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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 4, 2012
June 4, 2012

He Picked Bill And W? Well Maybe There's Still Hope For Us Yet?

A floating dock is a platform or ramp supported by pontoons. It is usually joined to the shore with a ramp that rests upon the dock on rollers, to adjust for the vertical movement of the dock. The dock is usually held in place by vertical poles embedded in the soil under the water or by anchored cables. Frequently used in marinas for small boats, this type of dock maintains a fixed vertical relationship to watercraft secured to it, independent of tidal, river or lake elevation. It is less suited for larger craft as the docks cannot support large structures.

If you illegally sell guns to criminals here in the US, you go to jail. But if you illegally sell them to criminals in Mexico, you're a fucking rock star. But California State Representative Darrel Issa is once again circulating a draft Contempt of Congress resolution against Attorney General Eric Holder over his stonewalling of the Operation Fast & Furious investigation. True to his form -- that of a fucking asshole -- Eric Holder is crying foul. And now? Now even the fucking Mexicans are calling for Holder's ass.

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is a device which combines Residual Current Device with a Circuit Breaker or miniature circuit breaker which both detects supply imbalance and limits the current that may supplied. Electrical plugs which incorporate an RCD are sometimes installed on appliances which might be considered to pose a particular safety hazard, for example long extension leads which might be used outdoors or garden equipment or hair dryers which may be used near a tub or sink. Occasionally an in-line RCD may be used to serve a similar function to one in a plug. By putting the RCD in the extension lead protection is provided at whatever outlet is used even if the building has old wiring, such as knob and tube, or wiring that does not contain a grounding conductor.

Born in Poland in 1925, Shalom Yoran and his family fled Poland when the Nazis took over and kept moving through Eastern Europe until the Germans finally caught up with them in Lithuania in 1941. There, they spent a year living in a Jewish ghetto until the Nazis started dragging them off. Only Yoran, his brother and a few others managed to hide, and as his parents were taken away by soldiers they told him, "Avenge our death and tell the world what happened." After trying several times to join local resistance groups, one commander finally let them in on the condition that they blow up a nearby heavily guarded munitions factory. To be clear, Yoran and his brother had no idea what they were doing -- the resistance fighters sent them believing it was a suicide mission. Yoran and his crew finally decided to form their own group. Operating out of a swamp, they managed to get weapons by ambushing German troops and started fighting back. Their numbers swelled to over 200 Jews and they would go on to join the Soviets in giving hell to German troops retreating from Stalingrad, blowing up bridges and taking out railroads. Oh, and the guy is still alive -- h even wrote a book about the whole thing.

Vacuum forming, commonly known as vacuumforming, is a simplified version of thermoforming, whereby a sheet of plastic is heated to a forming temperature, stretched onto or into a single-surface mold (BrE, mould), and held against the mould by applying a vacuum between the mould surface and the sheet. Vacuum forming is usually, but not always, restricted to forming plastic parts that are rather shallow in depth. A thin sheet is formed into rigid cavities for unit doses of pharmaceuticals and for loose objects that are carded or presented as point-of-purchase items. Thick sheet is formed into permanent objects such as turnpike signs and protective covers. The vacuum forming process can be used to make a large variety of products, such as shower trays, dashboards, promotional display units, signage, machine covers, to mention a few.

Ernie, I saw this at BassPro the other day. The owner of the truck was pissed. Didn't see the rider. Jesse

Hey Ernie, Blah blah blah butt kissing....So I am currently deployed and I can't look at your site while onboard because well I'm an IT and I have to set the standard for not viewing porn. Anyhoo, part of my respite from 250 other people is getting off the boat with my laptop and catching up on my EHOWA. I go to the naval base out here in Bahrain plug in connect to wifi and BAM! No ernie. They don't like you for some reason. Well maybe next port visit. Picture enclosed. Mike P.S. GAWDDAMMIT!

Miller Genuine Draft was introduced in 1985 as the original cold filtered packaged draft beer, which means that the beer is not pasteurized. MGD received the gold medal in the American-style Premium Lager category at the 1999 World Beer Cup. It also received the silver medal at the 2003 American Beer Festival. The concept for cold-filtered Miller Genuine Draft was developed by product consultant Calle & Company. Martin Calle evolved the concept from Miller's New Ventures effort to launch a new dry beer at a time Miller Brewing was in danger of becoming a much-cloned light beer manufacturer. Originally introduced as "Miller High Life Genuine Draft", the "High Life" part of the name was soon dropped. MGD is actually made from the same recipe as Miller High Life but with a different treatment. It was developed to give High Life drinkers the same taste in a can or bottle as they found in non-pasteurized kegs. It has 4.7% alcohol by volume.

