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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 20, 2011
July 20, 2011

Yes, That Is A Bald Eagle Resting On The Tombstone Of An American Soldier.

Frank Glick took this photo at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. When he recorded the shot, he never could have guessed how much it was going to mean to the widow of the World War II veteran buried there.

So tell me, is it hot enough out there for ya?!

Getting ready for your freshman year of college can be a harrowing affair. For most students, it means leaving behind familiarity and comfort and heading into the great unknown. There will be all-night study sessions and days packed with classes. And there will be Top Ramen. Oh yes, there will be Top Ramen. You will feel like you're shopping for a month to prepare for the move, so we've decided to help you out by putting together the following guide to make sure you have all the technology you need to get through your freshman year. After that, you're on your own.

Hey Ernie, Go to the Ebonics Translator and paste in the Gettysburg Address. That there is some funny shit. Brad – Aliso Viejo, CA

Hey Ern, I saw you mentioned Prussian Blue in your post today. I had an encounter with them I thought you might want to hear about. I was knocking back a few Jagers at our local watering hole when I noticed these two young girls come in with their mother and a couple guitars. I was curious what was happening so I asked the owner about it. She said the mother told her they were a performing group and wanted to do a couple songs for the local folks. She said ok and they started playing a couple nice little ditties. Meanwhile, my spider sense was tingling, knowing that I had seen these two before. By the time it hit me, these girls had played a couple songs and their mother was hocking cd's in the corner. I told the owner what these two were really all about and he asked them to leave. That's when the shit hit the fan. They were only 15 or so at the time, and the girls and their mother just went ballistic telling us that we were all nigger loving jews and that we were going to burn in hell, etc. They almost had to forcibly remove them from the bar. Thing is, they were playing all these pop tunes that were all bubble gum and rainbows, but you put the CD in and it was just hate filth. Fuck these two. Your best friend ever, Matt

All black jokes aside -- How is the human race like a bowl of jelly beans? Nobody likes the black ones -- I really can't stand racism. But I have started posting Random Offensives to the mailing list again (last week | this week) -- you can sub/unsubscribe here. And so on that note...

heres something for you Ernie, Jacob

Oh, c'mon admit it. You laughed. Well anyway, it came out why J-Lo is getting divorced -- turns out she likes showing them titties a little too much.

This is the site former Atf agent Vince Cefalu started, which is what probably got him fired, hence the "former atf agent". Some interesting reading from the agents perspective. Lots of perk type shit we pay for it seems. A while back I also bing'd "Atf agents arrested". It was surprising to say the least at how many hits came up. Referred to in one of the threads, but one still needs to find the story. I suppose it could be referred to as the "Glory hole atf agent" investigation. I think the guy was actually promoted quietly to Washington but couldn’t any articles on whether it was done or not. I seem to recall it was on the cleanupatf forum somewhere. The agents on the site are pissed off. Check this one out. Jon

Hey Ernie, From todays update... "and four days later his ass is hauled before British Parliament" Mate, don't for one minute think that the "Shower of Shit" we call parliament are any better than yours. This all started around five years ago and they're only just really making any effort to properly investigate. Just goes to show, shit has the same stink, same colour the world over. Cheers, Bill

Great. So what you're telling me the people responsible for this Project Gunrunner/Gunwalker/Fast and Furious fiasco aren't going to have to pay the piper until some time around 2016. Shit by then, they'll have banned everything -- we won't even be able to see Hobo with a Shotgun, or any other movie with guns.

an incredibly comprehensive list of tv censored words

cute girl takes photo of herself everyday for four and a half years


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