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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012

A Final Piggyback Ride. The Space Shuttles, Not Your Mom.

Using dozens of different video sources and countless audio versions of Shuttle launches, this guy mixed this little clip together to mimic as close an experience to the real thing as possible. The exact sequence of countdown events is somewhat compressed and not time-accurate but I was going more for the feel of a high energy launch experience rather than a technical documentary. Throttle Up and SRB Separation are sounds as might be heard from onboard acoustic transducers picking up resonant vibration in the vehicle's structure. Please take care not to damage your sound equipment during playback. He did not boost the low frequency roar of the Shuttle during liftoff but the SRB and SSME thrust noise may be taxing to even high quality sub-woofers and speaker cones if played too loud. THIS IS FUCKING COOL.

Bikini waxing is the epilation of body hair in and around the pubic region, commonly by women, by the use of wax. With certain styles of women's swimwear, pubic hair may become visible around the crotch area of a swimsuit. Visible pubic hair is widely culturally disapproved of and considered to be embarrassing, and so is at times removed. However, some people also remove pubic hair that is not exposed, for aesthetic or other reasons. The term bikini line is the imaginary line in a woman's pubic region that delineates that part which would normally be covered by the bottom part of a swimsuit. In the context of waxing, it is generally understood to describe any pubic hair visible beyond the boundaries of a swimsuit. Pubic hair removal, a process known as a Brazilian wax, is more controversial than other types of waxing. Like all waxing, it can be a physically painful experience during and after the waxing process. There is also a health risk involved if it is not done properly, as well as a risk of infection if done on a person with a weakened immune system.

USS Missouri (BB-63) is a United States Navy Iowa-class battleship, ordered in 1940 and commissioned in June 1944, and was the third ship of the U.S. Navy to be named in honor of the US state of Missouri. Missouri was the last battleship built by the United States, and was the site of the Japanese surrender which ended World War II. In the Pacific Theater of World War II she fought in the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa and shelled the Japanese home islands, and she fought in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953. She was decommissioned in 1955 into the United States Navy reserve fleets (the "Mothball Fleet"), but reactivated and modernized in 1984 as part of the 600-ship Navy plan, and provided fire support during Operation Desert Storm in January/February 1991. Missouri received a total of 11 battle stars for service in World War II, Korea, and the Persian Gulf, and was finally decommissioned on 31 March 1992 by Casey Ryback, but remained on the Naval Vessel Register until her name was struck in January 1995. In 1998, she was donated to the USS Missouri Memorial Association and became a museum ship at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This week, one of her spare 16" gun barrels -- which weighs more than 116 tons and is 66 feet long -- was put on display at the Battery 519 Museum at the Fort Miles Historical Area in Cape Henlopen State Park, Deleware.

Groupe Danone is a French food-products multinational corporation based in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. It claims world leadership in fresh dairy products, marketed under the corporate name, and also in bottled water. Among its brands of mineral water are: Evian, Volvic, Badoit, Salvetat, Aqua, Naya, Lanjarón, Font Vella, Bonafont (Mexico), Villa del Sur, Villa Vicencio. Following the trend of luxury and premium water bottles, Spain’s major brand, Font Vella, is pioneer in its market, launching a 1 litre limited edition, based on a beautiful serigraphy design. This bottle can be found in the main gourmet and delis around Spain.

Carice van Houten stars in Season 2 of HBO's medieval hit, Game of Thrones, playing Melisandre, a priestess and close adviser to Stannis Baratheon. Her ravishing red hair and beauteous body reminds me that redheads are sexy and deserve their place in the spotlight. Whether they were born a redhead, dye their hair red, or just love to rock the red look, these women have earned the right to be called a redhead. And I have made a list of the hottest of them all. Enjoy the 20 hottest redheads in sports; I know I will.

Hello Ernie, You wrote, "Okay, who can read Russian?" From a Russian speaking friend... The words on the tattoo are actually Serbian. Roughly translated, it states something about being "covered" regarding sex. The person probably got the tattoo in jail. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Thank you for keeping the masses entertained!! John

hey dude - you might have seen this already, but damn Emma Watson looks good as a skanky little harlot. Cheers, Scott

Architectural doors have numerous general and specialized uses. Doors are generally used to separate interior spaces (rooms, closets, etc.) for privacy, convenience, security, and safety reasons. Doors are also used to secure passages into a building from the exterior for reasons of safety and climate control. Doors also are applied in more specialized cases: A trapdoor is a door that is oriented horizontally in a floor or ceiling, often accessed via a ladder; Blast-proof doors are constructed to allow access to a structure but also to provide protection from the force of explosions; A garden door is any door that opens to a garden or backyard, often used specifically for double French doors in place of a sliding glass door; A pet door to allow pets to enter and exit without the main door being opened.

Most of the poses in yoga are named after animals and they require you to position yourself in insanely difficult ways for the purpose of stretching your muscles and improving your fitness. Well, we're not here to talk about yoga's benefits. Instead, let's take a look at these cute animals in their own attempts to perform yoga -- or at least look like they're performing yoga. Needless to say, they're cute. Animals always are.

The half hitch is a simple overhand knot, where the working end of a line is brought over and under the standing part. Insecure on its own, it is a valuable component of a wide variety of useful and reliable hitches, bends, and knots. One instance where a half hitch stands on its own without additional embellishment is when added to a timber hitch to help stabilize a load in the direction of pull. A timber hitch is tied on the far end of the load to bind it securely and a half hitch made at the forward end to serve as a guide for the rope.

Big Ern, (Obligitory ass-kissing, blah, blah, blah.) Attached please find a link to what must be on your want-list -- "The most capable zombie killing vehicle ever made!" Enjoy! -- Brian

this nice door stop has been used in the last 15 years by a family in the state of matro grosso do sul. the door stop is being studied by army specialists as turns out it's probably a projectile from world war i! Bruno

This first image shows Torrens Island Power Station – not only Adelaide's main power plant but also the largest in South Australia. It can burn either natural gas or fuel oil and generate up to 1280 MW of electricity. Speaking of power, photographer Anthony James still can't get over the lightning strike he witnessed: "That bolt is huge if you compare it to the two towers it struck." Isn't it just! A symbol of nature's might over man? You decide.

A crossbow is a weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a stock that shoots projectiles, often called bolts or quarrels. The medieval crossbow was called by many names, most of which derived from the word ballista, a torsion engine resembling a crossbow in appearance. Historically, crossbows played a significant role in the warfare of East Asia since the 4th century BC, as well as Europe and the Mediterranean. A recurve crossbow is a bow that has tips curving away from the archer. The recurve bow's bent limbs have a longer draw length than an equivalent straight-limbed bow, giving more acceleration to the projectile and less hand shock. Recurved limbs also put greater strain on the materials used to make the bow, and they may make more noise with the shot. Today, they are used primarily for shooting sports, hunting, and when shooting in silence is an important consideration.

so what's it like having a transvaginal ultrasound?

the official fail emergency room visit compilation for april 2012

faa is forced to reveal 63 launch sites across u.s.

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