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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 21, 2012
March 21, 2012

Oh Relax, It's Just Some Kid's Arm.

So a video that's just starting to pick up steam as it heads around the internet, was filmed by a guy who met President Obama a hair under a week ago. When the Pres made his way around to Stephon -- who was born deaf 26 years ago -- he signed "I am proud of you" to Obama, and was quite shocked when the President very nonchalantly responded in kind. Taking a quote from the article, "This is one of those moments that humanize the office of the presidency." So I'm not posting this to delve into the Obama-good-guy or Obama-bad-guy debate, I just thought it was a neat surprise that the Pres knows sign language. I also noticed the agents flanking the Pres had their hands in the ready position.

The Red Cross on white background was the original protection symbol declared at the 1864 Geneva Convention. The ideas to introduce a uniform and neutral protection symbol as well as its specific design originally came from Dr. Louis Appia and General Henri Dufour, founding members of the International Committee. The Red Cross is defined as a protection symbol in Article 7 of the 1864 Geneva Convention, Chapter VII and Article 38 of the 1949 Geneva Convention. There is an unofficial agreement within the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement that the shape of the cross should be a cross composed of five squares. However, regardless of the shape, any red cross on white background should be valid and must be recognized as a protection symbol in conflict. Of the 186 national societies which are currently recognized by the ICRC, 152 are using the Red Cross as their official organization emblem.

On that note, everyone knows that sex sells, but some advertising takes it to another level, especially around the world, and especially in print where ad agencies can take more risks than they can on staid television. Here are 45 great examples of sex sells.

A refrigerator magnet is an ornament, often whimsical, attached to a small magnet, which is used to post items such as shopping lists, child art or reminders on a refrigerator door, or which simply serves as decoration. Refrigerator magnets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including thin die cut forms the thickness of heavy card stock, and may have promotional messages placed on them. Refrigerator magnets are a relatively popular collectable object. Plastic letters attached to small, thick rectangular magnets have been manufactured since at least the 1960s, and marketed as an educational product for young children. In the 1990s, sets of small sheet magnets printed with individual words became popular; these sets are used to create magnetic poetry. Magnets may be attached to souvenir objects, or to practical objects such as hooks, notepads, etc.

This Zimmerman/Martin shooting shows no signs of dying down anytime soon, nor should it. Online petitions, celebrity tweets, shit people are even mailing bags of Skittles to the Sanford Police Chief. I had the chance to bounce a few emails with [ANONYMOUS person] who used to (a) be Le'Policia up in the Orlando area which is about 20 miles from Sanford, and (b) later used to practice law in the same area... and here are the highlights of his take on what went down:

Hey Ernie, this case does seem to have become a huge issue. No surprise given the intersection of current issues. I think, however, that the current status of the case is pretty easily explained. First, I lived in the Orlando area for decades and was in law enforcement and practiced law there. The Sanford PD is pretty awful. They have had many problems, especially of late, with internal discipline, alleged cover ups, the whole bad thing. Second, given Florida's law which does not require one to retreat when threatened, the is a need to be thorough in making arrests. Third, when law enforcement agencies and prosecutors are faced with potentially sticky cases from a political standpoint, they very often use the Grand Jury mechanism to bail them out. If the Grand Jury indicts or doesn't indict and either is publicly perceived as a "bad result", it is the Grand Jury, whose members are anonymous by law in Florida, that are blamed and the "public servants" go merrily along with life. My prediction, based on what I have seen and heard publicly, Zimmerman is going to be charged and prosecuted for Second Degree murder.....and probably convicted. Personally, he's the kind of rare but dangerous nut ball that gives many a bad name.

Ernie, your point [regarding disparity of force] is well taken but also seriously understates the underlying problem. This is NOT, by any apparent description of events, a situation where Zimmerman was ever "threatened" by anything. He appears to have initiated that contact between the two and escalated it in spite of multiple windows of opportunity to simply stop. Based on the description of circumstances, a uniformed officer would probably not have had the "reasonable suspicion" to initiate an encounter (known coincidentally as a "Terry stop") to determine if there was unlawful activity going on. On the subject of delay in charging, I don't know the current policy of the State Attorney in Sanford, the 19th Judicial Circuit, but many SA's ask law enforcement agencies to defer making an arrest if the circumstances are the least bit muddy so as to avoid either double jeopardy or speedy trial problems. I'll be interested to see how this one turns out. As I said before, you can count on this clown becoming the new poster boy for gun control nuts.

Generally speaking, when the State Legislator who wrote and sponsorsed Florida's Castle Doctine law says you should be arrested, then you're pretty much fucked. And here's another interesting tidbit. The handgun that Zimmerman used is identified as a 9mm manufactured by Kel-Tec -- and while they didn't identify specifically which model, if he was going concealed carry it was most likely none other than the PF-9. If you remember correctly, that's the gun I bought back in December of 2008. But as the gun's round count started to climb, the fit and finish -- which to be honest wasn't miraculous to begin with, but again $320 gun -- began to suffer. When the gun was in battery, the slide had a surprising amount of play, rocking from side to side a little more than I was comfortable with. And so my PF9 and I parted ways earlier this year. I initially wanted a Beretta Nano but after holding one in my hand it seemed, well, very awkward to me. So I'm carrying TBL's Bersa Thunder .380 for now until the new Sig Sauer p938 hit the market later this year.

The term "marketable" is defined as being in good demand or suitable for sale. It is a word used to describe someone used by major corporations to sell their product. It deals with an image or brand. Beautiful women have always been marketable. You could invent the world's worse product, but if you attach a sexy model on the cover, you just sold a million cases. I have found the 25 hottest marketable female athletes in the world and compiled them in a list for your enjoyment. So put aside the cell phone and hold all calls while you enjoy the beautiful ladies.

Treasure Island Hotel & Casino is a hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, USA with 2,664 rooms and 220 suites, and is connected by tram to The Mirage as well as pedestrian bridge to the Fashion Show Mall shopping center. Treasure Island was opened by Mirage Resorts in 1993 under the direction of Steve Wynn at a cost of US$450 million. It was designed by architect Joel Bergman. The initial plans called for a tower addition to The Mirage, but later evolved into a full-fledged separate hotel casino resort. Treasure Island originally intended to attract families with whimsical pirate features and icons such as the skull-and-crossbones strip marquee, a large video arcade, and staged pirate battles nightly in "Buccaneer Bay" in front of the kid-friendly pool areas were replaced with an adult-friendly hot tub, contemporary nightclub and party bar. In 2003, the hotel largely abandoned its pirate theme for a more contemporary resort with a focus on adult amenities and services. The original arcade and .

army women are barred from combat: but not from cage fighting!

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series of photos showing a baby milk snake hatching from its egg

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