There's something about modern life that calls for dark humor. It seems appropriate that, in the face of adversities, the best form of defense is to poke fun at those very adversities through the time-honored American tradition of celebrating the macabre, the unsettling and the downright twisted. Here is a list of the ten black comedies that made us feel the most genuinely uncomfortable; menacingly comic cinematic milestones that managed to be by turns — or at once — both funny and disturbing.

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and is so named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Chihuahuas come in virtually any color combination, from solid to marked or splashed, allowing for colors from solid black to solid white, spotted, sabled, or a variety of other colors and patterns. Colors and patterns can combine and affect each other, resulting in a very high degree of variation. Common colors are fawn, red, cream, chocolate, white, and black. No color or pattern is considered more valuable than another. Breed standards for this dog do not generally specify a height; only a weight and a description of their overall proportions. As a result, height varies more than within many other breeds. Generally, the height ranges between 6 and 10 inches; however, some dogs grow as tall as 12 to 15 inches. Both British and American breed standards state that a Chihuahua must not weigh more than six pounds for conformation.

Ernie, I was trying to find an article I read earlier this year on your site, but am unable to find the 2012 archive. I don’t remember which day it was or even the month; I think it was in May, but I am willing to search the Archives for it. The story was about a soldier on leave driving through the Salton Sea area while he was on leave, and came across an odd scene. There was a car in the road with clothes strewn about. There were two people laying in the road as well. The soldier did not get out of his car, but drove around the scene. A ways down the road, he looked in the mirror and saw 20 or so people flooding the road. I only described the story in case you remember exactly where I could find it, but I am prepared to look for it on your site once I am able to access previous months of 2012. Sorry for the long-winded email. Take care, Dave in L.A.

Well, I didn't post the actual contents of the article (which is why it didn't show up in your searches) but linked to it based upon Cory's email (2nd feedback post)

A pocket door is a sliding door that disappears, when fully open, into a compartment in the adjacent wall. Pocket doors are used for architectural effect, or when there is no room for the swing of a hinged door. They usually travel on rollers suspended from an overhead track, although some also feature tracks or guides along the floor. Both single- and double-door versions are used, depending on how wide an entry is desired. Furthermore, installing a pocket door rather than a hinged door can add an average of ten square feet of floor space, according to building expert Tim Carter, who considers the pocket door "one of the top ten most overlooked items when many architects and builders plan a home". With improvement in the hardware and the growth of the market for condominiums and town homes, there has been a resurgence of interest in this space-saving feature. Modern residential uses include bathrooms, closets and laundry or utility rooms, or home offices.

It's no big secret or surprise that beautiful women flock to professional athletes in droves. That's because most of these guys have everything that the ladies out there are looking for. Generally speaking, professional athletes are physical fit, professionally successful, ridiculously rich, well connected and famous. But not all professional athletes are created equal. Players of certain sports, and even certain positions, seem to have a decided advantage in their ability to attract the hottest WAGs. Who's to say exactly what is is about these guys the women go for. Maybe it's something as simple as having more money, but things are rarely that black and white. All that aside, we all know that one of the greatest advantages to being a professional athlete is landing a first class WAG. But if you want to attract the cream of the crop, you might want to consider going into one of these five professions.

Quaker Oats was founded in 1901 by the merger of four oat mills: The Quaker Mill Company of Ravenna, Ohio; a cereal mill in Cedar Rapids, Iowa owned by John Stuart, his son Robert Stuart, and their partner George Douglas; the German Mills American Oatmeal Company, owned by "The Oatmeal King", Ferdinand Schumacher of Akron, Ohio; and the Rob Lewis & Co. American Oats and Barley Oatmeal Corporation. The monochromatic 1971 Quaker Oats Company Logo was created by Saul Bass, a graphic designer known for his motion picture title sequences and corporate logos. The current logo was painted by Haddon Sundblom sometime between 1939 and 1941 using fellow Coca Cola artist Harold W. McCauley as the model. Although it is popularly believed that the man on the box is Province of Pennsylvania founder, namesake and Quaker William Penn, the company states that The 'Quaker man' is not an actual person, but is instead a generic representation of a man dressed in Quaker garb. The man is known within the company as "Larry".

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