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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 18, 2012
April 18, 2012

Your Friends Might Get Me In A Rush, But Not Before I Make Your Head Into A Canoe.

A 20-pound jug of homemade explosives will take off one or both legs somewhere between the knee and hip, perhaps breaking the pelvis and shattering vertebrae as the shockwave travels up through the skeleton. After our first Marine was wounded this way—let's call him Patient Zero—he was stabilized by his squad's hospital corpsman and flown to the trauma center, a British base that abuts Camp Leatherneck, the hub for Marine operations in southwest Afghanistan. Do yourself a favor: read the rest.

Sam Colt experimented with double action systems, but considered them to be unreliable. After Colt's patent expired in 1857, other manufacturers began producing double action revolvers. Colt did not manufacture its own double action revolver until 1877, twenty years after the patent had expired. The M1878 was designed by William Mason, Colt's factory manager and Charles Brinckerhoff Richards, Superintendent of Engineering. The design of the Model 1878 was based on the Model 1877, which in turn was based heavily on the design of the earlier Colt Single Action Army revolver. The double action revolver is not dramatically different in design than the single action revolver. A strut is added to connect the trigger movement to the hammer. The top of the trigger slips beyond the strut so that the hammer will stay in full cock if it is pulled back manually. I only mention this because the Colt 1878 Double Action is the handgun that Wyatt Earp stuck in Kike Clanton's face after Curly Bill killed Fred White in Tombstone.

Hi Ernie, I watched the Remington video, it wasn't the direct response to the NBC report, not even the same gun, the Remington model 700. Did some digging and found their response (a couple of years old, very informative, I want a Rem 700 now!) Was wondering if you ever take vacations besides going to your home state? I wanted to offer you a chance to come over to Texas and get yourself a white tail or axis on my ranch. I am just 34 miles north of San Antonio so there is plenty of other stuff to do. I have a rifle, pistol, and even a place for trap shooting! I love my guns, and unlike New York, you could pack them all with you, hit I-10 and in 15 or so hours be almost at my front door! I do not offer this to many people, but I feel I would enjoy your company. There is a spare bedroom and I have no problem with you bringing Bianca and Ike (might have to put them on a leash so they don't chase my goats...LOL). This year or next, or even the year after, I am not going anywhere... I can not work and am STILL fighting for surgeries from AIG. My case is moving forward once again, it is my last chance in the court system so wish me luck! Thank you for all of the entertainment! Mark

You kind sir, are absolutely correct. So after going after both the Model 700 two years ago and now the 870 and 1100 shotguns now, we can safely assume that NBC's has quite the hard-on for Remington. Now since I don't live in California where 99% of my firearms would be illegal, probably the most "unsafe" gun I have is a little pistol I just picked up used for $110 -- a Heritage Rough Rider which is based upon Colt's Single Action, but shoots .22LR and .22 magnums. But even that's got a hammer block in the recoil shield, so I can cock the hammer back (it's single action only, so I have to) and drop the gun, it won't discharge even if it impacts in such a way that the hammer falls. Most of this sort of shit stems from stupid gun myths we believe from watching too many goddamn John Woo movies.

Anyway, that mention of the dropped MAC-10 from True Lies with Jamie Lee Curtis made me think of this tango scene at the end, which made me think of this tango scene from Scent of a Woman, which of course made me think of the Al Pacino's great speech from Scent of a Woman, and somehow that brought me to the German General's speech from Band of Brothers. So yeah, I guess I have ADD or something.

So if you are unsure why this guy gets tackled, then perhaps you should learn more about the rules of rugby. And if you remember this email:

Hi Ernie, Thanks for the mention for our Zombie Boot Camp this week. We've just launched Zombie Shopping Mall, where you learn how to fight zombies in an abandoned shopping mall. Details here. If you ever find yourself in the UK, we'd love to welcome you along! Best wishes, Richard Kershaw

Well here's a video of the experience, as filmed by the Manchester News. Fucking cool, man.

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