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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 13, 2011
December 13, 2011

Glad To See We're Not The Only Ones Getting Clody Weather.

So with the Mythbusters out of action following their recent attempt to recreate the Cannonball Run -- personally I think the show outlived its usefulness two years ago -- I've since turned to Stuntbusters which is a madcap scientific approach to the world of automobiles. They recently tested the survivability of various speed crashed not by cashing cars into a fixed barrier, oh no. They tested them by dropping these motherfuckers from a crane. The last test drop was of most interest to me -- what is that, a Third generation Toyota Cressida they dropped from 200 feet? They claim it hits the ground at 80mph and 3,000 psi, but my calculations (1,458kh / 91 m = 124 kph = 77 mph). Here's another view of just that particlar drop, filmed at 1,000 frames per second and you can see the passenger cabin fold into itself. Ouch. But this does spark a Kari Byron vs Vanessa Pluym debate, yes?

Isoroku Yamamoto was a Japanese Naval Marshal General and the commander-in-chief of the Combined Fleet during World War II, a graduate of the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy and a student of Harvard University. Yamamoto held several important posts in the Imperial Japanese Navy, and undertook many of its changes and reorganizations, especially its development of naval aviation. He was the commander-in-chief during the decisive early years of the Pacific War and so was responsible for major battles such as Pearl Harbor and Midway. Yamamoto hoped, but probably did not believe, if the Americans could be dealt such terrific blows early in the war, they might be willing to negotiate an end to the conflict. As it turned out, however, the note officially breaking diplomatic relations with the United States was delivered late, and he correctly perceived the Americans would be resolved upon revenge and unwilling to negotiate. Admiral Yamamoto died during an inspection tour of forward positions in the Solomon Islands when his aircraft -- a Mitsubishi G4M "Betty" bomber -- was shot down during an ambush by American P-38 Lightning fighter planes. His death was a major blow to Japanese military morale during World War II. Yamamoto's thoughts on this matter were later dramatically encapsulated in the apocryphal "sleeping giant" quote uttered in the movie Tora! Tora! Tora!. Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is portrayed at the very end of the 1970 film, and in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor, as saying after his attack on Pearl Harbor, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." The supposed quotation was abbreviated in the film Pearl Harbor (2001), where it merely read, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant." This statement is one of the most quoted remarks attributed to him. Though it is thought that it summarizes his sentiments well, a definite source for this quote has never been provided. Yamamoto is also quoted as having said, "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." But it has been declared this attribution is "unsubstantiated and almost certainly bogus, even though it has been repeated thousands of times in various Internet postings. There is no record of the commander in chief of Japan’s wartime fleet ever saying it.", according to Brooks Jackson in "Misquoting Yamamoto" at None the less, American gun owners bought over 14 million+ guns in 2009 -- more than 21 of the world's standing armies, combined. Five of those can be attributed directly to me, thank you very much! And on a related note, this morning Arizona Congressman filed a "No Confidence" resolution against Fast and Furious conspirator, Attorney General Eric Holder.

Hot Space was the tenth studio album by British rock band Queen, released in May 1982, and was by far the most controversial album Queen ever released. Marking a notable shift in direction from their earlier work, Queen employed many elements of disco, pop music, R&B and dance music on Hot Space, being partially influenced by the success of their 1980 hit "Another One Bites the Dust". This made the album less popular with fans who preferred the traditional rock style they had come to associate with the band. The album's second single "Body Language" did peak at #11 on the U.S. charts. "Under Pressure", Queen's collaboration with David Bowie, was released in 1981 and became the band's second #1 hit in the UK. Looking back, the band admitteds some trepidation at releasing Hot Space when they did, but there are indeed many strong Queen compositions included. The album's cover art consisted of four squares, (red blue green, and yellow) with abstract negative images of the band member's faces. Along with the Beatles' Let it Be, Queen's Hot Space album art has been copied by both amateur and professional artist alike.


The tapetum lucidum is a layer of tissue in the eye of many vertebrate animals. It lies immediately behind or sometimes within the retina. It reflects visible light back through the retina, increasing the light available to the photoreceptors. This improves vision in low-light conditions, but can cause the perceived image to be blurry from the interference of the reflected light. The tapetum lucidum contributes to the superior night vision of some animals. Many of these animals are nocturnal, especially carnivores that hunt their prey at night, while others are deep sea animals. Eyeshine is a visible effect of the tapetum lucidum. When light shines into the eye of an animal having a tapetum lucidum, the pupil appears to glow. Eyeshine can be seen in many animals, in nature and in flash photographs. In low light, a hand-held flashlight is sufficient to produce eyeshine that is highly visible to humans (despite our inferior night vision); this technique, spotlighting, is used by naturalists and hunters to search for animals at night. Eyeshine occurs in a wide variety of colors including white, blue (common in canines), yellow, green (common in felines), pink and red (common in humans). However, because eyeshine is a form of iridescence, the color varies slightly with the angle at which it is seen and the color of the source light.

