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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 18, 2012
May 18, 2012

So That Would Be Surprising Nemo, Then?

Just so we can start this post off in the right perspective...

The septum piercing passes through the nasal septum (the middle of the nose) and is often referred to as a "bull-ring piercing." The nasal septum is the cartilaginous tissue dividing wall between the nostrils. Generally, the cartilage itself is not pierced, but rather the small gap between the cartilage -- also known as the sweet spot -- and the bottom of the nose, typically at a gauge no smaller than 14ga. It should be noted that extreme stretching of the septum will definitely deform the nose, pushing it down and out. This deformity is often referred to as septum droop. The degree of deformity will differ from person to person depending on their nasal anatomy.

The USS Texas (BB-35), the second ship of the United States Navy named in honor of the U.S. state of Texas, is a New York-class battleship. Soon after her commissioning on 12 March 1914, Texas saw action in Mexican waters following the Tampico Incident and made numerous sorties into the North Sea during World War I. When the United States formally entered World War II in 1941, Texas took on the role of escorting war convoys across the Atlantic, and she later shelled Axis-held beaches for the North African campaign and the Normandy Landings before being transferred to the Pacific Theater late in 1944 to provide naval gunfire support during the Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Texas was decommissioned in 1948, having earned a total of five battle stars for service in World War II, and is presently a museum ship near Houston, Texas. Among the world's remaining battleships, Texas is notable for being the oldest remaining dreadnought battleship. She is also noteworthy for being one of only six remaining ships to have served in both World Wars. Among US-built battleships, Texas is notable for her sizable number of firsts: the first US battleship to mount anti-aircraft guns, the first US ship to control gunfire with directors and range-keepers (analog forerunners of today's computers), the first US battleship to launch an aircraft, one of the first to receive the CXAM-1 version of CXAM commercial radar in the US Navy, the first US battleship to become a permanent museum ship, and the first battleship declared to be a US National Historic Landmark. The ship was launched on 18 May 1912 and is celebrating her Christening Centennial today.

1938 Plymouth Maiden Run -- Some Dude' in Massachusetts just finished this 1938 Plymouth on Friday April 29th 2011. Saturday April 30th, 2011 was to be a shakedown drive of about 50 miles just to see how it would run... While driving along and the left rear wheel came off ... the car dropped and the gas tank was punctured ... the rest, as they say, is history. He said all 5 lug nuts had come off and the studs were stripped on the updated 1990 Explorer rear end. All 3 of the following pictures were taken on Sat. April 30 2011, "within an hour + -".... Greg

Did you know the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark was based upon the life events of a real person? Meet Roy Chapman Andrews, the real-life inspiration for Indiana Jones, who divided his time between searching for fossils and gun-fighting with Mongolian bandits. Beginning his career sweeping the floors of the American Natural History Museum in New York, Andrews eventually worked his way up to director of the museum and became an accomplished hunter of dinosaur fossils, even where those fossils were guarded by gun-toting brigands. After all, they belong in a museum. One anecdote tells of the time Andrews battled a 20-foot-long python, ultimately shooting it in the head and watching its dying body writhe and flail in the underbrush. Apparently he didn't think much of snakes, either.

Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever. Dove products are manufactured in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey and United States. The products are sold in more than 35 countries and are offered for both women and men. The Dove trademark and brand name is currently owned by Unilever. Dove's logo is a silhouette profile of the brand's namesake bird, the color of which often varies. Products include: antiperspirants/deodorants, body washes, beauty bars, lotions/moisturizers, hair care, and facial care products. Dove is primarily made from synthetic surfactants, soaps (derived from vegetable oils such as palm kernel) and salts of animal fats (tallow).

So, who really are the hottest college football coach's wives in America? Not everybody makes the list as only a select group catch America's attention, but there will be a few on here that should become more famous in the immediate future alongside their successful counterparts. Without further ado, here are the 25 hottest coach's wives alongside the lovely Layla Kiffin.

It's time for a new edition of Honest Trailers. This time, we critique Michael Bay's Transformers. Thanks! Jason

Ha! He was coming and going at the same time! This is the way to go, booze on the breath, titty glitter rubbed off on his face, and the faint hint of stripper scent on his clothes that smells like a mix of Burberry & bad choices. Like the song from the Bloodhound Gang says "A lapdance is always better when the stripper's cryin " -- Bret

Ligaments are tough bands of tissue that connect bones together. Two important structures, called collateral ligaments, are found on either side of each finger and thumb joint. The function of the collateral ligaments is to prevent abnormal sideways bending of each joint. In the PIP joint (the middle joint between the main knuckle and the DIP joint), the strongest ligament is the volar plate. This ligament connects the proximal phalanx to the middle phalanx on the palm side of the joint. The ligament tightens as the joint is straightened and keeps the PIP joint from bending back too far. Finger deformities can occur when the volar plate loosens from disease or injury.

Meagan Good definitely caught our attention this past year and you can see her now in theaters starring in “Think Like a Man,” which has earned over $80 million so far at the box office. Meagan was also one of the bright spots in an uneven Season 5 of Californication, and while they had her in a bikini as you can see in this slideshow, we were very disappointed that this Showtime program known for its R-rated scenes involving beautiful women didn’t have Meagan reveal more of her amazing body.

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