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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 23, 2011
September 23, 2011

There, I Think That Should Just About Cover Everything.

Here is an photo that I liked. After reading the accompanying article, I was a little conflicted whether I was on her side or the state. All in all, it's a mixed up world. Thing are never as they seem initially. Good Luck. Bart

Good for her. Second Amendment. Fight the Man. And if the very same thing were to happen today? Her home would have been surrounded by some 300 members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and nearby municipalities. Everyone would have their guns drawn and pointed at her neighbor's house by mistake. A SWAT team would have arrive on scene in an armored car, and after crashing into several news vans, set up position in her front lawn. After two days of communication via loudspeakers and playing Motley Crue's Shout At The Devil, the SWAT team would breach the house -- fire some 71 rounds in the process -- wounding Mrs. Puckett in the arm but killing her dog, who was sleeping in its kennel in the next room. She would then be denied medical treatment for an hour while the scene was secured and all the appropriate interviews were given. This would all be filmed by her neighbors holding iPhones, and the footage would be on Youtube within minutes, followed shortly thereafter by an "I SUPPORT LOMIE PUCKETT" fan page set up on Facebook. Fox News would run reports questioning her ties to Al Queda. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would hold a press conference and question why there weren't enough black officers involved. CBS News would run an expose on how high powered hunting rifles should be illegal for civilians to own, since the only thing high powered hunting rifles could possibly be used for is shooting police officers, politicians and school children. The ATF would deny having sold any assault rifles to Mrs. Puckett or her son, but reiterate that if they did, it was to combat cartel violence; the ATF agent who issued that press conference would be promoted. The New York Times would write a story and question why a private citizen would need an "arsenal" of 2 rifles and 50 rounds of ammunition. Congresswoman McCarthy (D-NY) would introduce a bill to have anyone who even thinks the word "gun", be hung by the neck until dead. Glenn Beck would grab his piece of chalk and illustrate how "Puckett" is very similar to "Phuket," which is the capital of Thailand, of which 4.6% of their population is Muslim, therefore Mrs. Puckett is trying to destroy America, which is why we should buy gold. The Brady Campaign would seize the opportunity to once again state how high capacity assault banana clips should be banned. Sarah Palin would nominate her an Honorable Momma Grizzly and write a book about it. President Obama would secure a federal loan to help pay for Mrs. Puckett's legal defense; two years later she would lay off her entire legal team, plead guilty and subsequently default on the loan. And then finally, after having been found guilty of multiple violations of the Patriot Act, Mrs. Puckett would be sent off to 20 years in prison, but not before getting felt up by a TSA agent for her flight to Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. But for those keeping score, Mrs. Puckett, who lost the battle to save her home in 1958, was 84 when she died in San Bernardino back in 1992.

Remember the video of the downhill mountain biker Danny Hart, where the broadcasters were going fucking nuts? That sport is called Downhill Mountain Biking. But not content to leave well enough alone, we Americans had to put our twist on things and decided to add some ramps. Lots and lots of ramps. Fortunately, professional maountainbiker Mike Montgomery was willing to strap a helmetcam so we could enjoy his first person view during this adrenaline fueled backflip fest. With obligatory, "Holy shit, I can't believe I made that!" halfway though.

Hi everyone, I'm pushing this piece really hard today. Can you please get it in your links if it's not too late? The ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Board Game. Any other help is appreciated. Thanks, and I love you. Jason

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Oregon football has taken a turn for the best. The team made it to the National Championship last year and currently ranks in the top 25. The best part about their success is that their cheerleaders are finally getting the respect they deserve. Eugene, Oregon. has not always been the place to be for hot women. But, over time, these women have flocked together (see what I did there) and now make up a cheer squad that rivals any other in the country. Here are the women of Oregon sports.

Ernie- Long time fan, former neighbor of yours (I am in NH), sometime financial supporter (when I can swing it), and I guess I have a bit of a reputation for having passed on some of your better pix over the years, "where DO you find this shit???" Anyway, I heat with wood, and I got a little complacent with my log splitter this spring. Here's the results. Don't try this at home. I took off the top of my thumb and nearly removed my entire index finger. The good folks at Mass General work kinds enough to sew it back. After 3 months, I decided it wasn't working well, and I need to move on, so I had it 2/3s removed. Tell your viewers if they enjoy this post, please support, keep up the great work. FYI, I have hundreds of pix of this shitting thing that passes for a finger. If these don't cut it, let me know, I will send you some more. Rob

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Every iconic superhero needs a good costume. Where would Batman be without his cape, or Iron Man without his awesome armor? Sadly, notwithstanding the (mostly) slick incarnations of our favorite Marvel and DC characters in recent movie adaptations, not everyone featured in a comic book can be translated well onto the screen. In fact, particularly as we trawl through earlier decades, we often find that film and TV superheroes’ costumes make them look more like refugees from a comic convention than caped crusaders. These shabby superheroes show that there are worse things even than Batman suits complete with nipples. Hint: David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury? KICKS ASS. And keep your eyes peeled for the Huntress' superhero cleavage.

6 assumptions hollywood makes about women. 7 if you count that whole driving thing.

visualizing 30 years of music sales - operation repo: naked girl protest

old and busted: alligator tries to eat bird. the new hotness: bird tries to eat alligator

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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