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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 12, 2012
March 12, 2012

The Ultimate Authority, Resides In The People Alone.

So I went and watched Safe House this weekend. It wasn't bad, sort of predictable though. I figured out who the bad guy was within the first five minutes, but it was still a good two hours worth of entertainment. Nora Arnezeder was a nice perk, too. Evidently she a singer, but yeah, whatever.

Two places I always look for good deals on used firearms are Armslist -- which lets you do a nationwide search, and a little more local for me, Florida Gun Trader. Like anything else, just employ a little common sense and you'll be just fine.

Anyway, the fucking chuckleheads over at the Brady Campaign released their annual State Gun Law Scorecard and much to my delight, Florida scored 4 of a possible 100 points, putting us in a two way tie for 41st place. By contrast, the most restrictive state in the Union -- The People's Democratic Republic of California -- scores 81 Brady points and is ranked #1. But personally I found their scoring system to be quite arbitrary so to put things in perspective, decided to plot their Brady score versus a a more usable figure; number of firearm murders per 100,000 populace. I had to scrounge Florida's 2010 numbers from here (PDF WARNING) and broke it down by 987 muders x 67.8% firearm usage = 669 firearm murders / 18,771,768 people = 3.6/100k.

Plugging those numbers in, the Brady score against the firearm murders/100k looks like this. First I began to just compare one half against the other. The average number of firearm deaths for the top three most restrictive states (CALIFORNIA, NEW JERSEY, MASSACHUSETTS) is 2.7 per 100k. The average for the top 3 least restrictive states (ALASKA, ARIZONA, UTAH) is only 2.3 -- huh. The top 5 most restrictive (adding in NEW YORK, CONNECTICUT) is again 2.7 per 100k; while the top 5 least restrictive (adding NORTH DAKOTA, OKLAHOMA) drops to 2.1 -- double huh. The average for the top 25 most restrictive: 2.6, while the average for the 25 least restrictive was 2.4 -- triple huh.

Now I didn't see any distinct pattern so I plotted them out on a chart and again don't really see any tells -- by the way, what kind of fucking animals live in Louisiana? Cough...cough... New Orleans...cough... Anyway. If one believes that gun control works to reduce gun deaths, then the line should steadily increase from left (most restrictive states with the highest Brady score) to the right (least restrictive states with the lowest Brady score). But anyway, as you can see, that doesn't happen -- it was quite see-saw'ey and even the five state average was all over the place.

But what statisticians will sometimes do it exclude the extremes of their sample set -- there's a name for this and fuck all if I can remember it -- because a few wacky numbers can skew the results. So what I did was cut the list into two subsets: the first half the most restrictive states, the second half the least restrictive states; and then remove the maximum and minimum values for each subset. The restrictive side lost Hawaii with 0.54 and Maryland with 5.11, while the non-restrictive side lost Vermont with 0.32 and Louisiana with 7.75. Then I charted those numbers out to a state average and then a clearer pattern began to emerge: the number of firearm murders seemed to gradually decline as the states became less restrictive of gun rights (at leasy according to the Brady Bunch).

I'll end this little experiment by ranking each state by the firearm murders/100k: Vermont at #1 with 0.32 and Louisiana at #50 with 7.75. Remember that in this instance, lower is better so take notice that California, which is the the state with the highest Brady Score and they ranked #1, actually ranks #38 in real world numbers -- meaning 27 other states were safer in regards to firearm deaths. On the flip side, the state with the least gun restrictions -- Utah with a whopping 0 out of 100 Brady points -- is the 7th safest state in the Union where guns are concerned. In fact, seven out of the 10 safest firearm states are all in the less-gun-restrictions half of the Brady scorecard; only Hawaii (#6), Maine (#25) and Oregon (#15) managing to sneak into the top ten. Keep in mind, I'm not massaging these numbers, this is straight from their site. Chew on that.

A sunburn is a burn to living tissue, such as skin, which is produced by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, commonly from the sun's rays. Usual mild symptoms in humans and other animals include red or reddish skin that is hot to the touch, general fatigue, and mild dizziness. An excess of UV radiation can be life-threatening in extreme cases. Typically there is initial redness, followed by varying degrees of pain, proportional in severity to both the duration and intensity of exposure. Sunburn caused by extended exposure on a glacier. Other symptoms are edema, itching, peeling skin, rash, nausea, fever, and syncope. Also, a small amount of heat is given off from the burn, caused by the concentration of blood in the healing process, giving a warm feeling to the affected area. Sunburns may be first- or second-degree burns.

