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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 8, 2011
September 8, 2011

If You Didn't Love Putin Before, You Will Now.

A handshake is a short ritual in which two people grasp one of each other's like hands, in most cases accompanied by a brief up and down movement of the grasped hands. In many cultures it is believed that shaking hands passes positive energy and tactile experience received by the man lately. On a related note, Vladimir Putin gets my vote for President of the World.

FOR SALE: Bamboo round chair is in good chair and still strong because it's bamboo. It's sitting in the apartment and realized that it take up room in small apartment and need to sell it asap. I'm selling it for $100 or OBO. CASH ONLY! Thanks

The beginning of the 2011 NFL season is upon us. There was a time a few months ago when many of us were unsure as to whether there would be a season at all, as the players and owners couldn't seem to come to an agreement at the bargaining table. But after some long nights of talks, a new collective bargaining agreement was reached and we now find ourselves eagerly anticipating a season that is bound to provide plenty of highlights, intriguing story lines, and one worthy Super Bowl champion. And if all of the above isn't enough to get you excited, perhaps this gallery of sexy girls holding footballs will help do the trick.

Latticework is a framework consisting of a criss-crossed pattern of strips of building material, typically wood or metal. The design is created by crossing the strips to form a network. Latticework can be purely ornamental, or can be used as a truss structure such as a lattice girder bridge. Porches extend the square footage of a home. Whether using the porch for entertaining guests or quiet summer evenings spent alone, lack of privacy should not hinder the enjoyment. Using lattice to create privacy fashions a beautiful retreat that homeowners will take pleasure in for many years to come.

Here's the story behind that video you posted of the Russian train with all the orange/yellow smoke bellowing out of one of the cars... it was a Bromine spill. Keep up the good work, Ernie! Steve

Hello Ernie, Lovely photos for your site...... Don't park your Super Puma near the light pole. I did some searching around and also found this article with video. Stanley

The white feather has been used by some pacifist organisations as a sign of harmlessness. In the 1870s, the M?ori prophet of passive resistance Te Whiti o Rongomai promoted the wearing of white feathers by his followers at Parihaka. They are still worn by the iwi associated with that area, and by Te Ati Awa in Wellington. They are known as te raukura, which literally means the red feather, but metaphorically, the chiefly feather. They are usually three in number, interpreted as standing for "glory to God, peace on earth, goodwill toward people".

They might be famous for being famous, but it doesn't mean the Kardashians aren't damn hot. And famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz, clearly agrees. Lebovitz is the talented snapper behind these newly released pics of the Kardashian sisters modeling their recently-launched Sears clothing line — The Kardashian Kollection. Leibovitz has photographed everyone in celeb-town, from Michael Jackson to the Queen, and she's pretty much the be all and end all when it comes to producing amazing shots. These pics, which star 32 year-old Kourtney, Kim, 30, and 27-year-old Khloe, show off The Kollection's lingerie line and then what looks like some hip-hugging stuff to go out in and show off your Kardashian- like bod.

The BSCL lady just didn't know how to explain herself... It's simple... you say it's possible to be "good" without religion. Fine... what's "good"? Really? What we all agree is "good"? What we think is "good" from any moment to the next? What about moral relativism? If we all agree that rape is good, does that make it so? The universality of truth is what she's talking about. What the hell is it? Who says? Why? Yeah, I know... it's a hell of alot more complex than will ever be solved or rooted out on a Facebook page or EHOWA. There are no words with which a non-believer can be turned into a believer, or a believer can be turned into a non-believer. There may be no "scientific basis" for certain beliefs... but then again, at a certain level there begins to be a level of faith in science, because we can't know all things about everything. Some people think this is all because of "shit happens". That's fine... Atheism is a religious Faith as is Christianity and a hundred other Faiths. Fact is, I think Atheism takes more balls than any of the others. Oh, half decent advice about not waving one's penis about in other peoples faces... it is "your" page, but things like that tend to degenerate into sword fights... "Let's not and say we did... " or deny it anyway... "Dante's wager"... Later man.. Leon. Oh, this is in my front yard this past spring.... Yep, cow and two calfs, resting... "SWEET"

Dear Leon. What's with "all the quotes"? They really make you look like a "fucking idiot." But then again that might "be true" since I tried to ready your "incoherent" and "babbling" email like four or five times and still couldn't understand "what the fuck" you were "trying" to say. Regardless, I thought it was "only fair" that I take a nature picture for you too, so here goes. be well, my friend. "SWEET"

We've all seen video fotage of the historical Japanese tsunami, as filmed by people on top of buildings and whatnot. This is the first time I've seen footage that was filmed by someone down in the shit. Yu Muroga is a Japanese tour driver and like most people of his area, he did not feel threatened by the tsumani, as it was far enough from the coast. So he continued to drive and do its job. The HD camera mounted on the dashboard has not only captured the shock itself, but also the moments that followed, where many drivers were stranded by the waters of the tsunami. Hint: you'll know exactly when his car starts to float. Think Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges, at Universal Studios.

In various tropical and subtropical countries, the machete is frequently used to cut through rain forest undergrowth and for agricultural purposes (e.g. cutting sugar cane). Besides this, in Latin America a common use is for such household tasks as cutting large foodstuffs into pieces—much as a cleaver is used—or to perform crude cutting tasks such as making simple wooden handles for other tools. It is also common to see people using machetes for other jobs such as splitting open coconuts, working the lawns, clearing brush. Because the machete is common in many tropical countries, it is often the weapon of choice for uprisings. For example, one clandestine popular army is the Boricua Popular Army, unofficially called Macheteros because the machete wielding laborers of sugar cane fields of past Puerto Rico.

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