of these fourteen soldiers a $200 extra-bag fee, totaling $2,800 for the entire unit. Two of the soldiers uploaded a video to Youtube, and it's been going viral ever since.

Now at first glance, something like this makes my eyes pop out of your head. But what I suspected was this. The Delta representative checking these soldiers in, was alow level corporate drone who was either incapable or discouraged from thinking for themselves. Should the soldiers be charged any additional baggage fee? Of course not. Should they have been allowed on the plane without forking over any money out of pocket? Of course they should. Would any reasonable person make the same decision that the Delta employee(s?) did? Of course not. Am I defending Delta or their employee(s)? Of course not. I'm just saying if you're a low level peon, who a few days ago was just sitting in a corporate meeting where all the bosses harped, "Collect the baggage fees, no exceptions." "What about pregnant people?" "No exceptions." "What about transplant patients?" "No exceptions." "What about-" "No exceptions. Do it, or you're fired." Well, if you want to keep your job, what the fuck are ya gonna do?

I don't want to brush this off and say it was no big deal, it was just a situation where two low level employees -- the soldiers for Uncle Sam and the gate agents for Delta -- had conflicting orders and latter party had no the authority to make the common sense decision. Obviously the enormous amount of backlash Delta has received far outweighs the extra $2,800 to their bottom line, so I was more interested to see how Delta would handle the situation afterwards. Would they stick by their policy and keep the soldier's bucks? Would they issue a one time refund, but keep the policy in place? Update the policy to reflect four bags? Or a combination? Well, as it turns out, common sense prevailed and Delta as apologized for the incident, refunded the soldiers their money and updated their military baggage policy to allow for four bags. Other airlines seem to be following suit. No, if after all this came to light and Delta was still refusing to do the right thing, ahhh, now it's time to get in an uproar.

I liken this situation to the flag-fee incident that happened in New York a couple of weeks ago. Nobody in their right mind -- hell nobody out of their mind -- would charge the family of a slain soldier a fee for putting up American flags. No executive saw that invoice come across their desk and said, "Oh yeah, now there's a nice source of revenue." But all it takes is one automated invoice to be generated by computer, and suddenly you have an huge scandal on your hands before anyone knows what happened. In both instances the offending parties apologized, stepped up and quickly remedied their SNAFUs. So important news stories, sure. Earthshakingly important now that the issues have more or less resolved themselves, no. Well, I mean not as important as the Tron guy getting booted from America's Got Talent, right?

Remember my usual mantra: fuck the people, save the dog? This guy listened.

Me, my brother and and best friend during the descent of our decidedly dodgy Hot Air balloon, all the way until we crash into a tree. Commentry in Scottish. David

hey ernie, about your "attention navy guys" pic, i was on the USS LONG BEACH CGN-9 for a few years. i've seen alot of different ships. but i don't have any idea what to tell you. i keep looking, and looking, and don't see any kind of ship, at all. LYN N.

The (ex) USS Long Beach was decommissioned in May of 1995, struck from the Registry that same month, and is currently facing its end under the Navy's Ship-Submarine Recycling Program located at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. There are three additional locations for the Navy's Mothball fleet: Suisun Bay in Benicia, California, Neches River near Beaumont, Texas, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can see some aerial footage of Sunisan Bay here.

One reason that I love sports movies so much is that we get to live vicariously through the characters on screen. Everybody pretends that he's Roy Hobbs hitting the lights or Rick Vaughn striking out Clu Haywood to win the pennant. But there is an extra reward that often goes unspoken. After you win the game for your team there's something even better waiting for you: a hot sports babe. Just as every sports movie has a hero and a montage, it also has a hot chick (or two) that makes the victory that much sweeter. Here is the definitive list of the hottest sports movie babes of all time. And remember, we're talking about how hot the character is, not the actress in real life.

Ernie, Took forever to see the ship in the photo, it appears to be a US Army LCU. Which is a small transport ship. Here is a little Frommers fun fact for you, The Army has more ships than the Navy, and the Navy has more aircraft than the Airforce. Max

the headline on yahoo reads how 5 Guys got it's cult folowing, thanks to you I have been part of the cult for over 4 years now.... madu

Yeah I try to hit Five Guys about once a month. I'd love to do more but let's be honest; they're not exactly diet cheeseburgers, now are they? And if I were to eat them as often as I'd like to (breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day of the week) I'd look, well, you know, then I'd be stuck with this broad. And the best part about Five Guys? Fresh beef, no fillers, and no meat glue. Yeah, I didn't know that kind of shit existed either, but you can bet your ass I'm going to be reading my hot dog packages from now on. Too much of that shit will either rot your brain and turn you into a blithering idiot, or superboost your brain and let you take over the world. I'm not risking it either way.

And finally, a graphic warning: this is why you don't steal shit in Pakistan.

teen's dad spends school year waving at bus and embarrassing son

remember the fat chick crying at the twilight trailer? there's more. including a gay kid.

video: 2012 corvette zr1 takes on nurburgring - ufc 131 preview: demian maia vs. mark munoz

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