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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 13, 2012
March 13, 2012

If Disco Is Dead, They Killed It.

So with my little Brady Campaign rant yesterday, a few non-gunners wrote in asking what the dreaded gunshow loophole is. For the most part nothing regarding gunshows has changed in the last thirty years, but ever since this fucking chucklehead said that anyone can walk into a gunshow and buy a fully automatic assault rifle without even so much as having to show some identification, then other fucking chuckeheads like Sarah Brady and Michael Bloomberg have been caling to "close the gunshow loophole." I know what you're thinking... you're too old for this shit, right? Yeah, me too.

Buying a gun at a gunshow works like this. You walk in and there are dozens, sometimes hundreds of tables set up displaying firearms, most of which are run by licensed gun dealers. If you go to a gunshow and buy a gun from a license gun dealer, you are required to fill out an ATF form 4473 (PDF WARNING) and submit to an NICS background check, just as if you had boiught a gun at your local Bass pro shop. You will however, occasionally find a table in the corner where an individual has a handful of guns they're looking to sell, or a guy walking around with a rifle on his back with a "FOR SALE" flag sticking out of the top of the barrel. If you negotiate a deal with these folks, it's a private gun sale and thus not subject to a background check. This is no different than if you were to purchase a firearm in a private sale anywhere else, be it at gunshow parking lot, an estate sale, from a for-sale flier tacked up at your local range, or contacting someone through an online gun resource. So to single out gunshows as having a "gunshow loophole" is inaccurate, misleading, and generally pretty fucking stupid.

And those "fully automatic assault rifles that you can buy with no identification?" Yeah, the transfer of a Class III firearm is extremely regulated, takes about 6-8 weeks to complete, requires a Class III license which pretty means you've had federal agents crawl up inside your ass to take a look around, and then the guns themselves will set you back anywhere from $10,000 to $95,000 each.

Major League is a 1989 American satire comedy film written and directed by David S. Ward, starring Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, James Gammon, and Corbin Bernsen. Made for $11 million, Major League grossed nearly $50 million in domestic release. The film deals with the exploits of a fictionalized version of the Cleveland Indians baseball team and spawned two sequels, neither of which replicated the success of the original film.

Remember seeing those before and after pictures of that Japanese MILF, Yuko Sugimoto? Yeah just wait until you get a load of those choppers -- picture 3 of 5. Anyway, March 11, 2012 marked the one year anniversary of disaster and devastation in Fukushima, Japan. As the world looked on in horror, a massive 9.0 earthquake and 30 to 50 foot tsunami killed tens of thousands of people in Japan and caused the worst nuclear accident the world has seen since Chernobyl. Today radiation still leaks from the now-closed Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant and residents of the area fear for their health and safety. Today we take a look back at the disaster and hope for a return to normalcy for all who were affected by this tragedy.

Ernie, Fellow zombie nerd here. My wife came across this little tidbit this morning. At 69 pounds, that works out to just over $100. Looking for my passport now. Also found this. Fucking Carl. Is it just me or has this whole season been a scary soap opera? I don’t want to watch "All My Children". I want to watch "All My Children are Being Eaten by Nasty Fucking Zombies". You’ve been rather quiet on the Walking Dead since it restarted a few months back, but I know you’re watching. Any predictions for the final episode? Who’s gonna make it and who’s gonna wind up zombie turds? Marty

Old and busted: The Walking Dead Dead Man Walking. The new hotness: Dead Man Talking.

Okay, let's talk The Walking Dead, as we've just had some major events happen and the season finale is coming up this week. See one thing you have to keep in mind is this whole television series is based upon a pre-existing comic, so much like watching Titanic where Jack may or not get laid, you pretty much know how it's going to turn out. Such was the case with the demise of both Dale and Shane, only in the comic book Dale was reluctantly/voluntarily eaten by human cannibals, while Shane was still human and actually shot in the neck by Carl. So there's a little wriggle room as far as how these events will play out on the tv show, but when it comes down to it, their fates are already sealed. As for the soap opera aspect, here's how I see it. The first season focused upon our group of survivors versus the zombie hordes, since they were the greatest threat. As much as I would enjoy it, you can't base every episode around killing zombies, for the zimple fact there's only so many ways you can dispatch the living dead before shit gets old. I think this is further emphasized by subtle facts like when Rick first used a baseball bat to attack walkers as he was leaving Morgan's house, he wears a face shield to protect himself from any blood spatter. So the second season -- which we're wrapping up now -- pits the survivors against themselves and showing that in a crisis, we can become our own worst enemy. Now i nthe second series, we're jamming pitchforks into zombie faces without even so much thought of infection.

If the writers continue to follow in the footsteps, a new enemy will show his face in the third season; a wicked man called The Governor. And as kind of a spoiler -- and I'm obeying the Official Spoiler Rules by declaring that -- in the comic a female character is tortured, raped, and mutilated by the Governor. Said character later escapes and in turn tortures and kills The Governor. I doubt the television storyline will play out like that -- a little too abrasive for mainstream media -- I'm sure a tamed down version will probably have something to do with Andrea because she's the strongest female of the group. But as for what happens in Sunday's season finale? My lips are sealed but somehow I think Herschel is going to make it.

Society often favors bony models with a pretty face and emaciated exterior—the so-called perfect pageant contestant. But I have studied the true art of seduction, and trust me, skinny is far from salacious on this side of the spectrum. Like any intricate racetrack, the truly beautiful women in sports have an abstract, even creative curvature, with a natural desire to please the camera. The most voluptuous women in sports have been heating up the scene for some time now and have yet to contain themselves. Thankfully these ladies decided to order more than a crouton at dinner.

Hey Ernie, here are a few more pics for you. The red ones on the flat cars are for América Latina Logística in Brazil. If you notice, the locomotives are being shipped on wooden blocks and without trucks under them. This is because this railroad uses a narrower gauge than what we use here in North America. The trucks are built and shipped along with the locos to be put together there. The other loco pic, while slightly washed out from the light, is from a test pit I was installing work lights in. It is really something to see these from underneath! The last pic is just another view of the Pa route 666 sign at its termination point with US route 6 in Sheffield Pa. Enjoy! Bill

Ernie, could you please stay out of the political arena. Anyone commenting on any side of a political issue can only be subjective. Tits, guns, cool videos, and a little fundraising for vets and pets is what makes your sight A1 in my book. Its where I go to get away from the political bullshit. Thanks Brother. Steve

Oh for the most part I do, but let's be honest, sometimes this shit just writes itself.

I'll make this brief so we can get to the women. 2012 brings us the London Summer Olympics, a quadrennial event that introduces us to the next crop of talent across myriad disciplines. Also, the law of large numbers dictates that much of this talent will also be blessed in the looks department. You can't follow all the athletes you'd like to, so I'm here to help you do some triage on the best and brightest. And hottest.

Before I go, this one is for you, Jordan: real linoleum flooring.

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