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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 3, 2012
August 3, 2012

Say What You Want, It Sounds Romantic Enough To Me.

I just wonder when if ever, the lines waiting to volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, were as long as the lines waiting to get a chicken sandwich. Or the lines waiting to be groped by the TSA, for that matter.

So last week I discovered one of the greatest fucking things ever to hit my plate: Breakfast pizza. And no, I wasn't eating it for breakfast. Take regular dough but instead of using any red sauce, use sausage gravy. That's right, sausage gravy. Top that motherfucker with (more) srumbled sausage, some bacon, some cheese, and then crack 4 eggs on it -- yep, I said eggs -- and you've got the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'm not kidding you when I say I want to get a fucking hangover just so I can cure it with this pizza. if any place near you offers it -- of if you can make a good sausage gravy on your own, do yourself a favor.

Since summer is here and we've got record high temperatures rolling across the entire country, I decided to take a minute and look up some ways to save on my air conditioning bill. If you have central air conditioning or a window air conditioning unit, you can cut your electric bills significantly, especially in very warm climates, by following these energy-saving cooling tips this summer. When buying a window air conditioning unit, more is not necessarily better. Base the size of the air conditioning unit on the size of the room, the other factors that affect the temperature in the room, such as how many windows it has and which direction it faces. When you're shopping for a central air conditioning system, make sure the SEER number is 13 or better (14 in warmer climates). A less efficient system will cost you more to run. Install a programmable thermostat so you can vary the temperature according to when you're home. Set it to 75 degrees when you're home and if you'll be gone for more than a few hours, it makes sense to set the air conditioning at 85 degrees while you're gone.

So every responsible gun owner wants to help prevent gun crime, amirite? I mean of course we do.... the less assholes out there mucking it up for the rest of us, the less a push there will be for increased gun control. So way up in Milwaukee used to live a little gun shop called Badger Outdoors. Now the owner for Badger Outdoors, Adam Allan, had his license revoked by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for selling guns to all sorts of nasty people. In fact, over a two year span, six Milwaukee police officers were wounded with guns sold by Badger Outdoors. So after the feds shut him down, problem fixed, right? Wrong. Adam Allan's brother Mike Allan reopened the store and called it Badger Outdoors Brew City Shooter's Supply, with a new rule: in order to buy a gun at Badger Outdoors Brew City Shooter's Supply, the customer must become a member of the store, showing knowledge of guns and proficiency in shooting. Seems a little overboard, but I suppose I can see the reasoning in wanting to clean up an already bad reputation, amirite? and everything went fine until one little thing was discovered: QAny time you signed up to become a member? Brew City reported you to the local police department, for them to keep on record. How the fuck is THAT for invasion of privacy, for you?

Oh, and I've got another Trust-me-You-Can't-Pass-This-Up deal. Despite the fact that the Cybersecurity Bill was defeated in the Senate yesterday, and along with it Senator Schumer's proposed Amendment to ban high capacity magazines -- thank your lucky stars -- I still say you just can't be too careful. Personally, I'm preparing for the worst and stockpiling (wait can I still say that, or no?) my fair share of high-cap mags. This morning I discovered a way to get twenty 30-round polymer Ar mags shipped to my door, for $100 even. Behold. First visit Slickguns to pick up the free shipping code, follow the link for TangoDown AR-15 30 Round Magazines, and viola -- 20 mags for $100 shipped. You're welcome. UPDATE: BROWNELLS, YOU COCKSUCKERS!

A little live fire action (SFW)….”See the penis shaped door? He's behind there” Ryan

Hey man, saw this and thought of you. Also this: but I couldn't get the search function to work tho, so I have no idea where EHOWA stands. Best regards, Martin

Huh, seemed to work fine for me, if you zoom out just a bit, I'm just to the left of

In yesterday's post, I thumbnailed a link to this article in which Sophia Vergara corrects some rumors about her -- clearing up that her breasts are not 34DD as first reported, but in fact 32F, as you can clearly see in these photos. And based off a few comments from FB peeps, I started watching a few episodes of Modern Family with Julie Bowen (swooon), Sophia Vergara (swooon) and well, Al Bundy. Anyway, I wasn't sure if Vergara's accent was that thick in real life, or does she pour it on for the show. The best interview I could find with her -- and I'll preface this by saying that is a really good interview -- so forgive me in advance because it's with George Lopez, whom I fucking hate.

