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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 3, 2012
January 3, 2012

The Only Reason For Time Is So That Everything Doesn't Happen At Once - Albert Einstein.

We recently reached 7 billion people in the world. On this page you can see every single one of us. One by one.

The Marauder is an armored, mine-protected vehicle that is produced by the Paramount Group in South Africa. It was launched during the 2007 International Defence Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi, the largest arms exhibition in the Middle East. In June 2011, the Marauder was featured in British motoring program Top Gear, with Richard Hammond comparing it to the discontinued Hummer. Among the activities tested were ordering fast-food from a drive-through restaurant, driving off-road and over cars, and—specifically in comparison with the Hummer H3—being blasted by seven pounds of plastic explosive. Unlike the (civilian spec) Hummer, which was completely destroyed by the explosion, the Marauder was still operational and sustained only minor damage for the most part, although it did drive off with a blown tire.

New Year's Eve is kind of a lame, manufactured holiday, but any excuse for drinking and partying can lead to hot girls doing awesome things. Here are 22 pics of hot girls having a real good time ringing in the New Year.

Air drying is the most common method of preserving roses. This method is best for rose buds that are just about to open. Hang them in a warm, dry and dark place with good ventilation for a two weeks. Tie a string around the stems and hang them upside down. This will prevent moisture from becoming trapped between the flowers which can mold them. Once they are completely dried be careful to handle them with care for they will now be brittle.

A carabiner is a metal loop with a sprung gate used to quickly and reversibly connect components in safety-critical systems. The word is a shortened form of "Karabinerhaken", German for "spring hook for a carbine". Carabiners are widely used in rope-intensive activities such as climbing, caving, sailing, rope rescue, construction, industrial rope work, and window cleaning. They are made from both steel and aluminium. Those used in sports tend to be of a lighter weight than those used in commercial applications and rope rescue.

Tyson Smith was in a bad way. His heart wasn't putting in the effort necessary for the whole "staying alive" thing to take place in the long haul. What's more, doctors had also found out that a transplant was out of the question because Tyson's lungs weren't cooperating -- a case of hypertension would have made the task of pumping blood into the lungs too difficult for a transplant heart that was new on the job. So, the doctors had one shitty heart (the one in Tyson's chest), one good heart (the one in a container) and two uncooperative lungs that weren't going to allow the switch. The puzzle was seemingly unsolvable. So they looked at each other, shrugged and jammed both of the hearts into Tyson's chest -- with DUDEWTF video.

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" is a #1 hit song co-written by Albert Hammond and Diane Warren, recorded by Starship. Featured as the theme to the romantic comedy film Mannequin,[2] it hit #1 in the Billboard Hot 100 on April 4, 1987 and reached #1 on the UK Singles Chart for four weeks the following month and became the UK's 2nd biggest selling single of 1987. At the time, it made Grace Slick the oldest female artist to have a number one single in the United States, though the record was later broken by Cher's "Believe" in 1999. The song also received an Oscar nomination for "Best Original Song" at the 60th Academy Awards. In addition to appearing on the Mannequin soundtrack, the song was also released on Starship's album No Protection in 1987. Bonus: Taco Bell at 3:54!

Heya Ernie, read this on a buds FB page and thought it should be shared...Take care,TK

Hey man, just wishing you a happy new year! Looking forward to getting out of 2011, and into 2012. All the 2011 drama is finally over, and tonight will be probably the first new year of mine that doesn't have major problems. My wedding is all planned, and paid for! I'll be a married man in April. My lady loved her Christmas present. I ended up getting her a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380. Shoots great, and a good compact size. We took it to the range the other day, and watch out! She's shooting some REALLY tight groups at 25 feet. For a gun with a 2.5" barrel, it's pretty dead accurate. The iron sights suck, but the laser makes it infallible. Something about a chick that can field strip, clean, and shoot good makes me feel pretty lucky to have her. Alan

Ernie - I enjoyed your link back on December 21st regarding Concealed Carry myths. I just completed the Concealed Firearms Permit class here in Utah, so it was timely for me. I still love my Glock 19, but I thought you might like to see my newest carry weapon, a Sig Sauer P238 Diamond Plate model with custom grips. Thanks! Andrew

Nice P238 -- I'd take that over the .380 Bodyguard any day (sorry Alan) -- but I'm a firm believer that anyone who buys those Hornaday Zombie rounds, deserves to be shot with them. Not to mention if push comes to shove and you really do have to shoot someone in self defense, you're going to look awful stupid explaining lime green zombie ammunition to the a jury. Be smart, stick to the tried and true shit.

A light switch is a switch, most commonly used to operate electric lights, permanently connected equipment, or electrical outlets. Switches for lighting may be in hand-held devices, moving vehicles and buildings. Residential and commercial buildings usually have wall-mounted light switches to control lighting within a room. Mounting height, visibility, and other design factors vary from country to country. The push-button light switch has two buttons that alternative close and open the contacts. Pushing the raised button opens or closes the contacts and pops out the previously depressed button so the process can be reversed. Push button switch reproductions are available on the market today for vintage or authentic styling. Manufacturers introduce various new forms and styles, but for the most part decoration and fashion concerns are limited to the faceplates. Even the modern dimmer switch with knob is at least four decades old, and even in the newest construction the familiar toggle and rocker switch appearances predominate.

While most athletes dominate their craft with a relentless sense of determination, there are others who are seemingly more prolific in front of a camera. From precisely-scripted photo shoots to accidentally-sexy action shots, these female athletes continue to occupy the eager minds of sports fans. As these women claw and scratch for athletic recognition, they continue to be more revered for their sexy on-screen nature than for their athleticism. Here are 25 athletes who make better models than they do athletes.

A great compilation of combat footage from WWII. It is 36 minutes long, The beginning is the planning and preparation for the bombing raids on Tokyo . At about 15-16 minutes they are running into flak as they prepare to hit the targets. Some great P-51 combat footage and then very good footage of the bombers in action. Recovery back at the take-off bases is excellent footage also. This was a time when men definitely were MEN!! It is obvious when you see our stockpiles on the islands that our industrial production sealed the fate of our enemies. We don't send a lot of our officers to ICAF, but that course might be as valuable as AWC to the successful prosecution of a war effort. Good way to spend some quality time .A 36 minute gem for those who at this time of year would like to trace the dots from Pearl Harbor in 1941 back to Japan in 1945 -- the Last Bomb. This is amazing footage. Notice the actual photos of the spent shell casings streaming out of the bottom of the P51s. Rick

On the surface, brothels may seem synonymous with good times, but in reality, they are rarely cheerful places. They're often garish at best, and at worst – especially when abandoned – brothels are downright creepy, cold and lonely. It's as if the urgency of former patrons searching for satisfaction or a bit of (distinctly business-like) warmth has set a tone of desperation that seeps into their walls.

Popcorn is corn (maize) which expands from the kernel and puffs up when heated. Corn is able to pop because, like sorghum, quinoa and millet, its kernels have a hard moisture-sealed hull and a dense starchy interior. This allows pressure to build inside the kernel until an explosive "pop" results. Some strains of corn are now cultivated specifically as popping corns. Commercial large-scale popcorn machines were invented by Charles Cretors in the late 19th century. Many types of small-scale home methods for popping corn also exist, with the most popular in the United States being prepackaged. Depending on how it's prepared and cooked, some consider it to be a health food while others caution against it for a variety of reasons. Popcorn can also have non-food applications, ranging from holiday decorations to packaging materials.

dutch girl does new years dive with gopro

santa deliverers 1.5 million firearms for christmas

some under ice views from lake saarijarvi in vaala, finland

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