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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 10, 2012
August 10, 2012

Boy, Toys Sure Are Getting More Realistic These Days.

Okay bitches, game challenge time. Do you remember Fat Slice -- no offense, Flaherty -- well now there's Fat Slice 2 and while I'm still playing, I've managed level 17 and score 834 points so far.

The Montreal Alouettes are a professional Canadian football team based in Montreal, Quebec. They are more commonly known as the Als. They are currently members of the East Division of the Canadian Football League (CFL). The Alouettes play their regular season home games at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium and their home playoff games at Olympic Stadium. The current franchise named the Alouettes moved to Montreal from Baltimore, Maryland, in 1996 where they had been known as the Baltimore Stallions. The CFL considers all clubs that have played in Montreal since 1946 as one franchise in their league records, including those of the original Alouettes, Montreal Concordes and Montreal Alouettes. The Alouettes and the CFL, however, do not recognize the Baltimore franchise, or its records, as part of the official team history. Including all aforementioned incarnations of the franchise, Montreal has won the Grey Cup a total of seven times.

What, you thought that those warnings to let the food sit for five minutes before eating was just to let it cool so you wouldn't burn your mouth like a dumbass? There's a bigger reason: Once the meat heats up during the actual cooking process, the muscle cells contract, and the juices get squeezed out, like ringing out a dishrag. It's why you can put a piece of meat into the oven, dry, and it develops a small puddle of juices by the time it's done -- that's not all melted fat. When you pull it off of the heat, it will continue to cook for a few minutes so the residual heat from the outside of the meat will try to gain equilibrium with the cooler inside, so the center heats up while the outside cools down. In fact, the inside of a roast will typically rise another 10 degrees in temperature as it rests. That's important because as the meat rests, the equilibrium process will reach a peak before finally cooling as a whole, and at that point the muscle cells start to relax, turning into a sort of sponge and soaking up the liquid that was squeezed out earlier. When you cut into meat before it's had a chance to relax and reabsorb the moisture, you're spilling the juice, leaving the fiber of the meat drier than if it just sat undisturbed for a few minutes. A good rule of thumb for resting a roast is 15 to 20 minutes on top of a turned-off stove, where it's still warm but not hot. Smaller cuts of meat like steak or chicken only take five to 10 minutes. YOU'RE WELCOME.

some nightmare fuel for ya.... Enjoy! Stacey

This sign is located outside a snack bar at Gateway Nat'l park, Sandy hook, NJ (Gunnison beach, clothing optional) Ed

Ernie, I saw this at the Costco where I work (Everett, Wa.), I spoke to the guy that drove it. He said it was a tribute to a veteran of the Flying Tigers that he knew, S/Sgt. "Monty Montano". He didn't go into the story or Monty's history but I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing it. Keep rockin'!! Terry, Lake Stevens, Wa.

Oral-B is a brand of oral hygiene products, including toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss. The B in Oral-B stands for "Brush". Oral B was created in 1945 by Dr Robert Huston a dentist who created the first Oral-B toothbrush with its soft, end-rounded nylon bristles. Dr. Hutson started small, with a family business and did much himself. The role of the dentist was critical from the very beginning. which has been part of the Procter & Gamble company since 2006. The Oral-B electric toothbrush range consists of three groups: Triumph, Professional, and Pulsonic. An electric toothbrusg can reduce up to 2X more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

Most of us are familiar with first world problems, such as the fact that a pizza fresh out of the oven is delicious, but will burn your mouth, or the fact that spoons can't rest in a glass without getting the handle wet. First world problems are the bane of all our existences, but luckily, brilliant engineers are at work. Some solutions to first world problems are offered using infomercials late at night, but those guys are amateurs compared to this collection. Check out these awesome solutions to first world problems.

Air Wick is an air freshener produced by Reckitt Benckiser. It was first launched in 1943 in the United States and is now sold worldwide. The Air Wick company was for a brief period owned by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Ciba Ceigy (now Novartis), before being acquired by the British household products company Reckitt Coleman (now Reckitt Benkiser). In October 2007 Reckitt Benckiser won a High Court ruling in a with Procter & Gamble over claims that the design of Air Wick Odour Stop was an exact copy of P&G's Febreze air spray. The current Air Wick range sold in the United States includes: Scented oils, Freshmatic Ultra, Freshmatic Compact, Scent ribbons, Scented candles, Aerosol sprays, and Flip and Fresh.

Saw your post yesterday and today about your Crossbreed. I have one for both of my carry weapons. One is an XD(M) 3.8 (full frame), and the other is a Sig P238 (flyweight and tiny). Yeah, they start off a little stiff, but that's because they need to be to provide a sturdy support for your gun. I broke both mine in simply by wearing them around the house for a few days after I got them. I didn't go out in public with them for the first 2-3 days because I'd have been constantly adjusting and moving them as they broke in. After 3-4 days of wearing them around the house, they're both broken in enough to wear comfortably. Another thing is make sure you're using a sufficiently strong belt. That can make a huge difference. I didn't believe the hype either, until I had some spare cash one day and figured I'd try it. It really did help. If your belt isn't fairly stiff, you end up with two potential situations: either the belt is cinched so tight it's uncomfortable, or it's loose enough to be comfortable, but your gun doesn't feel "secure," or even flops around a bit. Whether you choose leather or nylon, look for something with a kydex insert. You won't be sorry. I would be careful about using leather conditioner on yours, due to the potential of it rubbing off or leaching off onto you, your clothes, or your gun. I really believe that breaking it in like I said above is all you really need. It's never going to get to the point where you "don't know it's there." When in doubt, remember that carrying a gun is supposed to be comforting, not necessarily super-comfortable. -- Matt

The dictionary defined the word finite as, "fi·nite, adj., Having bounds; limited" -- and with that in mind, the number of Mosin Nagant rifles are finite. This time last year, you could pick up one of these rifles for $69 and a two spam can of ammo shipped to your door for another $162. Now the guns are up to $109 and the ammo is at $180 shipped. So get while the getting is good because once they're gone, they're gone. Whether or not you decide to keep track of your guns with the new MyGunDB firearm management software is up to you. Me personally, I just take photos of my serial numbers and keep them stored offsite for safe keeping.

Anderlecht's Abandoned Veterinary School is known as the “Horror Labs”, and it's a name it lives up to. Shelves are lined with jar upon jar of animals – or at least their organs and other body parts. Some of these are recognizable, others just mysterious and grotesque – particularly when different creatures' remains have become bedfellows in death. It really is like a scene from a horror movie. At any moment, you might expect to see a deranged scientist leap out of the darkness to punish you for invading his secret laboratory.

Over the latter half of the 20th century, as standard clothing in golf became more casual, the tennis shirt became adopted nearly universally as standard golf attire. Many golf courses and country clubs even require players to wear polo shirts as a part of their dress code. Moreover, producing Lacoste's "tennis shirt" in various golf cuts has resulted in specific designs of the tennis shirt for golf, resulting in the moniker golf shirt. The placket typically holds three or four buttons, and consequently extends lower than the typical polo neckline. The collar is typically fabricated using a stitched double-layer of the same fabric used to make the shirt, in contrast to a polo shirt collar, which is usually one-ply ribbed knit cotton. Golf shirts often have a pocket on the left side, to hold a scorepad and pencil, and may not bear a logo there.

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