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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 13, 2012
April 13, 2012

Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Hey do you remember that tasteless Tuesday which began, "I once chopped pieces of foreskin off my penis with a pair of cuticle scissors. Now that I've got your attention, I'll go back and tell the whole story. Apologies if it gets a little lengthy, but this yarn deserves to be spun well." Well here, this photo might put what that guy went through into perspective for you.

There are a couple of relatively inexpensive treatments that should improve the performance of these windows in cold weather. The same treatments can be used on wood-framed windows. Keep in mind that either of these treatments will temporarily prevent you from opening the windows – at least until the sealing material is removed. If the problem is drafts around the perimeter of the sliding panels, you can seal them with a removable weather-stripping caulk such as DAP’s Seal’n Peel. Another way is to cover the insides with shrink-type plastic film. The plastic is generally sold in kits with enough material to cover several windows. Despite their low cost (a kit usually costs less than $20), these covers are highly effective at stopping drafts and heat loss. They can be removed in good weather.

When you think of NASCAR, you automatically think of fast cars, fast drivers and Danica Patrick in a bikini soaping up her stock car. You don't tend to think at all of senior citizens. Since the track is reserved for those who want to go really, really fast, NASCAR racing requires a careful combination of speed and safety. So in a time when the fastest speed many seniors drive is however quick their Rascal scooters can go, NASCAR racer Hershel McGriff cuts a different image. The average age of your typical NASCAR winner is about 33. McGriff is 84. Having kicked off his racing career in 1945, during the pioneer days of stock car racing, he's raced on and off in the nearly 70 years since. And what have you accomplished today, again?

So I have to admit I'm a little excited to see Lockout with Guy Pierce and uber-hottie Maggie Grace -- I did some searching to see if ever did some nude work and no dice -- this shower scene is as close as it gets. Anyway, in this clip you'll see a wounded Maggie Grace appear at the 2 minute mark.

From executive producer, John Di Maggio in association with Dundee Entertainment and Cinovative, comes a documentary on the mysterious world of "Voice Over & Voice Acting." We have collected the top voice actors, voice directors, casting voice directors, video game producers, animators, creators, agents, producers, engineers, mixers, dialogue editors, voice teachers, voice school and all those involved in the booming voice-over industry. This is a must see documentary for anyone that wants to know what goes on behind the scenes in your favorite cartoons, animations, and anything to do with voice acting. This is the first trailer, as we are still in production on this obtaining more quality interviews for our fans and supporters.

Womenz with gunz on cnbc - The Rise in Girls with Guns. Woman reporter calls it "Smith and Weston". Jon

I dunno why they always use pink to market firearms to women -- liek you're going to get this chick to use a hot pink pistol? I think not. Hey do you remember that all titantium Heizer Defense Double Tap pocket pistol in .45 ACP? They're making a ladies version but true to their cool-as-shit reputation, guess what? It's offered in iPhone white -- not pink.

As opposed to most antique rug manufactory practices, Chinese carpets were woven almost exclusively for internal consumption. China has a long history of exporting traditional goods; however, it was not until the first half of the 19th century that the Chinese began to export their rugs. Once in contact with western influences, there was a large change in production: Chinese manufactories began to produce art-deco rugs with commercial look and price point. The centuries old Chinese textile industry is rich in history. While most antique carpets are classified according to a specific region or manufactory, scholars attribute the age of any specific Chinese rug to the ruling emperor of the time. The earliest surviving examples of the craft were produced during the time of Ch'ung Chen, the last emperor of the Chen Dynasty.

Wallpaper has always been a quick, colorful way to give a room style and visual interest. Unfortunately, ripped seams, bubbles, tears and other damage are common. And if you don't fix these problems right away, you'll end up having to replace the entire piece of wallcovering. The good news is, fixing wallpaper isn't especially difficult, though it does take a few specialized tools and techniques. Vertical seams between strips of wallpaper become loose for a variety of reasons. Too much glue might have been squeezed out of the seam when it was rolled flat. Or, with prepasted vinyl wallcoverings, seams start to peel open because the factory-applied adhesive didn't stick to the vinyl. What's more, seams on outside wall corners are prone to bumps and abrasions.

I hope that I'm not the only one recognizing the load of bs of the built-into-the-block blower being an "innovation". Cute, though. I showed this to the old timers in the auto tech div at my school and to my dad back when it was published, and all of them remembered having seen stuff like it in the 50's and 60's and that any supposed enhanced performance was more the result of fudged numbers and clean ports. Matt

I’ve been going to Las Vegas for over 25 years, so I’ve stayed in every type of casino Sin City has to offer, from the high end resorts to the $25 per night temporary motel rooms behind the old Stardust when they were renovating it years ago. No matter where you’re staying, Vegas has so much to offer that you’ll always have a blast. But my recent weekend in Vegas staying at the amazing Aria Resort & Casino was a very pleasant reminder that a first class weekend in a luxurious hotel makes all the debauchery Vegas has to offer that much more enjoyable. It’s also so much easier to nurse a hangover in a comfortable bed in a beautiful room where you can shut the curtains and get total darkness with the press of a button from your bed!

Weathering causes rock to break into smaller particles. When these particles are transported by wind, water, or ice, the jagged edges from fracture are gradually worn down from abrasion with other particles, making the outer surface appear relatively smooth. Sometimes the mere abrasive effects of windblown particles on a rock will smooth the exposed surface, leaving the remainder of the rock jagged. Rounded and smoothed stones, if rounded and smoothed on all sides, are usually the product of tumbling. Tumbling is usually accomplished by transportation of the stone by water and contact with other rocks.

Although not dangerous to humans, the viper moray eel nevertheless occupies a place in our imaginations reserved for scary creatures. Perhaps this is because of those razor-sharp teeth, visible in this X-ray even when the eel's mouth is closed. It may also be their lethal hunting technique, waiting motionless in nooks and crannies to dart out and snatch their unsuspecting prey. Or it may even be their impressive length — up to 5 feet or more! Whatever it is, this spooky X-ray image sure doesn't make them seem any less creepy.

from muskets to m-16s: all the army's guns - 12 female athletes to watch in 2012

this man finds out why it's not a good idea to offer your opponent the first punch

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