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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 17, 2012
January 17, 2012

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Tomorrow EHOWA will join the many, many big named sites out there who are planning to shut down in protest of SOPA/PIPA. So tomorrow you'll get a hands on look at just how these new proposed copyright laws could affect you.

SOPA's author is none other than the internet-challenged Rep Lamar Smith from Texas. And yes, in case you're wondering, it's the same Lamar Smith whose own website was guilty of copyright violations -- even continuing to do so after it was brought to your attention. Oh, and I forgot to mention that his top campaign donor is the film/entertainment industry. Wink-wink.

Now, if you're up on the news, you know that SOPA was shelved recently -- note: that DOES NOT mean it's dead. SOPA is still quite alive and ready to come back and rear its ugly head as soon as the furor dies down. Furthermore, SOPA was the bill introduced by the House of Representatives. The Senate has their own gem, called the Protect IP Act (PIPA), introduced by Patrick Leahy from Vermont. Again, it's the same shit, just a different acronym. it's just as poorly written, openly/purposely vague, entertainment-industry friendly and heavy handed. Yes folks, if either of these two bills become law it WILL SPELL MOTHERFUCKING DOOM FOR THE INTERNET.

But to start, let's take a quick look at an article written on a blog I frequent, called The Truth About Guns. The article goes on to detail a new bullet-counter product and throws in some colorful commentary for good measure:

The question: is this the accessory you've always wished someone would come up with or one of the greatest WTF items in firearms history? RADETEC will introduce two models at SHOT next week, one with a digital counter and – for the numerically challenged among us – a color-coded version that changes from blue to green to red as your available round count drops. Our friends at say it's designed “to help train shooters improve their internal ability to count rounds, anticipate reloads, and get back into the game faster.” It could be argued that taking your eye off the target and tilting the gun to check your round count might slow you down a tad, too. But that's just me. The first models will fit 1911s as well as Glocks, Berettas and S&W M&Ps. Not that the march of technology is without its costs. If Harry Callahan had one for his .44 revolver, we might have been deprived of an iconic movie scene and a highly quotable quote.

In the very last sentence, the Harry Callahan link goes to this video. Listen, I'm all for copyright laws. People should reap the rewards of their hard work. But not at the expense of everything else. So let us say for the sake of argument, that Warner Brothers (the company that produced Dirty Harry way back in 1971, took issue with that little 30 second clip of Harry Callahan. The way that copyright laws would work now, Warner brothers would send a DMCA takedown notice to the company actually hosting the copyrighted video, in this case Youtube, and say more or less, "Hey man, that's out shit and you're using it without permission so take it down or we'll see you in court." Youtube would do so and anyone trying to play that video again would see a , "THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED DUE TO A DMCA REQUEST FROM WARNER BROTHERS STUDIOS." That's it. No harm, no foul.

But if FUCKHEAD LAMAR gets his way, that same scenario would play out like this. Warner Brothers goes directly to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT does two things. First they order that all of the domains hosting -- OR EVEN LINKING TO -- the copyrighted material be banned from US based search engines like Google. Secondly, they FORCE financial institutions like banks and Paypal, to case processing all funding for all of the domains hosting -- OR EVEN LINKING TO -- the copyrighted material. And all of this happens without the case seeing the inside of a courtroom. Finally, some nice FBI agents -- or perhaps Immigrations and Customs Enforcement? - will be knocking on the doors of: Youtube headquarters, The-Truth-About-Guns headquarters, and my house since I linked to TTAG. We'll all be treated to a nice 5 year stay in FEDERAL PRISON and FINED UP TO $15 MILLION DOLLARS EACH. Now look back through all the years of EHOWA, and try to imagine how many times I've made movie references, or used a screen cap from a movie, or quotes a line from a song. Yeah, exactly.

Does any part of that sound reasonable? Thes the ability of the government to block access to any part of the internet sound like anything other than what it is: CENSORSHIP. Probably the first step in a long line, I would venture to guess. The only way to prevent it coming crashing down on us is to stop that first step. Call your Representatives. Call your Senators. Tell them SOPA and PIPA are pieces of shit let them know that if this legislation gets in, their fat asses are out. Otherwise? What you see tomorrow will only be the beginning.

Ernie, I also used to reload all my shotgun shells when I was active in the NSSA ( National Skeet Shooting Association ) while stationed in Germany. Saved me a bunch of money and something to do while the wife and kiddies were at church.She would come home, fix Sunday dinner and I would finish the day at the local Rod & Gun Club. Prost ! Dusty in P.C.,Fla.