It's been said that the sports world features world-class athletes, eccentric coaches and barbaric fans...but we beg to differ. While professional athletes are battling for recognition, clawing for a chance at greatness, their wives and girlfriends are seductively engaging the spotlight. So maybe in the old days the athletic realm was focused mostly on players and teams, but with the advancement of technology, these WAGs have taken to the almighty photo shoot, and have yet to look back. Let's take a look at the hottest WAGs ever, the women who left their men in the shadows, starting with Brazilian model Izabel Goulart. Beauty over ability.

Ernie. All of the ass-kissing mumbo-jumbo and stuff. I was on my way home to Los Angeles when I saw this on I-5 North. It was about 15 or so miles from Camp Pendleton. Keep up the good work. Dave in L.A. P.S. You can see the hood to my 97 Ram. It has a Southwest paint job; sun baked, no shine.

Ernie: We recently ran an experiment to find "America's Most Desperate Senator." Since all the senators are afraid for their jobs (or should be), we wanted to see who would jump most quickly at a $1 campaign contribution from a crazy person. The answer is here. Hope you can give it a link from EHOWA -- it's hot off the press! John.

Snuggle is the brand name of a fabric softener sold by Sun Products in the United States and Canada. It features as its mascot, a teddy bear, named Snuggle the Fabric Softener Bear or "The Snuggle Bear", previously voiced by Micky Dolenz and originally voiced by Corinne Orr. The product is available in concentrate and non-concentrate forms, in sheets or liquid form. Since 1983, Snuggle has been the mascot for the Snuggle line of fabric softener. The puppet was created by Kermit Love. The voice was originally provided by Corinne Orr. In a 2006 radio interview, Micky Dolenz stated that he was the voice of Snuggle at that time. As of late 2009, the bear is voiced by an unknown New York animation and commercial voice over actor.

Nobody expects spiders to have great bedroom manners. But the redback spider, a species of black widow native to Australia (where else?), is the only species where the male will deliberately offer himself as food to the female. The actual act of sex between spiders is a little more complicated than our "roll on, gyrate, roll off" version. Male spiders have to wrangle females like rodeo cowboys long enough to insert their pedipalps into two slots in the female's abdomen. This process takes some time, and when your mate is 10 times bigger than you and actively trying to murder you through the entire act, it's in your benefit to have some kind of distraction. The redback spider alone is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for poontang. He just goes right ahead and impales himself on her ravenous fangs, keeping her busy for just long enough, hopefully, to complete the deed before he dies in screaming agony. You may be thinking this is all pretty counterintuitive for reproduction's sake, but most female spiders have the ability to store sperm without it going bad, so they only have to mate once to keep making babies for the rest of their lives.

Here's a neat fact. A marijuana smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds within 15 minutes to induce a lethal response.

Hey Big E, Just going through the pictures provided on this link and saw the Titan II pictures. I just went through the Titan II Missile Museum complex 571-7 a couple weeks ago. Very interesting place to visit -- here are some pictures! Brian

Ernie, saw the post today about the linoleum flooring and I don't want to sound like a know it all on the subject, but the flooring isn't actually linoleum flooring, it's called vinyl composition tile or (vct tile) for short. Linoleum actually comes in sheets sort of like carpet and is cut to fit on site. VCTis the squares that are shown in the picture. Keep up the good work bro! Jordan

A mud bath is a bath of mud, commonly from areas where hot spring water can combine with volcanic ash. Mud baths have existed for thousands of years, and can be found now in high-end spas in many countries of the world. Mud baths in the United States are mostly found at the resorts in California and Miami Beach, Florida. The mud is a combination of local volcanic ash, imported Canadian peat and naturally heated mineral waters. Historically, the mud bath treatment has been used for centuries in Eastern and Western European spas as a way to relieve arthritis.

Because this never gets old: veteran fisherman Bill Dance's classic bloopers.

Natural rubber, also known as latex, is a highly flexible and elastic substance which is extracted from certain plants. Latex balloons contain small amounts of nitrosamines, but the amount which they release is non-hazardous. Nitrosamine is used as a solvent when processing latex. There are methods of reducing the amount of Nitrosamine in the finished product, but these methods are expensive. Most professionally used latex balloon brands, produce a 100% biodegradable balloon that takes less time than an oak leaf to degrade.

just curious - how old is too old to breastfeed? evidently, not three and a half?

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