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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 16, 2012
May 16, 2012

I Keep Telling My Cop Friends That I Am Not "Anti-Police" Just Anti-Police-State. But, It Is Wearing Thin. - Doug Harman.

Unmanned drones could soon be buzzing in the skies above many U.S. cities, as the federal government green-lights the technology for local law enforcement amid widespread privacy concerns. Boy, there sure have been some big changes happening over the last ten years, yes? With that in mind, Dragon's Breath is a zirconium-based pyrotechnic shotgun round. When the round is fired, sparks and flames shoot out to about 48 feet away from the gun, as demonstrated by FPS Russia and his two unlucky mannequin. While its tactical uses are very limited, the visual effect it produces is impressive, similar to that of a short-ranged flamethrower. They can also be used as means of intimidation to the opposing forces. The pyrotechnic shell is expensive compared to other types of shotgun ammunition, costing around 5 US dollars per shell. There is little to no record of its use in actual combat and Dragon's breath rounds are banned in many locations including Florida (sigh), due to their inherent fire hazard. The Taurus Judge is a five shot revolver designed and produced by Taurus International, chambered for .410 bore shotgun shells and the .45 Colt cartridge. So I think Dragon's Breath + Taurus Judge = some pretty awesome drone skeet shooting opportunities! Maybe a little Drone Flambé?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but is this guy wearing a pair of Crocs? How gaudy.

Room service is an accommodation available at many hotels, whose employees bring food or other items to guests in their rooms. Due to the poor economic status since 2007, hotels are starting to either phase out their in room dining/room service or limit the previous selection of in room service. High end hotels still provide room services, some are providing limited in room dining, while other hotel chains continue to provide a full selection of room service.

Anyway, in just a few months, the world is going to be celebrating the 30th Summer Olympic games in London, England. The opening ceremonies will begin on July 27th and carry on until the last day of competition on August 12th. All our favorite athletes will be participating from Lebron James to Stephanie Rice. Which Olympic sport is your favorite? There are so many beautiful women in the world of track and field -- think Darya Klishina from Russia and Leryn Franco from Paraguay -- with many of them not talented enough to make it to London. But that does not stop me from covering them. Here are the 25 hottest track stars, past and present, good and bad.

The Key West Historic District is a U.S. historic district, designated as such on March 11, 1971, and located in Key West, Florida. As of February 24, 1983, the district was expanded to 5400 acres, bounded by Emma, Whitehead, White, and South Streets, Mallory Square, and the Atlantic Ocean, to contain 2485 historic buildings and 4 structures. Old Town is the name given to the historic district of the island of Key West, Florida. It is roughly the western half of the island. It is also where the central business district and majority of tourist attractions are located. Points of interest include: Key West Aquarium, Captain Tony's Saloon, Key West Cemetery, U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Key West, Ernest Hemingway House, Key West Shipwreck Historeum Museum, The Bull & Whistle bars, the Harry S. Truman Little White House, and the Western Union schooner.

Hey Ernie, Been enjoying your site for quite a few years now and was wondering if you would be interested in giving a little publicity for The Ozzy Foundation Its a non profit that helps people like me with the costs of treating their dogs who have various types of cancer. In my dog Bodi's case, canine lymphoma. The man who runs the foundation is John Lytle, a four time Valor Award recipient with the City of Alexandria, Virginia and former U.S.M.C Military Policeman. You can get all that information from The Ozzy Foundation's website and hopefully you will take a moment to check it out. What you can't get from the website is that John is one of the most caring and compassionate that I have have had the good fortune of meeting. When Bodi's cancer returned this year, I didnt have the money or credit available to afford his second round of chemo and thought I would just have to try to make his last days as comfortable as possible.