Seton Hall University is a private Roman Catholic university in South Orange, New Jersey, United States. Founded in 1856 by Archbishop James Roosevelt Bayley, Seton Hall is the oldest diocesan university in the United States. Seton Hall is also the oldest and largest Catholic university in the State of New Jersey. The university is known for its programs in business, law, education, nursing, and diplomacy. Seton Hall is made up of eight different schools and colleges with an undergraduate enrollment of about 5,200 students and a graduate enrollment of about 4,400. Its School of Law, which is ranked by US News & World Report as one of the top 100 law schools in the nation, has an enrollment of about 1,200 students. Seton Hall also has club sports in ice hockey, rugby union, lacrosse, and Men's volleyball. All Seton Hall sports have their home field on the South Orange campus except for the men's ice hockey team and the men's basketball team, which currently play at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey after previously calling the Meadowlands home.

The M18A1 Claymore is a directional anti-personnel mine used by the U.S. military. It was named after the large Scottish sword by its inventor, Norman A. MacLeod. Unlike a conventional land mine, the Claymore is command-detonated and directional, meaning it is fired by remote-control, shooting a pattern of metal balls into the kill zone like a shotgun. The Claymore fires steel balls, out to about 100 meters within a 60° arc in front of the device. It is used primarily in ambushes and as an anti-infiltration device against enemy infantry, and in first person shooter games. So anyway, when the people at Taser wanted to upgrade their signature product for military applications, the solution was pretty much "Why not just glue a shitload of them together?" They call it the Shockwave because, well, that was really the only option: it shocks the shit out of people in waves. Basically it's a bank of six Tasers stacked on top of each other to form one solid wall of pain.

First of all... [NSFW] You're welcome. Second, if I get a vote, I vote no on the thumbnail captions. Sorry, one more thing...someone needs to get old man Cathy to wear one of those tshirts that says I only support gay marriage if both chicks are hot. Keep up the great work buddy. LC

E - One word. FRUUUUUUUCK!!!! - Mike. BTW - Love the new thumbnail section at EHOWA

Just a little feedback on your changes. I liked it better before, without descriptions. It was always a surprise what you were gonna get. I usually clicked on every picture, just to see what was there. In contrast, today, I skipped over five of the links on my initial pass because the description didn't sound like anything I cared about. And the description completely ruined the surprise of the Paula Deen/Katy Perry link. I knew what I was getting before I clicked. It would have much more fun to find out when it showed up. In case you care, the links I skipped were drowning baby squirrel, Taken, Life Hacks, dog poop, and Angry Duck. I will probably come back to at least some of them later in the day, but that's because I know your links are usually worth following. But then again, I might not. I might get distracted, and forget. In case I'm unclear, this is how your site usually goes for me, as far as the links at the bottom. All the green boxes get a click, just to find out what's there. If it turns out to be something I'm not interested in, I find that out, but I had to look to find out, and I often find myself looking at stuff I otherwise might not. If it's long, or I don't have time right now, at least I know what it is so I can make a mental note to come back later. But all the green boxes get clicked on my first page visit. The difference now is that I only clicked on half of them, because I know what they are before I click. Even if I come back later, it probably won't be to visit all 5 of the links I skipped. -- Matt

A trust fall is a purported trust-building game often conducted as a group exercise in which a person deliberately allows themselves to fall, relying on the other members of the group (spotters) to catch the person[1]. There are many variants of the trust fall. For instance, in one type, the group stands in a circle, with one person in the middle with arms folded against his chest and falls in various directions, being pushed by the group back to a standing position before falling again. In another variant, a person stands on an elevated position and relying on multiple people to catch the person. This variant is potentially more dangerous and therefore it is all the more crucial to have the rest of the group in position and ready to catch him before he steps onto the platform.

Everyone knows the Olympics are about more than sports. They're about the human spirit and the whole world coming together as one. Or at least, that's what we've been told over the years by commercials seeking to capitalize on the popularity of the Games in order to sell more cheeseburgers and laundry detergent. And while they're not quite as clever as Superbowl commercials, A lot of Olympic commercials have some pretty redeeming qualities.

The Band-Aid was invented in 1920 by Johnson & Johnson employee Earle Dickson for his wife Josephine, who frequently cut and burned herself while cooking. The prototype allowed her to dress her wounds without assistance. Dickson passed the idea on to his employer, which went on to produce and market the product as the Band-Aid. Dickson had a successful career at Johnson & Johnson, rising to vice president before his retirement in 1957. Sold in packs of 15 for 2 cents, the original Band-Aids were hand-made and not very popular. By 1924, Johnson & Johnson introduced a machine that produced sterilized Band-Aids. In World War II, millions were shipped overseas, helping popularize the product. Their newest products include Active Flex bandages and waterproof Tough Strips.

55 sexiest british olympians 2012 ... dibs on emily diamond, the world's first and only truly free adult megasite. NSFW.

here's an amazing video: planets viewed from earth as if they were at the distance of our moon

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