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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 4, 2011
November 4, 2011

What's Old Is New Again.

So I'm just about to post today's update and all of a sudden my internet connection goes to lunch. I check the modem and sure enough, no lights. I look outside and there's a fucking Comcast guy in my yard. So I poke my head outside and say, "Uh-oh, what happened?" Turns out he's one of the guys who drives around with a big ass antenna on his truck, looking for signal leaks. So he fuck around for twenty minutes or so, replacing a few splices and sure enough when he left, I went from 7Mbps to 30Mbps. Thanks random Comcast dude, my internet is flowing much faster now. Just like the White Salmon River in Washington state is flowing again, as the nearly 100-year-old Condit Dam was disabled with explosives Wednesday. The reservoir draining took about 2 hours. Further demolition is scheduled in 2012. The event is a significant milestone for river restoration and dam removal nationwide.

True fact: black people can dance better than white people.. They do not however, tolerate fat people. Fat ass.

Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to record themselves telling kids they had eaten their Halloween candy and post the reactions on YouTube. You're welcome.

A zipper is a commonly used device for temporarily joining two edges of fabric. It is used in clothing, luggage and other bags, sporting goods, camping gear, and other daily use items. The slider, operated by hand, moves along the rows of teeth. Inside the slider is a Y-shaped channel that meshes together or separates the opposing rows of teeth, depending on the direction of the slider's movement. A zipper costs relatively little, but if it fails, the garment may be unusable until the zipper is repaired or replaced—which can be quite difficult and expensive. Problems often lie with the zipper slider; when it becomes worn it does not properly align and join the alternating teeth. If a zipper fails, it can either jam or partially break off.

Who hasn't played a rousing game of "Who would you rather?" It's a glorious past-time that is as treasured as football on Thanksgiving or fireworks on the fourth of July. I've compiled a list of 50 of the hottest sports hotties in the entire world, put them in pairs and even decided who I'd rather. As you peruse one of the best lists you will ever see in your entire life, you might want to remove your socks or risk losing them when they are knocked off at some point.

Any idea what movie or television show this is? It looks like Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian and Sly Stallone as Cobra.

Shoot The Centerfold is composed of an elite group of professional photographers all considered the most respected and admired in the world. All have worked, or are still working for the world’s most famous magazine, Playboy creating features and pictorials; some on staff, some on contract, some a bit of both. Within that group an even more select number who actually photographed the Centerfolds that helped create the phenomenon of the Playboy Playmate. And here are 24 pictures to prove just how awesome those guys are.

Beer glassware comprises the drinking vessels made of glass designed or commonly used for drinking beer. Different styles of glassware exist for a number of reasons: they may reflect national traditions; they may reflect legislation regarding serving measures; they may relate to practicalities of stacking, washing and avoiding breakage; they may promote commercial breweries; they may be folk art, novelty items or used in drinking games; and they may complement different styles of beer for a variety of reasons. A pilsner glass is used for many types of light beers, including pale lager or pilsner. Pilsner glasses are generally smaller than a pint glass, usually in 200 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml, 330 ml or 400 ml sizes. They are tall, slender and tapered. The slender glass will reveal the colour, and carbonation of the beer, and the broad top will help maintain a beer head.

My grandfather, a Lieutenant in the 2nd Ranger Batallion, landed on D-Day at Point Du Hoc with 67 other men in his company. After 5 days, only 15 were left. This is his diary, written in Normandy, 6/13/1944. - full_on_derp

After Germany failed to hold up their end of the plan to dominate the globe with evil, the Allies looked to the Pacific and realized that Japan wasn't even sort of getting the hint. U.S. President Harry Truman was faced with two overriding options: Drop a new experimental weapon on Japanese cities or plan an invasion. The experimental weapon would be the first (and in retrospect only) nuclear bomb used in warfare. There was no guarantee that the weapons would cause Japan to surrender, or that they'd even work. And then you had to hope that the rest of the world would be OK with the fact that you just made an entire city disappear with quantum mechanics. Behind door number two was an invasion named "Operation Downfall," and historians and military officials alike agree that it would have been a motherfucker.

Fanta is a global brand of fruit-flavored carbonated soft drinks from the Coca-Cola Company. There are over 90 flavors worldwide. The drink debuted in Germany in 1941 and originally sold only in Europe. The original formula of Orange Fanta, available in Germany, Austria, and other countries, is completely different from the drink marketed in the United States as Orange Fanta. The original contains orange juice and has a color similar to orange juice, while the version made for the US market is artificially colored red-orange and does not taste like fruit juice. The US version also contains brominated vegetable oil similar to other orange/citrus drinks marketed in the US, such as Mountain Dew.

Setting up camp on a hill, deer roaming in the valley below. A peaceful country scene: ducks languidly swimming in a pond with marsh grasses at its edge. Golfers caught in a sand trap. Kayakers enjoying a leisurely paddle. Mountain climbers going higher, step by step. Elephants enjoying a drink at a watering hole, or horses riding over the English countryside. This is the landscape photography of Allan Teger. Or are they really landscapes? Look closer and you will see things aren't always as they appear. Sorta, kinda, maybe, NSFW'ish.

Nicholas "Nicky" Patrick Hayden, nicknamed the The Kentucky Kid, is an American professional motorcycle racer, who won the MotoGP World Championship in 2006. On September 22, 2006, Hayden signed a two-year agreement that allowed for him to race for and develop with the factory Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) team for the 2007 and 2008 MotoGP seasons. He has already begun testing the new 800 cc Honda RC212V. His MotoGP racing number changed from 69 to 1 for the 2007 season.

Enhance your cardio workout with this Gold's Gym 3-in-1 Jump Rope with adjustable weight and length. It will help increase your agility, coordination, timing and endurance. Adjust the weight in each handle with the included weights and customize the rope length to fit your individual workout needs.

optic nerve decompression procedure. not safe for lunch.

childrens books at wal-mart - witchcraft for teens and pre teens!

women who have this much control over their pectoral muscles freak me out

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