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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 18, 2011
July 18, 2011

With All That Radioactivity, They're Like The Godzillas Of Womens FIFA.

Stupid Japan. If the spectacular goals were not enough to get you to tune into the 2011 Women’s World Cup of Soccer, then you missed your peek at the ladies who played the game (and the fans who watched). Two of the women included in that gallery – Germany's Julia Simic and Selina Wagner - even posed for Playboy recently.

Did you know what many natural and synthetic polymers are attacked by ultra-violet radiation and products made using these materials may crack or disintegrate (that is, if they are not UV-stable). The problem is known as UV degradation, and is a common problem in products exposed to sunlight. Continuous exposure is a more serious problem than intermittent exposure, since attack is dependent on the extent and degree of exposure. UV Stabilizers in plastics usually act by absorbing the UV radiation preferentially, and dissipating the energy as low level heat. The chemicals used are similar to those used in sunscreen cosmetic products, which protect skin from UV attack. Had these beach chairs been manufactured as such, there would be no need to cover them with a blue tarp.

Last week marked the final mission of the Space Shuttle. It's over: No more manned space missions on the agenda. As of now, America is pursuing a "flexible path" space-flight program, which essentially means we have nothing. They'll say the program died because of funding cuts and age, but that's not the whole story. Astronauts and the Space Shuttle used to reign as the unquestionable rulers of badass, but then somewhere along the line, cultural opinion shifted, and somehow wrapping a man in a giant metal bullet and firing him into the face of the void became thought of as stuffy and boring. The space program didn't die because of budgetary concerns; it died because we forgot how goddamn awesome it was. And that's something we had no excuse for doing, as these images will prove.

Hey Ernie, I thought you might like these pics. A contractor was putting a lift up to secure the equipment for the night and somehow managed to put it directly into the 7800V primary service lines. The guy operating it was at the side of the lift operating it from the ground, and it threw him back about 10-15 feet. I was in a building across the parking lot when we lost power. My boss and I went across the lot to check to see if the outage was isolated to our building when we noticed the guy getting up off the ground and that the lift was in the power lines. The tip of his finger and toe were severely burnt and he was obviously in shock, but was at least walking at the time. Hard to say what it did to him internally though...hoping for the best. Melted all the tires and put a mark in the power line. Didn't have time to take pics until an hour or so after the incident. Scott

Hey man, I realize why Netflix wants to increase prices, but what you didn't include in your defense of them, was this is their 2nd price increase in less than a year, and if I remember correctly, their 4th price increase in 2 years. And on top of that, their streaming content selection SUCKS. Every time I want to watch a movie, I have to wait for the DVD(don't get me started on the EXTRA charge for blu-ray discs). Unless it's some kinda suck-ass Disney film, or some TV show from the 90's. Not only did they increase prices again, but they already made a deal with Warner Bros, to delay streaming content for 28 days, and another deal with Starz, to make us wait 90 days! Now, those waits only include movies that they actually plan on streaming.. Their new content has always been pretty sparse. So, while Nutflix wants to try to save their asses, they're also giving me no reason to keep them. A massive drop in service quality, while jacking prices.. That's a forumla for disaster. Just ask my local favorite bar about that. We used to go there and get hammered on $3 long island night, and enjoy a giant ruben for $6. But, they hired a bunch a crappy, cheap waitresses, who would sit and chat at a table for 20 mins, than bring me my food(while it sat and got cold). And then, I came back a month later, hoping they re-staffed, and all their prices went up 30% or more! Now, last time I drove by there, their signs are down, and there's a big "closed" note on the door. Don't fuck with your customers. I for one, am cancelling Netflix. They give me no reason to keep them. And all these movie production companies wonder why people just download their movies. I sense a ramp-up in newsgroup traffic coming up to September 1st. Alan

This photo is of the the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, or as it's more commonly known, The Boneyard. if you look on the left side of the photo, you'll see all these large planes that have a very awkward appearance. That's because they're destroyed B-52s. In the 1990s, in accordance with the START I treaty, the center was tasked with eliminating 365 B-52 bombers. Initially, the B-52s were chopped into pieces with a 13,000-pound guillotine -- both wings, the tail, cockpit, and mid fuselage were all severed. The dismembered aircraft were then left in place so their destruction could be confirmed by Russian reconnaissance satellites. More on the recycling program that goes on at the 309th AMARG.

Well, the final Harry Potter movie is upon us, and yes, I'm going to go see the damn things once the crowds of ankle biters thins out a bit. I've seen the first seven films and they're actually quite good -- nothing to rave about mind you -- but certainly a few hours of good entertainment. But I figure I'm kind of vested at this point.

Hi Ernie, My job is with a highway striping contractor that does state contract work. One of our major tasks each summer is known as long line restripe, wherein we paint the existing lines on the road in order to brighten them up and make the highways safer for motorists. Life at 10 miles-per-hour can be pretty tedious; but you get to see a lot of the countryside, and in the process a lot of unusual and/or interesting sights. Today I saw the most curious thing yet. I’m confident there’s an explanation, although I’m not sure I really want to know. Pretty nice rack on the old girl by any means. Thanks for allowing my occasional contribution to your site. Chip, Bowling Green, KY

"Here is a video of me surprising our kids after my husband came back from his deployment. Things seemed to keep going wrong... It was supposed to be at a restaurant, but he came back a day later then planned. Then, he was supposed to be closed in the box, but he was too big! Then, not enough wrapping paper, even though there was 3 rolls... But it all worked out in the end thanks to some awesome friends!!! Enjoy..."

You know what's fucking crazy? Jennifer Lopez is back on the market? I can imagine that tons of ass lovers are ecstatic that one of their favorites is no longer going to be tied down to Marc Anthony. We can only hope that her her fat ass in the gym so she can bounce back and make the, "best of her assets," so to speak.

When Farrah Abraham returned to MTV for "Teen Mom's" third season Tuesday, fans noticed her daughter Sophia wasn't the only one who did some growing. The 20-year-old single mom — who debuted a series of racy pinup calendar modeling shots earlier this year — increased her bust from an A to a C cup earlier this year. She didn't need any help in the rear, because her ass is already boomin in thet department..

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