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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 13, 2012
July 13, 2012

You Might Think That's a Joke, But It's Not.

And well, she seems nice enough.

I may be dating myself a little here but I remember going to see Robocop in the theatres; I had to buy a ticket to something else that was playing at that particular cinema complex, and then sneak into Robocop because I was underage. The two scenes that horrified me the most were when Murphy got his hand shot off and that unfortunate scene between poor Mr. Kenney and ED-209, although let's be honest, the fake newscasts more than made up for any mental scarring. There is of course a remake due out later this year and the IMDB entry shows a pretty spectable cast so it looks like it should be a good performance from everyone. Viral marketing for the upcoming flick is already getting off the ground as the production compaies recent got online and it seems ED-209 is now what, like 30 fucking feet tall? Anyway, I dunno if this remake will list among the best crime movie remakes of all time, but I can tell you that the original Robocop -- Peter Weller -- is now a history professor at Syracuse University.

The laser mouse uses an infrared laser diode instead of a LED to illuminate the surface beneath their sensor. As early as 1998, Sun Microsystems provided a laser mouse with their Sun SPARCstation servers and workstations.] However, laser mice did not enter the mainstream market until 2004, when Paul Machin at Logitech, in partnership with Agilent Technologies, introduced its MX 1000 laser mouse. This mouse uses a small infrared laser instead of a LED and has significantly increased the resolution of the image taken by the mouse. The laser enables around 20 times more surface tracking power to the surface features used for navigation compared to conventional optical mice.

On August 5th it will take 7 minutes for the $2.5 billion dollar Mars Rover Curiosity to go from 13,000 miles per hour to 0. In this video, NASA scientists explain what happens during these "Seven Minutes of Terror".

People are assholes, pt 72 -- Death would be too kind for whomever did this. Scott

Hey ernie. i dont know if you will use this, but i think i can finaly contribute something. this is a pic of a MIG 21 that crashed at flying cloud air port in eden prairie, mn. today. my boss and i were out having a smoke and watched a fast mover go though and do a fast touch and go. he went around and flew over at maybe 300-400 ft. above the deck. went around again, and came in low and hot. we never saw him come again. what happened is the MIG uses a parachute to stop at landing. it failed. he went off the end of the runway, through a chain link fence, hit the ditch, and landed on the highway. (old 212), now flying cloud drive. one of my companies sales guys was driving down the highway when there was a big dirt cloud in front of him. when he got his car stopped. this is what he saw. great pic. the pilot, popped the canopy and ran. minor injuries. Lyndsey - P.S/ thanks for LBEH. it's the only charity i give to that time of year.

Firearm microstamping is the name given to a controversial technology that has been developed with the goal of aiding in ballistics identification; it involves the use of laser technology to engrave a microscopic marking onto the tip of the firing pin and onto the breech face of a firearm. When the firearm is fired, these etchings are transferred to the primer by the firing pin and to the cartridge case by the breech face, using the pressure created when a round is fired. After the spent cartridges are ejected, these microscopic markings are imprinted on the cartridges, which can then be recovered by police and examined by forensic ballistics experts to obtain information to be used to trace the firearm through its life to the registered owner. Never mind the fact that it stops working after a few hundred rounds after the etching on the firing pin dulls; never mind how a push for micro-stamping is really a push for national gun registration; but guess what? Microstamping can easily be defeated using a common 16D nail that costs less than two cents.

The abdominal muscles can be worked out by practicing disciplines of general body strength such as Pilates, yoga, T'ai chi, and jogging among others. There are also specific routines to target each of these muscles. One way to estimate the effectiveness of abdominal exercise is in measuring the momentaneous activity by electromyography (EMG), with the activity generally being compared to that of the traditional crunch. However, an exercise of lower activity performed during a longer time can give at least as much exercise as a high-activity exercise, with the main difference being that a prolonged duration results more in aerobic exercise than strength training. The following ranks abdominal exercises from highest to lowest in terms of activity as determined by the EMG measures: Bicycle crunch 248%, Exercise ball 139%, Reverse crunch 109%, Ab roller 105%, Traditional crunch 100%, Ab rocker 21%.

bill murray announces party crashing tour starting in august

it ain't easy making new facebook friends

henry rollins - the one decision that changed my life forever

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