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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 17, 2012
July 17, 2012

So if Need Be, These Restraining Order Thingies Go Both Ways, Right?

Veronica Rothenhausler: "Honey, be home no later than 9 o'clock." Me: "Yes, dear." In fact, I'd better be home by 8:50, just to be safe. And I *think* this is the girl who got knocked the fuck out. And don't act all tough, you know you'd let 'em slap you around some, too.

Everybody loves a good steak, especially me. And the real steak fans know that unless you're grilling at home, you've got to pay top dollar for the best steak house experience. Far from a Golden Corral or a Steak 'n' Shake, these steak houses will give you a unique experience in addition to a great meal. But while you might have to save up to afford a meal at one of these steak houses, there's nothing stopping you from reading about them for free.

Well, I'm about to ruin A Dark Knight Rises for you -- or any other Christian Bale movie, for that matter. Two words: eye wart. Well, and: you're welcome.

FL is a model designation used on motorcycles manufactured by Harley-Davidson from 1941 to present. Mostly applied to Harley's large-framed bikes, including the current Touring series, the FL designation is also used with their Softail series, especially on Softails with traditional styling, 16-inch front wheels, and either Springer forks or large-diameter telescopic front forks. The third and final change given to the name of the basic FL model would occur in 1965, the final year of the "Panhead" engines. These last "Panheads" were the first "big-twin" Harley-Davidson engines to be equipped with electric starters, the Servi-Car having received electric start the year before. This innovation for Harley-Davidson was greeted with the new model name of Electra Glide.

Remember last year when this photo was circulating around the internet and everyone was told that shit was what went into McDonald's Chicken McNuggets? Well it later came out -- of course -- that that video was a fake. Unfortunately, this one is not.

Hey Ernie, Thanks for the Henry Rolling clip, it re-kindled some old memories! I went to a high school called SAMOHI (Santa Monica High) in the lovely Santa Monica, California. This was in 1981-2-ish. (yes, I got a GED) This was before real estate went totally insane at the coastal cities of Southern California. The thing about the Santa Monica school system was that it included the sleepy beach town of Malibu. We had three public elementary schools, and one junior high school in Malibu, where I serendipitously landed in at age seven, due to a father who always bit off more than he could chew, and a mother who "wanted it all", which was common around that time. $46,000 for an acre and a three-bedroom house in the hills above Malibu, trust me, I was WAY too retarded to know what it meant to be moving to Malibu from Burbank. I don't know what it is, but Henry put it pretty damn good in the "humility and young people kinda go together" line, he said. Well, he sure ain't lying about the gigs and playing every one, every night, no matter what. In 1983 there was quite a buzz about it locally. A friend I met in the late 70's was lucky enough to have minority parents who knew how to invest in Real Estate (short-time motels in south central L.A.-cash only) whose father bought the family a beach house at the bottom of our long-ass road in the 60's He said his brother was having a wild party, and he needed us to help with crowd control! (He said Black Flag was have got to be kidding!) I didn't even know much about Black Flag, except that word-of-mouth was abundant that there was this insane new punk band, when punk was terrifying to us WASPs. Humility and ignorance led me to see Black Flag play that night in the 1100 square foot house, and we must have had over 300 show up! Thanks to the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department for breaking the thing up at midnight, before someone got killed. Henry Rollins not only made a really hard-core impression on the crowd, but hawking loogies into the shag carpet as he sang was very cutting edge at that time. This guy is an excellent example of how you can do what you want to do, and do it without regard to what people think, hence his unique art. I know it is such a wild story no one ever believes me, but I bet Henry remembers that gig. Sorry for rambling on, but that's my Black Flag/Henry Rollins story, and I've always stuck to it! For god's sake I was still a virgin, and this guy, a handful of years older than me, was making history doing what he did best. I've always wondered if Henry really knew at the time the impact that they were having in those first months of the band. I think he was born with that creative genius. Stay Cool Ernie, Damon

"...When punk was terrifying to us WASPs" -- HAHA! But seriously, his punk music oesn't scare me anywhere near as much as what he's got to say about transparency in the media, because fuck all if he ain't right. And yes, he's on the internets and on the Twitter, too. And speaking of wasps.

Making popular movies is a difficult job, and not all of them can be as successful as Avatar or Titanic. With special effects getting better and better all the time, our summer blockbusters are getting steadily more spectacular, but also more and more expensive and at risk of flopping badly — bringing down the studios which launched them like giant, horribly overpriced guided missiles. As it turned out, the 2000s were a great decade for both epic movies and epic failures. Here we list ten of the biggest box office turkeys of the '00s.

God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything is a 2007 book by the author and journalist Christopher Hitchens in which he criticises religion. In the book, Hitchens contends that organised religion is "violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism, tribalism, and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children" and sectarian, and that accordingly it "ought to have a great deal on its conscience." Hitchens supports his position with a mixture of personal stories, documented historical anecdotes and critical analysis of religious texts. His commentary focuses mainly on the Abrahamic religions, although it also touches on other religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

Video in the story. Older guy takes on two armed robbers, shoots and chases them out the door. Don't mess with older gentlemen in Ocala, Florida while they're at the internet cafe watching porn......or whatever he was doing on the net. Jon

Have you seen my pliers? Scott

holy mudflaps batman! [NSFW LINK] Take care, Eric

If you Google, 'the most evil company in the world', your search results will find the company, Monsanto. You've probably never heard of Monsanto, however, you most likely have their products in your pantry, basement, garage, or refrigerator.

I also Googled 'dental care in Southweast Asia' and came up with this article, but when I did an image search for the same, I got this photo. I think that author shoudl talk to that girl.

old and busted: 50 shades of grey. the new hotness: 50 shades of grey as read by DUKE NUKEM

the uncannily accurate depiction of the meth trade in breaking bad - local classifieds for guns

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