Ernie, I know you are a man who is all for protecting the rights of gun owners. I think you are taking the wrong attitude with just this one sentence fragment: "who the fuck reloads shotgun ammunition?" I, among many many others who participate in shooting sports (trap, skeet, sporting clays, 5 stand, etc..) load our own shotgun shells. It's akin to building your own engine in a car, creating your own golf clubs or even making your own website. It's a custom build to suit your needs for whatever hobby you pursue. Like any dangerous activity, you need the right set of tools and need to practice care so you don't fuck it up. Not only do I make shotgun shells, I make rifle rounds and handgun bullets. I have yet to blow one up unsafely. Obviously, if this guy blew up a barrel, he fucked up. But that's his fault. Let's not perpetuate the thought that it should never be done because it's not safe. Isn't that what gun control in general is all about? Calibrate your equipment, measure your powder charge, then double check it. Then do it again. Great site, Sam

Hey Ernie, I read your post about the guy who had his shotgun blow up. He must have had a double charge, blockage, or gun failure as the article said. I shot trap for over 15 years and I loaded my own shells. Given that each round of trap has 25 shots, I shot 6 rounds a week, and each season in the club was at least 12 weeks long, that would meen I fired 1,800 shots a year (25 per round x 6 rounds = 150 shells x 12 weeks- 1,800 shells), each loaded in a MEC Grabber reloading press. Over the years, I would have loaded at least 27,000 (1,800 shells a year x 15 years = 27,000 shells) shotgun shells and never once did I ever blow up my gun! Bill

The 1997 Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition was a theatrical anniversary edition of the original trilogy, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The three movies were shown in USA from January through March with a monthly interval between each. A New Hope was released on January 31 followed by The Empire Strikes Back on February 21. Return of the Jedi was to be released on March 7, but due to the box office success of the first two (mostly A New Hope which grossed the most of the three re-releases) it was pushed to a week later on March 14. Special coverage on CNN in 1997 notes that Lucas spent $10 million to rework his original 1977 film, which was roughly what it cost to film it originally. $3 million of that was spent on the audio track for the special edition. The original unaltered trilogy refers to the original theatrical versions of the first three Star Wars films, before they were modified for the special edition and subsequent re-releases. These sets were repackaged for a November 2008 box set release.

Inventors spend years living with their designs; tinkering with them, perfecting them until they are ready to show them off to the world. Most toil away in obscurity for the rest of their lives, although there are obvious exceptions. Yet there are also those whose innovations not only attracted the world's attention but which – one way or another – sadly resulted in the inventor's death, too.

Why are plastics toxic? First of all, all plastic is made from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are in short supply and fossil fuels are nonrenewable. Therefore we need to use less plastic, just as we need to use less gas and oil. Hold on... Nasty Plastics 101 is not yet dismissed, because plastic is also energy-intensive, resource-intensive and toxic to manufacture. And it doesn't biodegrade. Ever. Once these toxic plastic fragments are released into the ecosystem, they accumulate in underwater currents known as gyres. In this plastic garbage whirlpool, scientists have found everything from syringes and cigarette lighters to toothbrushes. Marine biologists have even found natural zooplankton and other small sea creatures mixed in with thousands of colored plastic crumbs referred to as a plastic-plankton soup. Other items such as drums full of hazardous chemicals, barnacle-covered volleyballs, and plastic coat hangers have also been discovered in this whirlpool waste.

Now that the 2011 Fantasy Football season has come to an end, fans from all over the globe are desperately looking for ways to entertain themselves. They are trying Fantasy Football: Playoff Edition, which we all know is a giant waste of time. They are even fantasy football fans giving a run at the NBA. Please, just stick to the sport you know best. It is bad enough you drafted Terrell Owens in the sixth round and then argued why it was a good pick by saying, "Trust me, he is a beast." Now that same person is heading off to the NBA, passing on Derrick Rose and LeBron James for Rip Hamilton. These are desperate times my friends. And they call for drastic fantasy changes. So why not take a look at beautiful women? Yeah, let's do that. Let's build a fantasy team of the all-time hottest cheerleaders.

The walrus is a large flippered marine mammal with a discontinuous circumpolar distribution in the Arctic Ocean and sub-Arctic seas of the Northern Hemisphere. The walrus is easily recognized by its prominent tusks, whiskers and great bulk. Adult Pacific males can weigh more than 3,700 lb and, among pinnipeds, are exceeded in size only by the two species of elephant seals. It resides primarily in shallow oceanic shelf habitat, spending a significant proportion of its life on sea ice in pursuit of its preferred diet of benthic bivalve mollusks. It is a relatively long-lived, social animal and is considered a keystone species in Arctic marine ecosystems. The walrus has played a prominent role in the cultures of many indigenous Arctic peoples, who have hunted the walrus for its meat, fat, skin, tusks and bone. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the walrus was the object of heavy commercial exploitation for blubber and ivory and its numbers declined rapidly. Its global population has since rebounded, though the Atlantic and Laptev populations remain fragmented and at historically depressed levels.

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