As I stood in my veterinary oncologists office trying to come to grips with having to watch my best friend waste away, one of the vet techs who had been treating Bodi handed me a business card and said to contact John at The Ozzy Foundation and ask him for help. When I got home that day I sent him and e-mail through his website and within a few days got a call from John asking a few questions about Bodi's condition and how I was doing and before I really knew what was happening, John had promised to help me not only with the costs of Bodi's treatment but telling me that he had been through the same things with his dog Ozzy and he was available to me at anytime of the day or night, 7 days a week if I just wanted to talk. As it turns out, Bodi and Ozzy were both being treated by the same vet at the same time and had most likely John and I had crossed paths at the vets office at some point.

Unfortunately, Ozzy lost his battle with cancer on October 20,2011. John then started The Ozzy Foundation and Bodi was to be his first "Angel". Since that first call, John has been the reason I could move ahead with Bodi's treatment and a tremendous friend to me in this rough time in my life. If you could find in your heart to get John some attention for his foundation through and hopefully some donations, he could touch a lot more lives in the same way he has touched mine. Thanks for the great site, Joe Alford. PS: Say Hi to Ike and Bianca

I ponied up some bucks for Ozzy and encourage others to as well. I hope you're making the best use of your time together -- you're House, and Bodie is Wilson. Because one thing that I never quite understood, and for that matter swore I'd never do, is when I see someone wait until their dog is in their twilight years; their pooch has been given some horrible diagnosis, or can't get up and down by themselves and euthanasia seems inevitable, before taking the time to doing something really cool for their dog. "Oh before my dog passes we're going to do this," or, "I cooked my dog a nice steak the day before we brought him in to be put to sleep." I've seen a lot of Youtube videos of senior poooches who still have lots of life left to them, but sometimes they're strugling to enjoy activities that would be best suited to a puppy or middle aged dog. That's not to say that I don't think you should enjoy your time with your older dog -- Ike is 12 and Bianca is 9 -- I'm saying don't wait for them to become an older dog, to do it. Every once in awhile let your best friend rock the fuck out with a bacon cake, or a shitload of tennis balls, or a roomfull of balloons, or even just each other. Don't wait until your pooch is hampered by cataracts and arthritis to show him that he's really the coolest little fucker on the planet.

The flag of Russia is a tricolour flag of three equal horizontal fields, white on the top, blue in the middle and red on the bottom. The flag was first used as an ensign for Russian merchant ships and only became official in 1896. The flag continued to be used by the Russian Provisional Government after the Tsar was toppled in the February Revolution and was not replaced until the October Revolution which established a Bolshevik government. From that time period, a red flag charged with communist symbols was favoured over the tricolor. It was not until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 that the tricolor was brought back as the official flag of the new Russian Federation. The modern era flag underwent a slight change in 1993 and has been official since 2000.

At some point, Frank Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" will be made into a film, and an old Batman will be a necessity. No one embodies an ancient Bruce Wayne more than Clint Eastwood. Along with 21 other actors who should be cast in comic book movies.

The Gianantonio Paladini lingerie collections draw inspiration from the great tradition of Italian lingerie reworked to achieve contemporary, updated designs. Fabrics are some of the most precious designed for the greatest comfort on any occasion, whether for day or night. Every women will appreciate the care in details, the skilled workmanship and the finishing touches that make these piece truly special, as beautiful to own as they are to wear.

Sure makeup can make you look pretty if applied in moderation or stunningly beautiful if properly done. While looking great is well... great, when you naturally look horrifying, it may come at a big surprise to that guy you just met last night. Here are examples of women who looks extremely hot but be weary of the secret beneath the surface!

Taxidermy (from the Greek for arrangement of skin) is the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals for display as hunting trophies or for other sources of study. Taxidermy can be done on all vertebrate species of animals, including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. A person who practices taxidermy is called a taxidermist. Taxidermists may practise professionally, for museums or as businesses catering to hunters and fishermen, or as amateurs, such as hobbyists, hunters, and fishermen. To practise taxidermy, one must be very familiar with anatomy, sculpture, and painting, as well as tanning.

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the 25 worst jobs in the world - video from katrina bowden's fhm photoshoot (you're welcome)

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