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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 16, 2012
July 16, 2012

Thanks Martin, Yes That Did Cheer Me Up.

Global National's Francis Silvaggio and crew were at the scene of an incredible mudslide at Johnsons Landing in British Columbia on Friday. Global News cameras were rolling the whole time. I don't think they were anywhere near as close to death as the guy makes it out to be, but still pretty cool none the less.

The domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then will cause another similar change, and so on in linear sequence. The term is best known as a mechanical effect, and is used as an analogy to a falling row of dominoes. It typically refers to a linked sequence of events where the time between successive events is relatively small. It can be used literally -- an observed series of actual collisions -- or metaphorically -- causal linkages within systems such as global finance or politics.

Road rash is a colloquial term for skin and bone injury caused by abrasion with road surfaces, usually as a consequence of cycling and motorcycling accidents. The term may be applied to both a fresh injury and the scar tissue left by an old one. The term is sometimes applied to longboarding, skateboarding, and roller skating abrasion accidents, especially those caused at high speeds such as longboarding. Motorcyclists can reduce the risks of road rash by wearing the appropriate motorcycle personal protective equipment such as a full face helmet, protective clothing, gloves and boots.

While they're illegal here in Florida because of the concern over wildfires, I have no doubt that Dragon's Breath shells would be a shitload of fun to shoot. So with more than 20 wildfires have been started by target shooting this year in Utah alone, with dozens more started in Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Washington. Many of those fires could have been prevented or stopped had the shooters been prepared. Here is a list of 10 things shooters can do to prevent wildfires while target shooting.

As the name implies, the Star Wars movies were all about the fighting. As converts at an early age, what always captured our imaginations were the big action scenes — the Rebel starfighters swooping down to attack the gigantic Death Star, the epic lightsaber fight on Cloud City, the massive space battle at the end of Return of the Jedi. Yet when it comes to the Star Wars franchise, sometimes the battles in court and behind the scenes have overshadowed even the battles on the silver screen. Here are the top ten greatest feuds in Star Wars history, starting with Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels -- aka R2-D2 and C3PO -- who absolutely fucking hated each other and refused to do any teambuilding exercises together.

Robstown High School in Robstown, TX has an interesting masco--- wait, WTF?! Charles

Man recovers car 42 years after theft. Greg

The palatine uvula, usually referred to as simply the dangly thin gin the back of your throat, is a conic projection from the middle of the soft palate, composed of connective tissue containing a number of racemose glands, and some muscular fibers. The uvula plays a role in the articulation of some sounds of the human voice. The uvula functions in tandem with the back of the throat, the palate, and air coming up from the lungs to create a number of guttural and other sounds. The uvula can also contribute to snoring or heavy breathing during sleep; having an elongated uvula can cause vibrations which lead to snoring. In some cases this can lead to sleep apnea, which may be treated by removal of the uvula or part of it if necessary, an operation known as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. However, this operation can also cause sleep apnea if scar tissue forms and the airspace in the velopharynx is decreased.

It's easy to see what Zeus and the rest of the Ancient Greek gods hoped for when they created the beloved Olympic Games...a melting pot of athleticism shoved into several weeks of ruthless competition. But what they didn't realize was that beauty would eventually take over and dominate every field of play like sand on a beach. Quite an unexpected maturation of the most illustrious competition in the world. Whether we're discussing the steamy rubber of the track at the Summer Games or the powdery snow of the slopes at the Winter Games, sexy female athletes have always been ready to impress nearby cameras. And for good reason. Here are the 100 hottest female Olympians EVER. They've already medaled in beauty.

USA Today is a national American daily newspaper published by the Gannett Company. It was founded by Al Neuharth on September 15, 1982. The newspaper vies with The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) for the position of having the widest circulation of any newspaper in the United States, something it previously held since 2003. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, the paper has 1.8 million copies as of March 2012 compared with The Wall Street Journal's 2.1 million though this figure includes the WSJ's 400,000 paid-for, online subscribers. USA Today remains the widest circulated print newspaper in the United States. USA Today is distributed in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada and the United Kingdom. The newspaper has its headquarters in the Tysons Corner area of Fairfax County, Virginia. Currently, USA Today sells for $1.00 in newsstands; however, it is often found free at hotels and airports that distribute it to their customers.

Ernie, I know this will mean as much to you as it does for the rest of us that love our canine companions. There is "Hope" for humanity yet. Bret

ernie, these people were probably earnhardt jr. fans, and were hanging on till his next win. tommy

Some historians believe President Thomas Jefferson invented a forerunner of the wooden clothes hanger. However, today's most used hanger, the shoulder-shaped wire hanger, was inspired by a coat hook that was invented in 1869 by O. A. North of New Britain, Connecticut. An employee of the Timberlake Wire and Novelty Company, Albert J. Parkhouse of Jackson, Michigan has also been credited with the invention, as has Christopher Cann in 1876 as an engineering student at Boston University. In 1932 Schuyler C. Hulett patented an improved design, which used cardboard tubes mounted on the upper and lower parts of the wire to prevent wrinkles, and in 1935 Elmer D. Rogers added a tube on the lower bar, which is still used.

In 2007, a commercial flight from Mauritania in northern Africa to the Canary Islands was hijacked by a man who barged into the cockpit with two loaded handguns soon after taking off. His objective? Turning the plane over to France, where he planned to request political asylum for unknown reasons. As if that wasn't enough, at this point the crew informed the pilot that they didn't actually have enough fuel to get to France like the hijacker wanted. As the pilot tried to explain to the hijacker that they couldn't make it to his intended destination, he realized something: The guy didn't speak a word of French. Turning this small fact to his advantage, the pilot took the PA system and calmly informed the passengers, in French, that they would be making a rough landing ... and that as soon as the hijacker lost his balance from the impact, they should feel free to come into the cockpit and beat the shit out of him. As the pilot said this, the hijacker stood right next to him, assuming that he was just relaying his demands or talking about normal airplane stuff.

Audi's mid-size car was previously named the Audi 100 (or Audi 5000 in the United States), and was released in three successive generations (Audi C1, Audi C2 and Audi C3). In 1994, the latest generation of the Audi 100 was facelifted and re-badged as the Audi A6, to fit in with Audi's new alphanumeric nomenclature, as the full-size A8 had just been introduced. The exterior was changed only slightly from the C4 Audi 100 – new front and rear lights, new radiator grille, similarly with chassis and engine and transmission choices.

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