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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 14, 2011
November 14, 2011

I Wish Everyone Had These License Plates. Everyone.

Well paint me green and call me a pickle. Bruce Campbell, despite his minimal involvement with the new Evil Dead movie, has been a go-to source for news on the movie. And he continues to fill us all in on what the deal is, including why he won't be reprising his role as Ash. His reason? The new Evil Dead is a flat-out reboot — without Ash. But let's hear him out. His — and Sam Raimi‘s — reasoning is actually pretty sound.

Satin Care Sensitive Skin Formula shave gel, with Aloe Vera, is specially designed for shaving sensitive skin. This lightly fragranced gel with advanced lubricants provides incredible razor glide for protection against nicks and cuts. Satin Care Sensitive Skin Formula shave gel, with Aloe Vera, is specially designed for shaving sensitive skin. This lightly fragranced gel with advanced lubricants provides incredible razor glide for protection against nicks and cuts.

In 1996 The USS Yorktown was used as the testbed for the Navy's Smart Ship program. The ship was equipped with a network of 27 dual 200 MHz Pentium Pro-based machines running Windows NT 4.0 communicating over fiber-optic cable with a Pentium Pro-based server. This network was responsible for running the integrated control center on the bridge, monitoring condition assessment, damage control, machinery control and fuel control, monitoring the engines and navigating the ship. This system was predicted to save $2.8 million per year by reducing the ship's complement by 10%. On 21 September 1997, while on maneuvers off the coast of Cape Charles, Virginia, a crew member entered a zero into a database field causing a divide by zero error in the ship's Remote Data Base Manager which brought down all the machines on the network, causing the ship's propulsion system to fail. Anthony DiGiorgio, a civilian contractor with a 26-year history of working on Navy control systems, reported in 1998 that Yorktown had to be towed back to Norfolk Naval Station. Ron Redman, a deputy technical director with the Aegis Program Executive Office, backed up this claim, suggesting that such system failures had required Yorktown to be towed back to port several times. In 3 August 1998 issue of Government Computer News, a retraction by DiGiorgio was published. He claims the reporter altered his statements, and insists that he did not claim the Yorktown was towed into Norfolk. GCN stands by its story. Atlantic Fleet officials also denied the towing, reporting that Yorktown was "dead in the water" for just 2 hours and 45 minutes. Captain Richard Rushton, commanding officer of Yorktown at the time of the incident, also denied that the ship had to be towed back to port, stating that the ship returned under its own power.

The M1 carbine is a lightweight, easy to use semi-automatic carbine that became a standard firearm for the U.S. military during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, and was produced in several variants. It was widely used by U.S. and foreign military, paramilitary and police forces, and has also been a popular civilian firearm. Unlike conventional carbines, which are generally a version of a parent rifle with a shorter barrel, like the earlier .30-40 U.S. Krag rifle and carbine and the later M16A2 rifle and M4 carbine, the M1 carbine has only one part in common with the M1 rifle (a short buttplate screw) and fires a different cartridge. The M1 carbine with its reduced-power .30 cartridge was not originally intended to serve as a primary weapon for combat infantrymen, nor was it comparable to more powerful assault rifles developed late in the war. Nevertheless, the carbine was soon widely issued to infantry officers, American paratroopers, NCOs, ammunition bearers, forward artillery observers, and other frontline troops. Its reputation in combat was mixed. The M1 carbine gained generally high praise for its small size, light weight and firepower, especially by those troops who were unable to use a full-size rifle as their primary weapon. However, negative reports began to surface with airborne operations in Sicily in 1943, and increased during the fall and winter of 1944.

wife made some fish sticks and wanted me to send this to your site. Chris

I've seen some pretty fucked up shit on EHOWA (even sent some) but this is bad. Glad to see LBEH back in business!!! Take care, TK

not sure if you ever saw this guy, but his youtube stuff is legendary. redneck who can make anything. wasted four hours watching his films so far. Joseph

Slow motion (commonly abbreviated as slowmo) is an effect in film-making whereby time appears to be slowed down. It was invented by the Austrian priest August Musger. Typically this style is achieved when each film frame is captured at a rate much faster than it will be played back. When replayed at normal speed, time appears to be moving more slowly. The technical term for slow motion is overcranking which refers to the concept of cranking a handcranked camera at a faster rate than normal (i.e. faster than 24 frames per second). Slow motion can also be achieved by playing normally recorded footage at a slower speed. This technique is more often applied to video subjected to instant replay, than to film. High-speed photography is a more sophisticated technique that uses specialized equipment to record fast phenomena, usually for scientific applications. Slow motion is ubiquitous in modern filmmaking. It is used by a diverse range of directors to achieve diverse effects. Some classic subjects of slow motion include: Athletic activities of all kinds, to demonstrate skill and style. To recapture a key moment in an athletic game, typically shown as a replay. Natural phenomena, such as a drop of water hitting a glass.

While the sport of hockey surrounds itself with riveting stick work, world-class speed skating and exhilarating violence, its rough exterior is met with a beautiful following. Not necessarily ice girls or fans, these women garner respect for basically showing off a team's logo. Some wear team jerseys or shirts, others goalie pads. Here are the sexiest hockey babe pics ever.

What do you call the first Afghan off the boat? ... ... ... Amhere!

What do you call the second Afghan off the boat? ... ... ... Amhere Azwel!

What do you call the third Afghan off the boat? ... ... ... Amhere Azwel Azhim!

-SSG Mischke

The Dubai Fountain is a record-setting choreographed fountain system set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake, at the center of the Downtown Dubai development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was designed by WET Design, the California-based company responsible for the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel Lake in Las Vegas. Illuminated by 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors, it is 902 ft long and shoots water 490 ft into the air -- equivalent to a 50-story building -- accompanied by a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music. It was built at a cost of $218 million.

There are many methods of assessing the integrity of a pipeline. In-line-Inspection (ILI) tools are built to travel inside a pipeline and collect data as they go. The type of ILIthat has been in use the longest for pipeline inspection, is the magnetic flux leakage inline inspection tool (MFL-ILI). MFL-ILIs detect and assess areas where the pipe wall may be damaged by corrosion. The more advanced versions are referred to as "high-resolution" because they have a large number of sensors. The high-resolution MFL-ILIs allow more reliable and accurate identification of anomalies in a pipeline, thus, minimizing the need for expensive verification excavations (i.e. digging up the pipe to verify what the problem is). Accurate assessment of pipeline anomalies can improve the decision making process within an Integrity Management Program and excavation programs can then focus on required repairs instead of calibration or exploratory digs. Utilizing the information from an MFL ILI inspection is not only cost effective but, as well, can also prove to be an extremely valuable building block of a Pipeline Integrity Management Program.

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19 true things generals can't say in public about the afghan war

two new fed gps trackers found on suv - nothing to see here citizen, move along

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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