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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 17, 2011
October 17, 2011

Meth, Not Even Once. Okay, Maybe Once.

Meth mouth is an informal name for advanced tooth decay attributed to heavy methamphetamine use. According to the American Dental Association, meth mouth "is probably caused by a combination of drug-induced psychological and physiological changes resulting in xerostomia (dry mouth), extended periods of poor oral hygiene, increased consumption of sugared soft drinks, and teeth clenching and grinding." Meth mouth characteristics include: teeth clenching and grinding which leads to the wear and cracks of tooth enamel; oral hygiene neglect; and hyposalivation (dry mouth) which inhibits saliva's natural protective effects directly leads to increased tooth decay, particularly at the gum line. In popular culture, Beaking Bad is an American television drama series set and produced in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which tells the story of Walter White, a struggling high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. He turns to a life of crime, producing and selling methamphetamine with a former student, Jesse Pinkman, with the aim of securing his family's financial future before he dies. On August 14, 2011, AMC announced that Breaking Bad was renewed for a fifth and final season.

On that note I have some very sad news to report. Lindsay Lohan's teeth have been found dead at their home near Los Angeles. The Mean Girls actress' teeth were found at the property by emergency services at 3.54pm, and it's believed their death was due to a suspected drug overdose. Police confirmed that a 25year-old female's teeth were pronounced dead at the home in Malubu; the cause of death was not immediately known. Los Angeles County Ambulance Services said Lohan's teeth had died before the two ambulance crews it sent arrived at the scene. Lohan's teeth were apparently 'beyond help' when paramedics arrived, according to Sky sources. Sources have also claimed Lohan's teeth's death was due to a drug overdose.

There comes a time on a slideshow such as this when you simply run out of adjectives for "beautiful." From the first slide on, these women are the most stunning and lovely ladies you will find in the world of sports. And frankly, if I continued to mention that fact, this would be the most boring and lackluster slideshow you would find on the pages of Swagger. So while you enjoy these gorgeous athletes, I'll throw around some fun facts, offer a few pick-up lines you should avoid if you ever meet any of these women, and provide a lot of other odd information that might be entertaining (or very well might not make any sense). Russian tennis player, Elena Vesnina

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available both as a separate application as well as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an e-mail application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, a journal and web browsing. There are third-party add-on applications that integrate Outlook with devices such as BlackBerry mobile phones and with other software like Office & Skype internet communication. Developers can also create their own custom interfaces that works with Outlook and Office components using Microsoft Visual Studio.

I am doing a short run of shirts because Michelle Malkin bought one and linked. I'm going to send hers to her and ask her to take a photo of herself and post it on her blog. I need to get thsese shirts out of the Gunblog Ghetto and into the general political blogosphere. I should be wrapping up this run on Tuesday or Wednesday, for shipment next monday. Did you know that your one link send me enough people that you are my all time 5th highest referrer? On one link that was a day too late for anyone to buy the shirt. If you'd like to link again, this time early enough for them to buy the shirt, here's the link. They are now available in Pink. Seriously. Sean

Snatch is a 2000 crime film written and directed by British filmmaker Guy Ritchie, featuring an ensemble cast. Set in the London criminal underworld, the film contains two intertwined plots: one dealing with the search for a stolen diamond, the other with a small-time boxing promoter named Turkish who finds himself under the thumb of a ruthless gangster known as Brick Top. The film features an assortment of colorful characters, including Irish Traveller Mickey O'Neil, Russian-Uzbek ex-KGB agent and arms-dealer Boris "the Blade" Yurinov, professional thief and gambling addict Frankie "Four-Fingers", American gangster-jeweler "Cousin Avi", and bounty hunter Bullet-Tooth Tony. It is also distinguished by a kinetic direction and editing style, a circular plot featuring numerous ironic twists of chance and causality, and a fast pace. Snatch was largely successful, both in critical acclaim and at the box office, and has gone on to develop a devoted cult following. From an estimated budget of $3,000,000, the movie grossed a total of $30,093,107 in the United States and £12,137,698 in the United Kingdom.

You know how sometimes you just get fed up that your government isn't doing something about those bastards across the border? And how sometimes you just go gather your own army and go to war on your government's behalf? No? Well, then you're not James Long, a wealthy military surgeon and war veteran. In the early 1800s he settled down in Mississippi, planning nothing more for his future than a quiet, Southern kind of life. Until... In 1819, America signed a treaty with Spain that would just let those sons of bitches have Texas! And all the U.S. got in return was freaking Florida. Long could do nothing but sit on his plantation, watching the events unfold and quietly seething in patriotic rage until he just couldn't take it anymore.

Hey Ernie, Checked out the link... put a couple of vids on it to test out.. Thought i would share,if you needed some content. This one is my girlfriend Jessica shooting her AR-15 in the mountains, and this one is a clip of my buddies General Lee Charger... Later Ker-b

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering creates balanced internal stresses which cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards. The granular chunks are less likely to cause injury. As a result of its safety and strength, tempered glass is used in a variety of demanding applications, including passenger vehicle windows, shower doors, architectural glass doors and tables, refrigerator trays, as a component of bulletproof glass, for diving masks, and various types of plates and cookware. Tempered glass is also used in buildings for unframed assemblies (such as frameless doors), structurally-loaded applications, and any other application that would become dangerous in the event of human impact.

Despite having the uber-hot Minka Kelly in the lead role, ABC announced that it is pulling the plug on "Charlie's Angels" after just 4 aired episodes. The ratings were bad and the reviews were even worse, so I guess this isn't a surprise.

"Engineers at Raytheon-Sarcos in Salt Lake City demonstrated a unique set of tele-operated robotic arms attached to a modified Ditch Witch. With no training at all, one immediately meshes with the feelings and actions of the machine. It mirrored everything one does with their arms, wrists and shoulders." Coulndt find a clip of the Aliens scene with Sigorney Weaver to pair with it. Eric

S'okay Eric, that's what I'm here for. So should life to chastity be at stake -- and a robotic exoskeleton not be available -- these nuns will kick the everloving shit out of you.

Oral cancer is a subtype of head and neck cancer, is any cancerous tissue growth located in the oral cavity. Smoking and other tobacco use are associated with about 75 percent of oral cancer cases, caused by irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth from smoke and heat of cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. There are also links to young men and women who use conventional "smokeless" chewing or spit tobacco. Promoted by some as a safer alternative to smoking, it has in actuality not proven to be any safer to those who use it when referring to oral cancers. Different surgery techniques are used to remove specific types of oral tumors, including removal of the entire tumor and surrounding area of tissue, and mandible resection; removal of all or part of the jawbone.

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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