Well it seems that Minnesota's most eligible bachelor, Twins catcher Joe Mauer, is officially off the market. It was announced in December 2011 that Mauer and his long time girlfriend, Maddie Bisanz, were officially engaged. They are an adorably wholesome couple, but Bisanz is marrying the 18th highest paid athlete in professional sports and his options are never gong to be limited. Not to be cynical, but we all know that massive piles of money, combined with the fame that comes with professional sports, can be a recipe for disaster. Some couples seem to make it work, while others self-destruct in spectacular fashion. Let's take a look at the richest athletes in sports and the lady (or ladies) in each of their lives.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian -- also known as The SF Bay Guardian, Bay Guardian, and the Guardian -- is a free alternative newspaper published weekly in San Francisco, California. The paper is owned mostly by its publisher, Bruce B. Brugmann. The Bay Guardian, launched in 1966, is known for reporting, celebrating, and promoting left-wing and progressive issues within San Francisco and (albeit rarely) around the San Francisco Bay Area as a whole. This usually includes muckraking, legislation to control and limit gentrification, and endorsement of political candidates and other laws and policies that fall within its political views. It also has comprehensive movie and music reviews, an annual nude beaches issue, and an annual sex issue. The Bay Guardian is one of several alternative newspapers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, including the SF Weekly, East Bay Express, and Berkeley Daily Planet. In March, 2008 The Guardian won a predatory pricing lawsuit against its local rival, the SF Weekly, based on allegations the Weekly undercut The Guardian by selling display advertisements below cost while supporting itself on cash infusions from its parent, Village Voice Media, in an effort to force the Guardian into bankruptcy.


The most basic breakdown of rifle stock types is into one-piece and two piece stocks. A one piece stock is a single unit from butt to fore-end, such as that commonly found on bolt action rifles. Two piece stocks use a separate piece for the butt and fore-end, such as that commonly found on break open shotguns, and lever-action rifles and shotguns. Traditionally, two piece stocks were easier to make, since finding a wood blank suitable for a long one piece stock is harder than finding short blanks for a two piece stock. The grip area is one that varies widely. A straight grip stock proceeds smoothly from toe to the trigger, giving a nearly horizontal angle for the trigger hand, while a full grip stock contains a separate piece for the grip, providing a near vertical angle for the trigger hand, and is commonly found on modern military rifles, such as the ubiquitous AK-47 and M16 rifle families of assault rifles. The semi-grip stock is perhaps the most common sporting stock, with a steeper angle cut into the stock to provide a more diagonal angle for the trigger hand. Modern target style stocks have moved towards a fuller, more vertical grip, though built into the stock rather than made as a separate piece, and may be considered grip stocks. Anschutz stocks, for example, use a nearly vertical grip, and many thumbhole style stocks are similar to full grips in shape.

Most people assume that all the action at sporting events take place on the field, ice or court, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it may be the fans in the stands providing some entertainment through their own creative manner. Other times it is the mascots providing those in attendance with something to talk about. So much to the chagrin of the cheerleaders they usually molest, here are 23 cases of mascots gone wild.

Humans sweat in order to cool down on a hot day, but pigs don’t have very many sweat glands, so it’s not as helpful for them as it is for us. And unlike cats and dogs, pigs cannot cool themselves by panting. Nor can they sweat enough to cool themselves off, as humans do. To lower their body temperature, pigs roll in something cool, such as mud or water. The reason that pigs often chose mud instead of water is that the mud also helps to protect them from getting sunburned and keeps away bugs. The water in mud also evaporates more slowly, so it cools a big for longer than plain H2O. Some researchers even think wallowing in mud might be a chance for pigs to mark their territory.

Question: Can men and women be friends? The short answer is no and the long, incorrect answer is yes.

Dunkin' Donuts is an international doughnut and coffee retailer founded in 1950 by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts; it is now headquartered in Canton. Despite originally focusing on doughnuts and other baked goods, over half of Dunkin' Donuts business today is in coffee, making it more of a competitor to Starbucks as opposed to traditional competitors Krispy Kreme and Tim Hortons. The company has more than 9,800 locations in 31 countries worldwide, which include more than 6,700 Dunkin’ Donuts locations throughout the United States. This figure compares with the 17,009 stores of coffee chain Starbucks, whose baked goods are usually prepared out of shop. In January of 2002, with 52 years of experience of brewing and selling nearly 10 billion cups of coffee, Dunkin' Donuts officially unveils a new logo which features a steaming coffee cup beside the signature pink and orange colors. Marking the first logo change in nearly 20 years, the new design retains many of the elements that have made the image memorable. The introduction of a steaming cup strongly reflects a core brand belief that there is an emotional connection between coffee and donuts. In 2011, Dunkin' Donuts earned the No. 1 ranking for customer loyalty in the coffee category by Brand Keys for the fifth year in a row.

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