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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 17, 2012
August 17, 2012

Puuuut Your Head On My Shouuuuuulderrrrr Boooooooobieeeeees.

Took 2 weeks off of work, traveled 3,516 miles, crossed 8 states, 3 national parks, and 2 countries, and spent 6 nights at the Legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. And yes, I rode mine to Sturgis! If you get some of the same twice, sorry. Here they are again in 3 seperate emails due to size. Thanks for the great site! Ben

Old and busted: A movie based on id Software's Doom. The new hotness: a movie based on id Software's Wolfenstein 3D. How did I not find out about this sooner [imdb | wikipedia]? And yes, those old classics have much better gameplay than anything out today.

We just wrapped up an Olympics that some people have called The Women's Games because there were more female athletes with considerably higher profiles than ever before. So obviously, with this increase in notoriety, female athletes are making tons of money these days, right? Well, that depends. Compared to you or me, sure, they're making tons of money. But compared to their male counterparts? Not so much. The ladies at the top of the list you're about to read do pretty well for themselves, but the ones at the bottom still only make about as much as the average NBA player does in a season. Anyway, read on to find out who the 9 highest-paid female athletes are and how they made their bucks. Tomorrow will be the 9 lowest-paid male athletes, who still make 20% more than the 9 highest-paid female athletes, plus have better retirement packages. Ha! also, let's take a look at 25 of the most stylish women in sports. In related news, Borat has a twin sister.

America! FUCK YEA!! Nothing like a little hard rock and the government testing a new vehicle. It needs some Tony Stark style Pole Dancers on top though. - Ryan

Hey Ernie, This has been some talk radio fodder for the last couple of days, regarding the cost of self defense. HaraldTacoma, WA

Funny but not so funny. This poor bastard gets arrested even though it seems like a pretty clear cut case of self-defense and Washington State has Stand Your Ground laws. Granted I wasn't there, but I think the guy's face tells a story alone. Regardless, that's why I lock my shit up when I go drinkin. Now compare that instance with this one that happened in Toledo, Ohio: "The incident was captured on the store's 16 surveillance cameras and the recordings played for jurors. During the incident, which had lasted nearly two minutes, Mr. Abu-Karsh was able to arm himself with the store's handgun and shoot one of the men in the head. The recorded video then shows him shoot Allen two more times with Allen's weapon and then exchange gunfire with the accomplice, who ran from the store. Mr. Abu-Karsh then locked the door, returned to where Allen lay, and shot him an additional 26 times through the back — emptying the bullets from the Tec-9 semiautomatic weapon that Allen had been carrying, the video showed." To me, that's a clear cut case of murder, exactly the same as Jerome Ersland.

Related: But he's not alone in facing the high cost of defending yourself after the fact. That's why if anyone *up there* likes me, I'll never have to defend myself anywhere other than in my home, accosted by a guy with a big red "SHOOT ME" t-shirt on. And much to my relief, George Zimmerman's attorneys will NOT pursue a Stand Your Ground defense. Here we have seven comparisons of false action movie logic versus its real life counterpart. As explained by MUTHAFUCKIN RAGE COMICS.

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