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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 18, 2012
September 18, 2012

How far We've Come in 100 Years. Or Have We?

Egbert "Bert" Williams was one of the preeminent entertainers of the Vaudeville era and one of the most popular comedians for all audiences of his time. He was by far the best-selling black recording artist before 1920. Williams was a key figure in the development of African-American entertainment. In an age when racial inequality and stereotyping were commonplace, he became the first black American to take a lead role on the Broadway stage, and did much to push back racial barriers during his career. Fellow vaudevillian W.C. Fields, who appeared in productions with Williams, described him as "the funniest man I ever saw – and the saddest man I ever knew." Anyway, with that in mind, here's a century old recording from a large collection of pre WWI music. I'm not sure about the year. A 78 RPM single that sold on Ebay in 2005 listed 1909 as its most recent year, but another referenced 1916 as the most recent recording, as indicated by the reference to Woodrow Wilson along with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Not easy to make out the lyrics on this one.

Located right off of the 405 freeway in Inglewood, California, it looks like the mini market located on the end of this little strip mall, right next to Don Amigos, has been replaced by Staky's Deli fairly recently.

Surprisingly, we don't really have a full scientific understanding of hangovers. Yeah, we understand the basics; dehydration, toxins, electrolytes, and so on, but not well enough to produce a genuine scientific cure. As a result, the world is still full of traditional home remedies for the hangover that vary from culture to culture. Your Polish grandma? She's got one, and it's completely different from the one your Chinese college roommate swears by, which is completely different than the one he learned about during his semester abroad in Italy. The point being that every culture has some pretty crazy and hilarious remedies for hangovers. After all, the one thing human beings everywhere have in common is that we all like the sauce.

While TNA Wrestling and independent promotions across the country have worked hard to get women's wrestling over with fans of the sport, looks, body types, and physical attributes will always play a major role in the attention paid to a given Diva, Knockout, or women's wrestler. This is a list of the 50 hottest women of wrestling. Yeah we're just going to go ahead and skip over the first 14 and jump right to Summer Rae. Necause whether you believe that the abilities of a specific woman between the ropes should take precedence (as I do) or not is inconsequential.

Ernie, I'm in Greenville, SC, if you want that Mosin Crate I can pick it up and ship it to you no problem. C. Grant

Hey, Ernie. It always amuses me when I see this somewhere, every couple months. That first picture, with the beer, the one that inspired Spikes to make his own? It's from about 18 months ago. I know the guy that made it, and for my money his looks better than Spikes'. No repainting, reuse of the original hardware, no silly hand grenades, etc. I've attached some pictures to make you jealous. Hell, I'm jealous, because I can't find a crate either. I've been asking around at every gun show that's come to town in the last year, and nobody's got any. The funny thing is, they all say the same thing: "A year ago, I got them all the time, and was putting them out with the trash. Now everybody's asking about 'em, and I don't get them anymore." I asked the big Mosin guy at the last Orlando gun show if ever saw them, and he gave me that line, and said he hadn't seen a Mosin in 9 months that didn't come to him packed singly in a cardboard box. Good luck finding one. If you do, and they've got two, get 'em both. I'll drive the 3.5 hours to Cape Coral to get the sucker. -- Matt

Shit Grant, I may take you up on that offer since I can't find one locally to save my ass, and unfortunately, gone are the days when you can pay $100 for a Mosin. I was at the gun show this past weekend [made in the usa - kimbers and glocks - cliiiiiiiips - defend freedom] and the cheapest I saw them was $120 for one literally fucking swimming in cosmoline, and the ones that had already been semi-cleaned were $149 and up. Shit from Michael link yesterday, even Classic Firearms wanted $1,799 for the crate, which is $89.99 per rifle. These guys are out of them too, as is this old ad from 2009 for the Tampa area, and I even tried the obligatory search at the good folks at Slickguns.

Go-go boots are either calf, knee or above knee-high boots with a low or flat heel. The style is very simple in shape with a chiseled, rounded, or pointed toe. The boot is usually fastened with a side or back zipper, although by the Seventies it was not uncommon to find lace-up versions that accommodated a wider variety of calf sizes. Materials can be synthetic or natural, with the oldest designs being made from plastic or vinyl in various colors, the most popular being white. Women's styles tend to be taller, tighter and with a slightly higher heel than girl's styles. The idea of a women's mainstream fashion boot was revolutionary. Before the introduction of go-go boots, women's boots were generally worn only during inclement weather, rugged activities, or horseback riding, but not as street shoes. This new style of footwear was designed to complement the shorter hemlines of the new, modern look. Go-go boots draw attention to the legs and accentuate the simple A-line silhouettes, but also offer some modest coverage for the less daring but fashion-minded women.

Hi Ernie, just in case you haven't seen it: Dog Paradox. Kind regards from Germany, Carsten

Hey Ernie, been lurking since the stick figure the site. Saw this today and figured this would be a good first time contribution..... Chris

Hey, remember when a hologram of Tupac performed at Coachella this year and it was all anyone could talk about for months afterward? Sure you do. So it might come as a bit of a surprise to know that Digital Domain Media Group, the company behind that technologically dazzling reanimation, has filed for bankruptcy. Naturally, this brings up a few obvious questions.

Last week Clint Eastwood took a minute to sound off regarding his GOP convention speech.

"Fuck" is an English word that is almost universally considered vulgar. In its literal meaning, it refers to the act of sexual intercourse. It is also used as a profanity, either to denote disdain or as an intensifier. The origin of the word is obscure. It is usually considered to be first attested to around 1475, but it may be considerably older. There are many common phrases which make use of the word, as well as a number of compounds incorporating it, such as "motherfucker". Because of its vulgar status, the word fuck is usually restricted in mass media and barred from titles in the United States. The phrase "Fuck you, you fucking fuck!" is a memorable quote from the movie Blue Velvet from 1986, and is still used today as heard in Strapping Young Lad's "You Suck" from their 2006 album The New Black.

inside auschwitz: haunting mementos of the nazis' largest death camp

put your hand in low, just above the alligator's bottom jaw and... GUESS HOW THIS ENDS

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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