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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 4, 2012
April 4, 2012

I Could Use A Nice Candy, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich Right Now.

"Black men named Trayvon get killed all of the time in America, so why does the left fail to express consistent outrage? Is there something different about the slaying of Trayvon Martin's death, or is the real problem that the left tolerates extraordinary violence against black men in America?"

So last night I was throwing some darts and knocking back a few beers at The Dublin, and somehow got onto the topic of purchasing a new set of wheels. As soon as the word 'hybrid' escaped my lips, the guy I was talking too scoffed and explained, "Let me tell you, that's all a scam." He tried to explain about how the electricity to run a hybrid is coming from a coal plant whoch produces much more pollution than any gasoline refinery. He then went on to explain he drove his 24mpg car about 30,000 miles each year -- that's almost $5,000 annually, for those of you keeping score. And let's be honest, it's only going to get worse. Anyway, I stopped him dead in his tracks; I'm not out to win any Greeenpeace award, I'm doing this for the $0.02 per mile cost of electricity, versus the $.17 per mile for gasoline. If I look gay rolling around in a hybrid, I don't care; I'll look manly enough rolling around in all the money I'm not dumping into my gas tank. It's like how Piaggio advertises their Vespa scooters with ads that read, "It's too manly for you, not the other way around." And if you think they're joking, just ask Paul Newman. Well, you know what I mean. if it's cool enough for Cool Hand Luke, it's cool enough for me Anne Hathaway.

A lazy river is a water ride found in many amusement parks or water parks. They are also found at some resorts and recreation centers. It usually consists of shallow (2½ ft. to 3½ ft.) pool that flows similarly to a river. There is generally a slow current, usually just enough to allow guests to gently ride along lying on rafts. There may also be scenic elements added, such as small waterfalls on the edge of the river. Some lead into wave pools, while some just go around in circles.

The M1911 is a single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, and recoil-operated handgun chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. It was widely used in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and is is still carried by some U.S. forces. It is also popular with civilian shooters -- remember the father who went all I'll get you bitch, and used his 1911 to shoot his daughter's laptop? It's over 32 million views -- and if 436 million views cam bring in close to half a million dollars, then I figure ol Tommy is up probably close to $40-45,000 or so. Anyway, if like me you find the 1911 too large to carry or to fit your hand, compact variants -- such as this Colt Mustang in .380 -- are popular civilian concealed carry weapons, because of the design's inherent slim width.

Two years ago I bet my mom she could not stand on a fitness ball. She did. This year she decided to one up herself. Oh. And did I mentioned my mom turned 59 yesterday. - Estawood2

Ernie: As always, THANKS for linking to our April Fool's Day prank roundup! Your audience is the best, we really appreciate it. This new experiment is pretty hilarious -- we had our writer eat nothing but Easter candy for three days. He made up a number of new recipes including Grilled Peeps and Scrambled Cadbury Creme Eggs. Hope the EHOWA readers enjoy it in time for Easter! John

The main purpose of a rain gutter is to protect a building's foundation by channeling water away from its base. They also help to reduce erosion, prevent leaks in basements and crawlspaces, protect painted surfaces by reducing exposure to water, and provide a means to collect rainwater for later use. Rain gutters can be constructed from a variety of materials, including cast iron, lead, zinc, galvanised steel, painted steel, copper, painted aluminium, PVC (and other plastics), concrete, stone, and wood. Water collected by a rain gutter is fed, usually via a downspout, from the roof edge to the base of the building where it is either discharged or collected. A collection system strategy for water carried from rain gutters may include a rain barrel or a cistern.

Last of the last: final surviving members of elite WW2 commando unit The Devil's Brigade, die within 12 hours of each other in same town.

From Anastasia Ashley to Vera Zvonareva, I have covered them all. I have done sexy sports to obscure athletes, hottest NFL cheerleaders to MLB WAGs. I have even covered the sexiest legs in sports. But I have never compiled a list of the sexiest female athletes from A to Z. Sure, most of these women have been featured at one time or another in one of my many lists, but not in alphabetical order. On a related note, thank goodness for Chinese badmiton player, Xie Xingfang.

A look at the war in Afghanistan through the eyes of Lt. Col. John Darin Loftis, one of the U.S. Air Force’s prized experts in Afghan language and culture, who was killed in Kabul on Feb. 25, 2012.

Hey Ern, Do you like Easter? Do you like Rockets? Well, now you can have both! latest holiday project which is b(bound to piss off someone. - rob k

Nope still dont understand Japanese culture, never will. Zombie Ass, the Toilet of the Dead. Eric

Tell me that's not some baby gravy...... Jim.

The Banshee 350, manufacturer designation YFZ350, is a two-stroke All-Terrain Vehicle produced by Yamaha. It was manufactured in Japan and sold in the United States from 1987 to 2006, and holds the distinction of having the longest production run of any ATV. The Yamaha Banshee continued its production in Canada until 2008 but is still sold in other countries to this day. The Banshee utilized a unique power plant, a non-powervalved version of Yamaha's RZ350, giving it a distinctive sound and power that earned it a devout following in the ATV community. This was among the fastest sport ATVs ever produced, and reigned supreme until the YFZ450 was created to replace it in 2004.

The PowerShot products are a line of consumer and prosumer grade digital cameras, launched by Canon in 1996. The PowerShot line has been successful for Canon, and is one of the best-selling digital camera lines worldwide. Free software from the Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK) project allows nearly complete programmatic control of PowerShot cameras, enabling users to add features, up to and including BASIC & Lua scripting. Some models of Powershot cameras were affected by third party CCD sensors with a design flaw which caused them to fail and display severely distorted images. Canon has offered to repair affected cameras free of charge. The S1 to SX40 series consists of ultra-zoom cameras, having longer zoom ranges and a more extensive list of features. The SX100 and later SX models are a more compact, affordable spin-off. The "SX" stands for "Super Zoom." All S and SX models feature image stabilization and full manual controls.

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